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  1. I sense that was a joke... but do you have any real advice? Does this hadith mean that you do not spend equal nights with wives or just that you can like one in your heart more, but not express it through time or money spent?
  2. I say that because I am married in a polygynous marriage. I am trying to learn Shia Islam after being raised on Sunni school. We are taught that wives must have equal money and time spent together. You buy one wife a dress, you must buy the other one a dress of equal value. You spend one night with one, you must spend an equal amount of nights with the others. But from what I read here this seems to not be the case... am I correct?
  3. I was under the impression that a husband being just to his wives meant spending equal amounts of time with them. So if a man has two wives, he can spend Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday with wife number 1 and then Thursday night with wife number 2? I'm confused by Sistani's answer as well, is he saying permanent wife as compared to temporary (mutah) wife? Like if you have one permanent wife and one mutah wife? Please provide me details about how much time a husband is required to spend with his wives. I am new to learning Shia Islam. Thank you for your replies thus far.
  4. Salaam alaikum, I read these hadiths from this site (I'm aware it's not Ithna Ashari): http://www.*******.org/hadiths/marriage/distribution-and-disharmony/chapter-1 hadiths such as: And in al-`Ilal from Muhammad b. al-Hasan from as-Saffar from Ahmad b. Muhammad from al-Hasan b. `Ali b. Faddal from `Ali b. `Uqba from a man from Abu `Abdillah عليه السلام. He said: I said to him: The man who has two wives, is (it allowed) for him to favor one of them with three nights? He said: Yes. Can someone please explain these to me? I was understanding that a man must alternate his nights with his wives. Are these authentic?
  5. ASA all, just updating that we are at 1.15% of our goal. Thanks to all who have helped so far!
  6. No worries, it's easy to misconstrue things that are written rather than spoken. I changed the title of it to make it more clear, and included the total needed to pay it off. Thank you for your input brother.
  7. That is where I inferred the comment sir. May Allah help us all.
  8. Wa alaikum salaam, I cannot provide contact details of the officer because a) I don't know his name and b) he wouldn't be allowed to speak on the matter anyways since it is prohibited for him to discuss his business with her to strangers. The amount needed is stated on the page, $2600. I don't appreciate you insinuating that I am trying to cover up details, it's quite rude and offensive, not the manner of the Imams. May Allah curse me if I am a liar! May Allah curse me if I am a liar! May Allah curse me if I am a liar! And may Allah bless those whose generosity does not make them think twice!
  9. Just to update, we are 0.58% complete with the fundraiser. Insha `Allah this will be successful and the sister will be not be burdened by the fear of imprisonment. The sister suffers from several mental health problems which she is being treated for, and this will greatly alleviate much stress. Thank you all!
  10. ASA all, First I should point out I am a brother lol, as I stated this is for my wife's friend. I could provide an article to verify, but they use a "mugshot" of the sister and forced her to remove hijab, and do not cover all the details of the event. It merely says that she was arrested with the rest of them for the crime. I for my part have done a lot to help the sister; I helped get her a job and a place to live, but I have my own family to support as it is. You are spot on. I used to wonder the same thing when I saw people panhandling for money where I live... I wondered if they would spend it on the haram. But then I remembered the generosity of the Imams with beggars and don't give it much thought these days, I just give when I can and hope for the best. If you brothers have FB or other social media, would you mind sharing the link, even if you have nothing to donate? I understand if you have reservations, and if you do, it is ok. Allah is sufficient and will provide for us all. Thanks to those who already donated to the cause! Bless you all
  11. Salaam alaikum bros, I am here to ask you guys to help. I started a gofundme site for my wife's friend. This poor sister converted to Islam with her husband who was nothing but scum other than helping her become Muslim. He nearly destroyed her faith in Islam; it was only because of the kindness of a few REAL Muslims that she did not blow Islam off entirely. This sister really needs help. She has come a long way, but still has a lot further to go. Oh brothers, please step in and be the man that her husband was not and make dua that she stays firm on the deen. Please do this in remembrance of the month of Ramadan! http://www.gofundme.com/bzg22w Jazzak Allah khair PS: This is sadly the fate of many sisters who convert to Islam in the USA.... they are led to it by a man who chooses to manipulate it to his own ends. :( What can we do as Muslims to stop this?
  12. As far as I know, their cult has started a boarding house/madrassa for new members in Egypt. They've created a few new websites. But then again, we don't know if Ahmed Ismail Gata is even still alive. Like many cult leaders, he is reclusive. And of course since they think he is Imam they won't get any photos of him to prove he exists or see what he looks like.
  13. The scary thing is that they are still recruiting new members. Just the other day I saw them post about how a Christian lady "converted" to their cause from the Philippines because of a dream she had of Mary mother of Christ (may Allah be pleased with her) convinced her.
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