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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It was sighted in Shepparton. which is 2 hours drive from melbourne
  2. Sunnis celebrate Eid on Sunday however its cloudy in Melbourne and the moon has not been sighted so the Shias say to fast Sunday. Now what do you do? Since its haram to fast on Eid. Some years ago I heard that you have to fast precautionaryly 2 or 3 days if you can't sight the moon. Is this true?
  3. Can we actually eat food that has been cooked by Christians? What about from restaurants. I guess the whole point of Halal meat is for it to be clean so we don't contract any disease. Here in Australia the standard is pretty high so I would suppose it must be clean. Are there any ahadeeth about this?
  4. What about Abu Bakr and co.? And Salman e Farsi. What did they use to worship? I heard Salman e Farsi studied Islam for months before converting.
  5. can the admin please close this discussion? ppl are starting to get to each others throats
  6. Salam alaikum. How was everyone's layltul qadr? I wanted to know that how old was Imam Ali (as) when Prophet (pbuh) preached/spread Islam for the first time? Did Imam Ali (as) worship idols before that?
  7. Say no more. Wasalam alaikum wa rahmatullahay wa barakatu
  8. Bandar in Farsi means port and in Urdu it means monkey. I'll let you choose how you translate his name. ;)
  9. Why do Sunnis do Taraweeh? Do Shias do it as well? What is its importance/significance? Did the Prophet (peace be upon him) do it? Can you please give a ahadeeth as well so I can see where its driven from?
  10. lmao at this thread. First off Sunnis mullahs don't consider Shias as Muslims. So how can there be peace between Sunni and Shia("so called kafirs"). Just take a look at history. Don't go too far. about 15 years ago. How many Shias were slaughtered in Afghanistan? There you go you have your answer. And this time if you read the history correctly you'll see they were supported by your head master Salafis in Saudi and Sunni ISI. Do one favour though tell your fellow Sunnis that they do some research before calling other sects evil.
  11. bro where are you? May you live long enough to tell the story and may I live long enough to read the story. fe aman ullah
  12. Can't remember the ahadeeth and not sure if it was from Sunni or Shia traditions but it basically it said if your whole head gets wet then your fast is void (maybe applies to water only?)
  13. What if it was the will of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì?
  14. Salam But that doesn't say that they can hear your prayers or requests/wishes. Secondly, when Allah (swt) has said, correct me if I wrong, that the medium/channel between Me and you is straight. Why bother for a mediator?
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