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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam it is a good opertunity to get a good way out of this declining life. And i too feel for the Palastinians, the life here in uk is going bad to worse. I think that Imam Mahdi would like us to be in the east... If you go please take me and any others who want to go with you... Salam.
  2. I when so stressed, i keep the quran deep in my heart and the topic that i want a sign on... Then i open the book and werever i stop, i reed the verse, Allhumdo Lilla it is allways correct for the situation i am facing... So many ties and it gives me peace ; - )
  3. Only the people of excellence, can see people of excellence... Sayings of Ali "a.s" The bad attack the good, the evil attack the pure, the rich attack the poor, the ignorant attack the wise, the strong attack the week, this has append throughout time and will never stop on earth ... Even after 40 yrs of peace after Imam Mahdi "a.s" fixes every thing, the people will go evil again. For the last time.
  4. Salam They are at least active in what they believe, why are our men and women from the west up there? I want to join with all those who want to protect Iraq in the west, and go together as Allah wants us to come to Him in numbers.
  5. Salam It is good for us that this opportunity has arisen that we can have have a decent exit, but even more lucky if you are on the front lines and don't die for decades unless Imam "a.s" comes .... This is this is the option opened us for us true fools who have had enough of the bull s**t, Also i don't believe in divorce, well i mean that i don't think i can love any one like i loved her, never can it happen, as your 1st love is your 1st love, any is the same the second time round, First car, first bike. first hajj. first ziarat ect... The second is mutual .... The 3rd, even if you
  6. Im still in the mess, its not over yet... Thanx for sympathy tho, and the worst part is i only ever touched her ... No one else
  7. Their is a book called light with in me,...
  8. Salam its the end of times , plus tv is brain washing the common folk...
  9. Once i am divorced i will only want to marry a divorced women, for sight ... Can you imagine the feeling if the new one says "no wonder the other one left you!"
  10. Salam my ex took everything from me and 2 years later, she is taking me to court trying to get more money of me !!!
  11. Beauty is on the inside not out side. Plus personality is important more then any thing...
  12. W/Salam Why can these people not go to the council? What country ? And women got robbed by friend ? Why is she not engaged or married, it is her husbands job to look after her? And so many other cases, why do all these people come to you? I have lost every thing, and made it again, not once but my own family did me over, i have had to face homelessness last ramazan, so i do know how it feels, and it is a connection with Allah that can turn things around. In feb due to divorce i lost every thing again. But by the help of Allah i made it again. Any way it is ramazan so food is availab
  13. Salam, No the shia are not the momin, in fact far from it. The following are some qualities of a momin... The person can loose their house, kids, family money and still say Thank You Allah. The person never thinks anything belongs to him, and therefore will never argue call bad names backbite ect... The person will always read namaz on time, never eat to the full (no pop-belly). The person will always have other Muslims needs in his view. The person will take account of what has been earn t, or lost for the after life, at the end of every day. The person will only love for Allah (love th
  14. The secret of Allah is the secret of Allah, He gives it to His friends, and they respect it and do not do foolish things or self glorification fame and all that s**t, no you are far from the truth when you think like that. These people when 313 are alive the Imam Mahdi "a.s" will return, then they will show you what this power can do.... In Iran once a student wanted to learn this power for the sake of the good of human kind bla bla bla ... His teacher the scholar would not teach him this knowledge. One day the student was on his way to class when he saw an old man being beaten badly. The st
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