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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I didnt read all the posts, but don't you think that Syria should be controlled by the law of Allah awj? And as far as oppression goes, do you not think the people of Iran are oppressed by their government? Do you not think that even the Iranian government are corrupt? I have an Iranian working for me, he has been here in australia for 2 years & has told me many horrific stories of corruption, manipulation, murder, rape, prostitution etc committed in public by the leaders. The saddest part of his story is he has left Islam, I have spoken to him on many occasions in regards to practicing &a
  2. Thank you so much for your reply. May Allah awj reward you for your patience & efforts, ameen.
  3. Inshallah I will pray for you at Fajr, my next prayer. Thanks for the links, will watch. I'm starting to feel more & more comfortable around here as more misconceptions are cleared up. Jazakallahu khair.
  4. That was playing on my mind for a while, things that seem crazy are not so crazy when someone answers your questions... Thanks Rasul.
  5. @preethics. May Allah awj reward you for your efforts & patience with my limited knowledge. I read all your posts and it now makes sense in regards to hidden knowledge. A couple more questions, I hope you don't mind? - You mentioned killing of prophets, is this fact or just an example? Never heard this before? - where exactly does it mention the 12 imams in the Quran? - I know nothing about the lives or who Abu Bakr, umar, Uthman where so don't take anything I say in regards to them as defensive. Is there any videos on a Shia view of these men? - I know that imam Ali was the first boy to a
  6. Why is cursing a part of any religion? If I am a true believer wouldn't it be smart of me to leave it in gods hands? We are all going to be judged and no one will escape judgement so what's the point behind cursing? Please explain as this is a real issue I have with Shiism. So far in Sunni Islam I have seen no cursing of anyone, so far?
  7. Thanks Jaysro. I was born to communist parents who had no religion. I was brought up in Australia where most are catholic. I learned about Catholicism and really didn't like it at all. The fact things were not logical like the trinity etc... So looked into other religions & Islam was the only one that was logical & in Australia we have massive Muslim communities, but very little Shias. So learned from friends & local lectures at Sunni mosques. Coming from Catholism I have a real fear of invoking others like they have saints etc, worship Jesus as though his god etc...
  8. So me posting a video from YouTube & kindly asking questions is an attempt to defame Shiism? I have said in many posts that I know nothing about Shiism. I knew nothing about Islam 2 years ago & I'm sure I asked some stupid questions & upset many people with them, BUT when you don't know something how do you know what to ask & what not to ask? How do you know how to approach a person live or on the net? You don't! Soil I have upset anyone in anyway please forgive me as I don't have an agenda to defame anyone..
  9. If answering a question with another question is your idea of a good answer then I agree, BUT when I don't answer your question, get defensive & ask the same questions I asked you with arrogance then NO that's not helping me, you or the person who thought they were really smart by doing so...... Really non productive! Maybe because I have the name me Sunni people around here instantly get defensive. Does it not occur to anyone that I am here seeking knowledge? I know absolutely nothing about Shiism, how could I live my life not knowing if I really know the truth?
  10. The fact of the matter is the Quran we read today is written by Uthman, like it or not it's the oldest surviving copy of the Quran. I never claimed anyone to be better or closer to the prophet saws, but if Imam Ali was here to preserve the Quran where is his copy? Yes there is no doubt he lived & died by the Quran, but many people memorized the Quran which is great (may Allah reward them), but this doesn't help me or you in anyway what so ever.. I'm not doubting that imam Ali wrote a Quran, but if it was the perfect Quran Allah awj most certainly would have preserved it. Allah awj has dest
  11. Please prove to me that Shiism was at the time of the prophet saws? And that Shiism started from Imam Ali? Are you serious??
  12. Brother I think you need to take some chill pills :) Why so paranoid? I put this video to see if it was true & what you Shia think about it. I didn't come here for a battle, merely to see if it was true, if I go around believing everything I hear without verifying it where would I be now? As for the authenticity of the sahaba I really don't know what your trying to say, I simply see that there was a prophet saws who conveyed a message which I beleieve to be true. Wether or not you like the sahaba, if Allah awj wanted imam Ali to be his successor IT WOULD HAVE happened. What your implying i
  13. @pueethics. You can see barelymuslims user name. Maybe try a bit of manners & patience with him. Without good manners, patience & character There literally wouldn't be any Muslims today... If you can prove the story of the blind man wasn't the prophet saws then PLEASE do. No need to get defensive & start speaking badly of the Sunnis, please bear in mind you Shia use the term a.s which is used for prophets of Allah awj on your imams who were just men like you & I weren't they?? If your imams protect the message why are we reading a copy of uthmans Quran & not one of your im
  14. Ok so maybe prophets don't make mistakes (even though the story of the blind man says other). What about non prophets or normal men like Ali ra? Did he make mistakes? Does he know the un-seen? Please understand I have came from another religion who worship men, prophets etc... So try & keep this in mind and answer clearly please.
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