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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I tried to copy/paste the link as well as the article - from 'The Shia Post' - but was unable to do so. Could you explain to me how to copy/paste on this site?
  2. Have Shia members seen the new Hajj forms? - issued in Pakistan - which poses the question: Are you Shia? With two choices of YES/NO underneath to fill in. Is this a new directive from Saudi Arabia - and nothing the 'royal' family do would surprise me, so far distant from true Islam are they - or is this just a means of gathering data and numbers as to who is, and who is not, performing Hajj? The article I am referring to appears in 'The Shia Post' (Apologies, I did try to copy/paste the link and article, dated 29/4/15, but was unable to do so.)
  3. Saudi Arabia, and its allies, are using Yemen as a tool - the real target is Iran. The aim of this wholly unwarranted, aggressive and evil military campaign is designed to a) secure the important port of Aden, b) blame Iran for the sectarian conflict in the Arab/Muslim world, and c) prevent a deal between the US and Iran. Had the US and Nato attacked Yemen, Muslims would have demonstrated in huge numbers - just as they protest every single time Israel attacks Gaza. However, because it is Saudi, along with many Arab countries, supported by others, like Pakistan, et.al., Muslims remain largely silent. Some even believe a 'threat' to the petty potentates in Saudi Arabia is the same as a threat against Al-Ka'ba, so confused, ignorant or brainwashed are these Muslims. The clerics have given the all-clear to this Saudi-led evil aggression against Yemen, and that reveals the terrible state of religious authorities in Saudi Arabia, they are in the pay of the kings and princes. Hypocrites, the lot of them. What could be worse to witness than Arabs killing Arabs, Muslims killing Muslims. No wonder the state of Muslims, across the world, is so dire - and likely to get worse. May Allah SWT keep Yemenis safe, and Iran too.
  4. I appreciate your reply. Obviously, mine is a minority voice, but valid nonetheless. I believe the Pakistan and Israel comparison is a legitimate one - both have launched full-scale military operations in recent years, citing - ostensibly - the same reason. Now, there are differences between the two nations, of that there is no doubt. But what is also not in doubt is their recourse to military action as a matter of routine - as if killing masses of people, injuring and displacing masses more will end the problem. No, it will not. It will increase it. Any cursory reading of history ought to inform us of that. I find it distasteful for Pakistanis to assert a self-righteous, morally superior tone, and claim that their military/political elite are engaged upon a noble, heroic cause, whist the Israeli military/political elite are engaged upon an evil, dastardly cause. Both countries came into being for the same reason: namely, a 'homeland' for Muslims in the case of Pakistan, and a 'homeland' for Jews in the case of Israel. In other words, both used religion to justify the creation of their states, ably assisted by their divide/rule colonial masters - the British - and both have effectively abandoned Islam and Judaism in pursuit of a nationalistic agenda. No wonder they are in a mess: after, one cannot employ Deeni-Llah for political purposes, or to further nationalistic causes, without Allah SWT sending down His Wrath. As for the terrorists rampaging around Pakistan: sorry, but it was the establishment which created them, funded and aided them, before, during and after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The Pakistani military, intelligence services use different terrorist groups to promote their interests in Afghanistan as well as Kashmir. What has happened in recent years was entirely predictable - it is the Pakistani populace who are suffering the consequences of disastrous policies, of both the political and military elites. One look at Bangladesh ought to remind Pakistanis just how untrustworthy, unreliable and dishonest the Pakistani establishment is.
  5. If you believe in freedom of speech and expression, in hearing from a wide range of views, and reading diverse opinions, then you ought to be happy that Pakistanis are not like a bunch of sheep, simply joining in with the majority, applauding the operation in NWA, and congratulating the military/political establishment for its current latest military campaign. If you want conformity of opinion, you are likely to be disappointed in life. I am one of those who strongly oppose the operation in North,Waziristan, and believe it to be counter-productive. And, I too compare this operation to the one in Gaza. Now, there may be some obvious differences, but, there are striking similarities too. Unfortunately, Pakistan and Israel launch routine military operations against so-called 'terrorists' or 'militants', and the majority of their respective populations believe officialdom. Well, some of us neither accept as true the public proclamations by the military/political establishment, nor believe in their self-proclaimed righteous cause. The principle issue here is unfettered recourse to militaristic solutions to essentially human rights issues. Until all peoples have equal access to power, land, resources, especially the poor, disenfranchised and vulnerable, then extremism will continue to rise - no matter how many military campaigns are launched. There is another point to be made here: for as long as Muslims kill Muslims, or oppress, persecute and kill minorities, then non-Muslims will do likewise. If Muslims want to be treated with justice, they have to begin that process within their own communities, societies and nations.
  6. Thanks to those who responded, especially Islamic Salvation - may Allah SWT increase in you knowledge and wisdom. Wa Salaam
  7. I am in search of some assistance from my Shi'a brothers and sisters: do Shi'a fast on the Day of 'Arafah. If so, please explain why, with sources and references. If no, again, why - with relevant references. Please excuse my ignorance :) Thanks to anyone willing to offer the knowledge I seek. As Salaam 'Alaykum
  8. Chapter 34, Saba, Verse 28: Bismi-Llahi-R-Rahmani-R-Raheem In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful "And WE have not sent you (O Muhammad) except as a giver of glad tidings and a warner to all humankind; but most of them know not." The Message of Islam is universal, all-inclusive, intended for all peoples, of all times: the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was sent, not only to his compatriots, the Arabs, or the Bedouin, nor only to his co-religionists, or followers. He was sent to be the Messenger of all peoples, of all times. It is this fundamental Message of Truth which Muslims must reflect, by word and by deed; and convey, what little or great they possess in the way of knowledge, to all peoples: with courtesy, compassion, patience, tolerance, peace and love. The beautiful attributes of both the Message, as well as its Messenger (pbuh). Wa Llahu 'Alam God Knows Best.
  9. May Allah The Beautiful enable Muslims to realise, within their own hearts, that unity is an obligation - not an option. We must strive to set aside all sectarian, theological, tribal, nationalistic, and so on, differences, for the sake of peace between our peoples. No-one benefits from the divisions within Muslim communities, except the enemies of Islam. We must all learn to tolerate and love on another, and aim to reconcile, compromise in order to attain that elusive goal of unity. The Unity and Oneness of Allah SWT ought to, must, be reflected, manifested and expressed in the unity and oneness of Muslims. Wa Salaam
  10. Welcome to the Muslim community! May Allah The Beautiful bless and reward you, and make your path toward Him easy and smooth. Ameen :)
  11. I think you should read the Qur'an in the way best suited to you. In other words, if reading the Arabic and English translations makes it easier for you to understand, and follow, its guidance, then by all means do that. Allah SWT made the Qur'an easy to understand and remember - so language ought not to be a barrier. Though - hope you do not mind if I offer a respectful suggestion - it may be a good idea to learn Qur'anic Arabic. I am in the process of learning it, and it is a source of great joy to me that Allah SWT inspired me in this direction. One final thing: the Qur'an is not an obstacle, but rather a vehicle, to gaining nearness to our Beloved Creator, So try not to worry, or stress yourself, and be at peace, and be happy, humbled, honoured, that Allah SWT blessed you with a true desire to seek Him, through His Book. :)
  12. Surah 49, Al-Hujuraat, The Private Apartments, Verses 11-12 Bismi-Llahi-R-Rahmani-R-Raheem In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful O you who have attained to faith! No men shall deride (other) men: it may well be that those (whom they deride) are better than themselves; and no women (shall deride other) women: it may well be that those (whom they deride) are better than themselves. And neither shall you defame one another, nor insult one another by (opprobrious)epithets: evil is all imputation of iniquity after (one has attained to) faith; and they who (become guilty thereof and) do not repent - it is they, they who are evildoers! O you who have attained to faith! Avoid most guesswork (about one another) - for behold, some of (such) guesswork is (in itself) a sin; and do not spy upon one another, and neither allow yourselves to speak ill of one another behind your backs. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Nay, you would loathe it! And be conscious of Allah. Verily, Allah is an Acceptor of Repentance, a Dispenser of Grace! Believers are enjoined upon to accord people, irrespective of race or religion, the utmost respect. Under no circumstances are they permitted to denigrate another group by mocking them, whilst themselves adopting morally, intellectually, or spiritually superior attitudes. Derision, leading to abuse and insults - with the employment of unkind, cruel, and malicious names - manifests arrogance as well as intolerance. Those who are subjected to humiliating and derisory comments, may, in fact, be far better than those engaging in these heartless campaigns. Etiquette is key in the behaviour and conduct of believers. Regardless of differences, be they of a political, tribal, sectarian, or theological nature, people of faith are required to manifest the most beautiful manners, and express the best qualities, towards all human beings. Being loving, patient, liberal, generous, forgiving, courteous, elegant and refined in speech, is preferable to being haughty, intolerant, cruel, mean, spiteful, vindictive, unforgiving, uncouth and coarse. Only believers with an innate understanding of the real Message of Islam bear these truths in mind. Speaking ill of others, whether absent or present, describes characters devoid of wisdom; faith means little or nothing to individuals who indulge the worst aspects of their nature. The purpose of faith is to be wholly aware of its obligations, responsibilities and trusts, in relation to the self, those in one's immediate surrounds, and in the wider community. It functions best when it is applied with knowledge. Engaging in speculation, conjecture, guesswork, about other people, or spying upon them, is an affront to their dignity, and an infringement of their privacy. Believers are prohibited from causing any kind of hurt to human beings, and anything which may - potentially - harm them, must be not be pursued or persisted in. Those who fail to live up to the terms and conditions of their faith, adopt attitudes and mannerisms which are diametrically opposed to it, persist in their moral and spiritual offences, are categorically condemned by Allah SWT. They are described as "evildoers" - Adh-Dhaalimun. Preaching religion is easier than practicing faith. The faithful are true to their faith, and when lapses occur, through all too human frailties, immediately repent and seek the Mercy and Forgiveness of Allah SWT. Wa Llahu 'Alam. Translations from "The Message Of The Qur'an" by Muhammad Asad. Page 794.
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