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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Answering Mr. Picard Question One: Where is the doctrine of Imamat in Quran? Your Reply: I never quite understood why when it comes to Imamat sunnis insist that we must provide references from te quran only. The most common answer is that all the other basic pillars can be found in the quran. But that would mean that sunnis themselves admit that Imamate CAN be proven if we take into account hadiths, but it does not have the significance that the other five pillars do. frankly, at such a point, i would be very happy and not worry whether Imamate is as important as the other pillars. But whats r
  2. Dear Rahat Humiliation doesnot prove facts and figures, if you are really honest with yourself than you must accept the truth after keeping aside all your secterian point of views and beliefs. Alhamdulilah we have eyes and eyes of Eman as well, we see the world around us and try to ponder over the nature inorder to strengthen our faith in Allah and His Book, we dont ponder over something which is unclear and doesnot exist. Remember their is a great difference between philosophical assumption and truth. I hope you got my point Regards
  3. Asalamoalaikum What is the significense of Matam in Shism ?How can our Shia brothers prove its legitimacy from the Qur'an and Sunnah of the Prophet(pbuh)? Lets discuss.............. Regards,
  4. I have read the answers of Brother Ismailite who has quoted several verses from the Qur'an and Scriptures to prove his point of views regarding Imamate and also he has quoted some Sunni references to prove his position. I have asked a question many times but no Shia has ever presented a rational answer against my question. My simple question is that if the Doctrine of Imamate is truely established in the Qur'an then why do you need Sunni hadiths to support your point of views regarding Imamate? Brother, if you are really truthful and want to have a beneficial debate based on justice then i w
  5. Our Answers to some of the Challenging Questions of Answering-Ansar.org We have attempted to answer some of the challenging questions of answering-ansar.org and inshallah in future we will present our answers to the remaining questions as well. Question 1: History testifies that when Hadhrath Muhammad (saaws) declared his Prophethood (saaws), the Quraysh1 subjected the Bani Hashim to a boycott. Hadhrath Abu Talib (as) took the tribe to an area called Shib Abi Talib where they remained for three years, suffering from immense hardship. Where were Hadhrath Abu Bakr and Hadhrath Umar during that p
  6. Answering Toufic you said: because Allah decreed it.. dont you understand! "O Apostle! Deliver what has been sent down to you from your Lord; and if you don't do it, you have not delivered His message (at all); and Allah will protect you from the people ..." (Quran 5:67). this was revealed at that time. if Allahs orders to the holy prophet arent sufficient for you then go ask somwhere else. Answer: Brother so you mean to say that this verse of the Qur'an was revealed during the incident of Ghadeer Khum to remind Prophet(pbuh) to about the Imamate of Ali(Ra) so that he could declare it op
  7. Brother If you really believe that the time which Prophet(pbuh) choosed to declare the Imamate of Ali(Ra) was the best time, then how come majority of the Muslims remained ignorant of this fact? Prophet(pbuh) use to preach all those elements which were related to our divine guidance over and over again so that Muslim Ummah dont miss out anything which was important for them. If Believing in the Imamate of Ali(Ra) and his descendants was truely a part of our fundamental Article of Faith that rejecting it would have made the one unbeliever, then how come Prophet(pbuh) didnot consider it import
  8. It is true that Shia brothers abuse and curse Hazrat Abu Bakr(Ra) and Umar(Ra) since according to their understanding they were injust ,ignorant and disbelievers. It is quiet surprizing to note that according to the historical records Hazrat Abu Bakr(Ra) and Umar(Ra) were the most prominent and close Companions of the Prophet(pbuh) and Prophet(pbuh) use to remain in their company most of the time. "Was Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) aware of Abu Bakr(Ra)'s and Umar(Ra)'s disbelief, ignorance and injustice or not?" If you say "NO", then arenot you declaring yourselves unbelievers and apostate, for you
  9. Answering Zehra you said: Syed-Fahad!!!! Hmmm.. What happened to you mate?? Answer: Nothing happened to me, iam alright. you said: You started a debate here http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=35220 Unfortunately you left at that and failed to reply!! Answer: Please read my reply on this thread and see yourself who has truely failed. you said: For those who don't know; Syed-Fahad started the thread in the link above and made a fool of himself by walking away from the debate. answer: well this is your misconception i didnot make a fool of myself . And please read my reply
  10. Well Brother (bismillah) Answering your long waited challenge. It is quiet disappointing to see that my igorant Shia brothers try to find support from narratives ascribed to the Prophet (pbuh) - i.e. Hadith. Thus, it would seem pertinent that the particular narrative ascribed to the Prophet (pbuh), termed as 'Hadith al-thaqalayn' by our 'narrow-minded brothers should be briefly analyzed, before any decisions are derived from it. In the more accepted compilations of narratives ascribed to the Prophet (pbuh), the 'Hadith al-Thaqalayn' has been reported by Muslim, Tirmidhi, Ahmad Ibn Hanbal and
  11. odd how u don't take the opinion of ibn Abbas (ra) in that hadith Brother I have already presented the opinion on this perticular hadith regarding pen and paper incident ,kindly search this discussion forum and inshallah you will find it. Ask TahaSyed, he also read my comments and opinion on this hadith. I hope it helps Regards,
  12. MAY A SUNNI COMMENT ON HADEETH ALTHAQALAIN. forget all the little things.. this is the issue ...this is wheere everything stems out. Brother I have no problem in presenting the answer to your post but before that i want you to answer my two questions. Is your question a challenge to me? If I reply to your post , will you promise me to counter reply to my post? If you dont promise me ,then i dont think their is any use of presenting the answer. I hope Iam clear Regards,
  13. Abdul Zehra I would love to reply to your post but brother let me tell you that i cant reply to irrational arguments and illusions, i can only reply to answers and arguments based on evidences and rationality. I hope its clear Regards,
  14. Also let me put it into your knowledge that inorder to prove some facts and figures ,you dont have to compare them with another elements. What you have basically done is that you have taken the Biblical verses out of context and used some hadiths to prove your point of views and have drawn a comparison between the Biblical verses and the traditions of Islam but these tricks wont help brother because no matter how much you try to manipulate the information, the truth wont change. you cannot prove something which doesnot even exists. I hope it helps
  15. Dear Zehra What kind of reply to your post do you expect from me? I can only present answers to arguments based on rationality and evidences , i cant present answers to baseless and irrational arguments. It is quiet surprizing and disappointing to note that my Shia brothers are so badly lost in the Philosophy of the Shia Imamate that when ever they find the term "Imam" in any Scripture or revelation, they immediately and blindly without realizing and pondering over the actual messege of the text assume as if it is refering to your 12 Imams but if you read these messeges in their proper context
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