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  1. http://www.inminds.co.uk/end-occupation-rally-3-12apr03.html fatema
  2. is that when he was escorted to najaf by the us marines and british paratroopers? is that when ayatullah seestani refused to see him? is that when he was with the kilidar who was the murderer of ayatullah as-sadr(a)? is that when he fired in the haram to protect the kilidar who was a known criminal? is that when the cia got upset with him because of 13 million us dollars? enough. :angry: also, sayyed muqtada as-sadr(ha) has continually denied any involvement in majid khui;s killing - in fact it's more plausible that the americans took him out when he became expendable when ayatullah seestani refused to meet him in najaf. so unless you have proof that sayyed muqtada(ha) was involved in his murder - keep your mouth shut and stop cursing the only hope that iraq has to liberate itself from the shackles of colonialism. [edited] enough :angry: fatema
  3. Sister, you have no right to say whether or not he has athab on him. It is completely out of your bounds to say such a thing. You may disapprove of him, as I do, but there are still limits. Do refrain, show some compassion to his offspring and don't be cruel. Whatever he did, is on his neck. Suffice to say, that he brought the kuffar to the lands of the Muslims. Beyond that, people can make their own judgement. -MZA oops - i just got told the same thing by shabbir :( i appologise for the azaab statement - i stand by everything else. thanks for the warning brother khuda hafiz fatema
  4. it's not surprising that 7yder is speaking as he is - he is the offspring of the son of nuh, majid khui, who stole much money and took payments from the cia. it is not surprising that he speaks as he does, a true slave of america, may Allah destroy the slaves of america and raise the ranks of the slaves of Allah. allahu akbar! fatema
  5. You are a liar. There won't be a civil war. Jaysh Al-Mahdi has both Shia and Sunni, Arabs and Turkomen troops. -MZA i think the problem people like 7yder have is exactly this, which is why they curse sayyed muqtada(ha) and jaysh al-mahdi(aj) so violently. they cannot bear the thought of unity amongst the muslims - remember 7yder has previosly said that he doesn't have time for al-manar tv - which is hizbullah tv - hizbullah is the only successfull islamic resistance movement and it's main goal is to work towards uniting the ummah in preparation for imam mahdi(aj)'s return - which both sunnis and shias yearn for. these sectarian fools - i pity their ignorance - may Allah fight them - as quoted by yourself from the khutba of imam ali(a) - truely they have filled all our hearts with puss - they are nothing more than the lowest of the low - may Allah destroy them. khuda hafiz fatema
  6. sorry 7yder wrong again - for 35 years you had the proxy rule of america via saddam tikriti, now the colonial master has come in to rule directly. i'm afraid it's from the frying pan into the fire - but fire has a habit of numbing the sensing initially, that's why you're not getting it. fatema
  7. if this is true - and we're still attempting to verify these allegations, it's highly possible that those few members of jaysh al-mahdi(aj) were provoked (no doubt by individuals like 7ayder here). i would if the condemnation from these few people would be as viceral if this was form the occupation forces (sorry - for the sake of 7ayder - i'll call them 'liberation forces' :wub:) but off course - we're "iraqi" we think anything is better than saddam - even if it is the illigitimate prostitute that gave birth to saddam in the first place - hehehe - yes - the cia+mossad is better than saddam - definately - isn't that right 7yder - but islam and muslims trying to remove the occupation? naa we don't want them - we like the american's they will let us have a "halal" big mac after we've gone to the haram of imam husayn(a) to do some good old fashioned tatbeer and had a good cry - we'll then go and betray the very soul of imam husayn(a)'s message by going for a big mac and possibly (if no-one sees us :Hijabi:) a bacardi breezer. laugh, be disgusted, it doesn't matter - this is what iraq will become under the america empire, look at makkah and madinah ... :cry: look at masjid al-aqsa ... :cry: very soon it will be look at najaf and kerbala. :cry: but we don't care - isn't that right 7yder - "anything's better than saddam". to you your way, and to me mine - i was my hands of the people of kufa, and pray that the curse of Allah decend upon the scum who oppose the islamic resistance and actively work for and pray for the secularisation of islam, indeed they are the illigitimate offspring of muawiyyah, may they be eternally cursed. ameen. :angry: fatema
  8. 7ayder, editing your post won't help - lol - your hypocricy has been revealed. may Allah curse those who oppose the global islamic resistance. ameen. fatema
  9. alhamdu lillah, all praise belongs to Allah who has revealed the truth. al-manar is hizbullah's television station, the only television station for the muslims and the global islamic resistance, your words have taken you outside islam. may Allah judge you as you deserve. al-manar didn't prefer saddam and your beloved uday and qusay those who you love and those who are killing the believers in occupied iraq - those who are fighting the jaysh al-mahdi(aj) who you constantly curse, are the same swine who put saddam, uday and qusay in iraq in the first place, in an effort to counter the islamic revolution. may Allah guide you, if you it is possible that in your infected heart and mind there is even one sign of honesty and truth. you say your are a tabatabai sayyid, shame on you, still never mind, may so-called sayyeds have betrayed islam in the past - the "hashimites" of jordon being a prime example. may Allah curse those who oppose the global islamic revolution ameen. fatema
  10. hehehe - 7ayder you think we know nothing about iraq except what is being fed to us from cnn and fox and other media instruments of dajjal? well here's news for you - aside from the fact that there is al-alam, al-manar, i have a very reliable source who has been to iraq and back recently, via islamic republic of iran, and also good reliable people who work for al-manar tv that we are direclty in touch with. you think it's the islamic resistance in iraq blowing up innocents? sorry - wrong - it's the occupation forces! sorry sorry i forget you consider them as "liberation forces" don't you - hehehe - truely you are without a clue! who is building a pipeline for the zionists to steal muslim oil? is it the jaysh al-mahdi(aj) or your beloved liberation forces that the jaysh is fighting against? mind you i suppose that you're the same type of kufian who considers the islamic resistance in palestine as invalid since they are "nasibi kafirs" (astaghfirullah) - may Allah curse those who encourage sectarianism and schisms within islam. amen. but wait, sorry i forgot, you also believe that in palestine and lebanon it was the islamic resistance movements that were randomly killing people and that the poor idf and sla were merely working towards "democracy" and "freedom"? i re-iterate, may Allah curse those who oppose the islamic resistance in iraq and worldwide, for truely they are the same as the enemies of Allah who became confused when muawiyyah raised the quran up on lances, and confused the weak minded ones. the true believers know the living quran is not contained merely in paper and ink. death to america death to israel death to those who oppose the global islamic resistance! may Allah curse them - especially those amongst the so-called muslims - the same curse that was inflicted on them by imam ali(a) and bibi zaynab(a) and all of the imams and true believers - for verily such cursed scum are the lowest of the low, may Allah fight them and destroy them, for they are fitneh to the believers. ameen. khuda hafiz fatema
  11. may your mother cry at your grave side you enemy of Allah. the islamic resistance in iraq will continue and on it's victory - which is soon insha Allah - people like you will be identified and put out of their misery and returned swiftly to their lord. may Allah curse you the day you were born, the day you will die and the day you will be raised up to account for every word you have spewed. may your mother be deprived of you. fatema FSH, I am not surprised to see an imitiation or even a splitting image of your husband shabbir in the shadow of your posts. However, i remind you it was it lack of akhlaq and bad temper which got him banned in the first place. You are heading down the same road sister. Take heed. brother, i suppose you consider that 7ayder's cursing of sayyed muqtada as-sadr(ha) - and the islamic resistance in iraq and the islamic resistance generally by implication is perfectly acceptable right? the quran has answers for such people, i have given them previously as have others. and i re-iterate, may Allah curse those who are against the islamic resistance in iraq and elsewhere and those who side with those who are against the islamic resistance in iraq and else. ameen. don't you think 7ayder should be warned - after all he's cursing an alem and i think there's a problem with that - personally with what he's said - it's far less than shaykh shabbir said and he's barely been warned. hehehe - i was told to expect a degree of double standards on this site - i was warned correctly. insha Allah i will try and be more like the mujahedeen, like bint al-huda and umm yaser(a), and if you feel that you can see shades of shaykh shabbir in me - alhamdu lillah - i am proud that you see someone who has stood up for islam constantly, regardless of the cost. fatema
  12. may Allah bless you brother :) khuda hafiz fatema
  13. salaams brother ali naqi, firstly, my husband shaykh shabbir sends his salaams to you. secondly, these people "pick on me" because they precieve me - as a woman - to be weak - they don't realise that the message of kerbala was propogated and delivered to the world by bibi zaynab(a), and that islam was helped much by bibi khadija(a) and bibi fatema(a) and many many other women within islam, women examples like bibi fizza(a), bibi juwairiya(a), bibi mariya qibtiyya(a), etc, etc let them speak their slanders, like my husband, and like the believers what they say about me personally doesn't matter - i know my defender is Allah, they have to ask themselves sincerely are they pleasing imam mahdi(aj) and Allah? they know they are working for the enemies of Allah, they know they are traitors to islam, and they know that the quran curses their type of munafiqs and fasiqs. may Allah protect the islamic resistance worldwide and the leaders of the islamic resistance and may he hasten the return of imam-e-zamaan(aj), and if this small sister is required to give her life for the sake of this movement, then she is ready to follow the path of other great women, like bintal-huja(a) and umm yasir(a). infact death is something which is sweet for us, for those who love Allah, but for those who are unsure (deep down i mean) of Allah and of the last day - for them death is a great burden. may Allah hasten the return of our master, imam-e-zamaan(a), ameen. khuda hafiz fatema
  14. quran, surat baqarah, verse 120 7ayder - it seems that the christians and the jews the enemies of Allah and of the oppressed are the only people that are please with you. what does that say to you about your own situation? or do you not believe in quran? once again - may Allah curse those who curse the islamic resistance anywhere, and may Allah curse those mischief mongers who slander and curse and disrespect the righteous ulema and pray for their death. ameen. as for you inyourface - hehehe - what is the point in asking Allah to protect 7yder if you don't even believe in Allah - in reality your "prayer" is completely oxymoronic since the basic premise of prayer is belief in the entity being prayed to - without belief it is rendered as mere words and is ultimately pointless. but as quran says - you and your ilk - when quran speaks of the christians and the jews here it is not tlaking explicitly about those who follow christianity and judaism as revealed by Allah to jesus(a) and moses(a), but about those who have corrupted the message revealed to jesus(a) and moses(a) - testimony to this is: quran, surat baqarah, verse 62 but by all means inyourface, carry on "praying" and "supporting" your buddy 7yder - like i've siad before wot you people say or do means nothing - you can infiltrate islamic sites and start spreading the seeds of corruption and disbelief and hypocricy over these sites but you will only get a few of the week minded ones - and even they will be weak for you. all the resources being used to keep fasiqeen like 7yder on this site are remarkable - instead he would do well to actually read what is posted. the truth will out and you will see ... the problem you have is that you see it as distance, whereas we know it is close. fatema
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