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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. No, I completely agree that there is nothing wrong with being aligned with, aspiring to, or influenced by the IRI. I am not going to get into the history and details of the conversations I was engaged in. But a presumptive knee-jerk reaction to the asking of questions is unnecessary. Many of us check in at Shiachat to get information to respond to outside conversations. Anyway, these are two distinct questions: - What are the political and religious influences and leanings of the Bahraini Shias? - Is there anything wrong with the IRI model, or aspiring to it? They are distinct questions. And yes, BOTH, need to be responded to if we want to set our own "turf"/parameters for the discourse. The intent of my conversation, to someone I was arguing with, is that Shias communities are not monolithic. The idea of all Shias being single-minded, under the control of X (whoever they want to target), etc is used to marginalize the genuine struggles and movements of Shias in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudia, and Yemen. Even many of the scholars emphasize that the diversity of Marjaeen is an asset and strength of the worldwide Shia community, just as the notion of Wilayut-al-Faqih is also a strength of source and inspiration. YOUSIF, Are Shirazi and Modaressi "followers" different groups? I thought Sy. Modaressi is one of the representatives of the Shirazi trend currently.... Also, I imagine the demands are going to get stronger given all that took place today. YOUSIF, What position is the Muslim Brotherhood-oriented Al-Minbar taking regarding the protests? Any official Sunni movement/group that is supporting the protests?
  2. My understanding was that he did not even nominate himself. Thus, he wasn't even in the running.
  3. Indeed it would. That is why I wanted to ask for rough estimates. The reason I am asking the question is to counter the idea that Bahraini Shia are controlled by IRI. Aaah, I forgot about the Akhbari trend in Bahrain...thank you for sharing...
  4. Salaam, Can anyone here give a rough (but educated) estimate of how the Bahraini Shia population is aligned with various scholars? - Ayatullah Sistani circle % - Ayatullah Khameni/IRI trend % - Shirazi faction % - Ayatullah Fadhlallah circle % - Secular/non-religious % - Others % Also please let me know on what basis you are making your estimates (ie. You are Bahraini, lived there, have family there, etc.) I want to avoid everyone and their mother making estimates based on their own whims/guesses
  5. Peace, I would echo the above quoted comments. You should look into joining your local/regional chapter of Iraqi Veterans Against War. Your story and experiences would be most beneficial and effective in convincing the American public, by speaking to your families, communities, churches, media, etc. Let Iraqis handle their rebuilding of their own country. They don;t need outsiders help, but it would be good to have minimal influence from American government and corporations. May Allah guide you to the best of paths. PM me if you have any questions.
  6. Salaam, I am continually surprised by the number of duas there are in maktab Ahlul-Bayt. If one wanted all (or as many as possible) of the duas while minimizing the number of books, what book list would you recommend? - Shaifah As-Sajjadiya - Mafatih al-Jinan What else?
  7. Salaam, Just moved to Dallas area. Looking for masajid and centers to get plugged into. I know of MOMIN and IILM...what other Shia centers are there? Also, what Sunni masjids are good to visit in the area? Im living outside of McKinney Jazakallah Khair...
  8. Salaam, I too have been disturbed by this issue.... Iran should offer a third way, mutual solution... Work throught he OIC to name it the Perso-Arab Gulf, or the Islamic Gulf, etc... This kind of third option will win support from Muslims, and non-nationalist Arabs and Iranians...
  9. As Salaam u Alaikum, Is there a difference in how the ceremony is conducted by a Sunni aalim vs. a Shia aalim? Are any of these difference of consequence?
  10. It seemed to me that it was ahmadinejad who made decision not to kiss hand, then said/explained something, and then kissed Ay. Khamenei's shoulder. In which case, the news about him having a cold makes sense. I think much more could be infered if Ay. Khamenei prevented him, and the implications of that. but i dont think as much meanng can be drawn from ahmeadinejad not kissing his hand.
  11. Astaghfirullah "And those who accuse chaste women (of adultery) and then do not produce four witnesses - lash them with eighty lashes and do not accept from them testimony ever after. And those are the defiantly disobedient. Except for those who repent thereafter and reform, for indeed Allaah is Forgiving and Merciful." Quran 24:5
  12. Indeed. So easy to claim voting fraud. Yet more than a month later we are still waiting for evidence. Thanks for the link. I also found this... ===== CJ Harwood a.k.a. Warlaw compares the BBC Monitoring's translation of the of the Guardian Council report on election irregularities in Iran with the U.S. Open Source Center's translation, and finds a major discrepancy: Warlaw concludes from this:
  13. When you say Ahle Haqq, you mean the Yarsan? Are they considered Muslims in Iran?
  14. The Iranian government is more self-critical and committed addressing and fixing its shortcomings than some of the fanboys here on SC... Iran police 'went to extremes' in post-vote unrest Iran's police chief Ismail Ahmadi-Moqaddam says some law enforcement officers 'went to extremes' during the country's post-election protests. "Some of our officers went to extremes during these events and caused damage while pursuing protestors," Brig. Gen. Ahmadi-Moqaddam said on Wednesday. Massive opposition protests followed the June 12 presidential election, in which incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won a second term in office with almost two-thirds of votes. Iranian officials did not authorize any rallies despite repeated calls by defeated candidates Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, who had called for the nullification of the vote. Police forces used batons and tear gas to disperse protestors during the rallies. Farhad Tajari, an Iranian parliamentarian, said on Tuesday that at least 30 people had been killed during the protests. Earlier reports had put the number of the dead at 20. Thousands were also detained in the aftermath of the vote, many of whom have since been released. "Nothing should cause police officers to break the law in any way," Ahmadi-Moqaddam said, adding the violation of the law by officers had brought 'psychological damage' to the public. He further said that the police would 'deal firmly' with the officers who had broken the rules.
  15. anyone read these reports? anything significant in them?
  16. this was my assessment of al-jazeera as well...
  17. white phosphurus is not new tech. and it was used in lebanon
  18. Well, if it is 350 million rial, then thats about $35,000 But I think they meant $350,000 Here is article on bail set for him last time: http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=86776...ionid=351020101
  19. Salaam, from my experience at Hajj in beginning of 2006: there are no formal protests at Hajj. The formal/planned protests did start after the Revolution. I wouldnt say Ay. Khomeini ordered them. But he did articulate, based on the Quran (I don;t the verse offf the top of my head) that Hajj is also a opportunity to "reject the taghut". Based on this Iranians, other Shias, and also some Sunnis started the practice of taking out a protest/rally denouncing taghut (US, Soviet Union, Israel, and maybe implicitly corrupt leaders of Muslim countries). Then there was the year that the Saudis cracked down and killed many people by firing on the peaceful protests. When I went to Hajj, a lot of the Iranians and other Shia coalesced together when leaving Mina after 3 days. There are two tunnels you can walk out of, and they try to pick one tunnel. I ended up in the other tunnel :( But there were chants, takbirs, etc before entering tunnels, and in tunnels
  20. Im pretty sure that is a mistake. I think it is $350,000. He was released on bail once before for $300,000. I think it is still a valid question to ask where an average Iranian would get $350,000, but it is also not definitive...People collect money, family pitches in, and if my guess is right, I would say Ahmadinejad and his administration are helping him through back channels (It was after all the same charges that Palizdar raised against Rafsanjani and Nateq Nouri that Ahmadinejad used in the debate against Mousavi) All my personal opinion of course...
  21. So they released Abbas Palizdar on bail. MY THEORY: I always felt that he was targeted by the corrupt within the regime for exposing their corruption. Ahmadinejad's administration tried to distance itself from him, but mainly the attack came from the people he named and accused of corruption. I wonder if with Ahmadinejad's second election and term, he is going to go more full force on exposing corruption as he promised in the election debates. It is maybe for his reason that bail was granted? Thoughts? Also, a thread discussing this, with ulterior motives, on SC from before
  22. Are you qualified to interpret Islamic law? Are you issuing a fatwa? Actually all the resistance factions in both Palestine and Lebanon now recognize and state that more sophisticated military tactics have been far more successful in both putting the Israelis in check, and undermining their confidence and abilities. This is why both Hamas and Hezbullah have moved away from tactics such as indiscriminate suicide bombings and indiscriminate rocket attacks (let alone targeted killing of women and children), towards more highly trained guerilla and conventional warfare tactics. Israel did not conduct internal investigations and reports on the Hezbullah rocket fire. They did their reports on their soldiers getting their butts whipped in the battlefields. The same with Gaza. That is what they are scared of. Also, instead of being an internet jihadi, I would recommend you go to Lebanon or Gaza and ask the mujahideen there what they think about the concepts of killing women and children. (hint: its is not the answer you are giving). The only people who agree with your thinking are Al-Qaida.
  23. Islamic law does not recognize "will be soldiers in adulthood" Only someone who is a soldier, and specifically a soldier engaged in hostilities... And it most certainly WAS the case in the time of the Prophet that almost all men were expected to fight to protect tribes. (There were no standing armies in Arabia at the time). It still did not legitimate treating children of enemies as "future soldiers" Additionally, your argument could easily be applied against Muslim resistance movements (and it is by Israel) that all Palestinians will grow up to join some resistance faction. or all south lebanese will grow up to join Hezbullah.
  24. He is being a troll, and we are wasting time on his games.
  25. Stop asking him to prove it. As Muslims, it does not and should not matter to us. He is Muslim. Nothing else is relevant.
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