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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam All, I am posting on behalf of a dear friend who would like to know what to do in her situation. She is going through a really tough time financially and so is her husband. She's just terrified that her husband might go back to his life of drug dealing out of desperation. He has told her he won't but she thinks he will end up making money illegally out of desperation of not being able to get a job and being able to provide for their children. i don't know what to advise her apart from praying but what else could she do? Are there prayers and a'mal that will help her situation? Thank you you in advance
  2. He's a loser and Ayatollah is more honourable than all of his existence. These people shouldn't even be called ''shias'' they are the very cause of fitna and hatred between us. Someone needs to mess his channel up.
  3. sounds good, well done to you :)
  4. In regards to Gypsy, I am definitely not saying a woman should stay with a careless husband or a man should stay with an unfaithful wife, I'm just mentioning the points that give way to petty excuses for divorce, which is happening A LOT. In my assumption I think that divorce rates are because of silly reasons, stupid pathetic reasons (he wants children but i don't so we're deciding to divorce) well duh me why did you marry, you knew there was bound to be baby talk. Btw, that scenario is very repetitive and I get rather cross when I hear it. True, there are some minor things that annoy men and women alike but divorce should be set as a last-solution kind of thing, that is why usually when a couple go to a sheikh for divorce, the sheikh tries very hard to get them back together especially when they have children. Personally, I think women are victims because all the social norm of being an 'independant woman' is quite strong and may affect her eventually even if she was content with her marriage. I'm not saying a woman shouldn't be independant, in fact its good to study, work, learn how to drive etc, but we have to keep in mind that our spouse is happy with us and we should be true wives, not babies moaning for this and that 24/7. As for men, I haven't even started on you guys yet. Women are emotional human beings. Give them the attention they want from you, tell her I love you, be supportive. I see alot of you lazy bums who just sit on your backsides all day expecting your wives to turn into some sort of superwoman AND you aren't happy. Be more respective, she is flesh, blood and bones just like you! Don't expect her to be some sort of robot, because eventually she will conk out altogether and she WILL make a petty excuse for divorce and believe me, women are good at insisting. Wives aren't slaves dear men.
  5. I mean submissive as in: Not making a big fuss of every little mistake (ignoring could be an option) the only reason why i included this aspect into this category is because these days, women find it hard to cope with minor mistakes i.e spouse not getting you a present/forgetting your birthday etc. I once knew a young woman who asked for a divorce because her husband never gave her a rose on valentines day :/ When the husband begins an argument...do not continue it. I hear this phrase very frequently ''who the f**** does he think he is to shout at me?'' Ladies, when you begin arguing later on you blame it on your hormones so you just need to give the guy a reason aswell; he's had a bad day. Another phrase I hear too often is ''he has no reason to boss me around'' Well tough luck, yes he does, he tells you to stay at home you do it, he tells you to visit his family every week you do it. He's your husband and he has his rights over you. Finally, I blame the divorce on the ''westernised'' way of thinking women as well as men are beginning to adapt to. So before jumping into a marriage, both parties need to have a very concrete understanding of their rights in a marriage and THEN decide whether or not they would like to proceed.
  6. Why can't we step down and be 'submissive' for the sake of a lasting marriage?
  7. I personally think that the whole divorce thing lies within patience. Most women don't realise that if they have a 'difficult' husband and they stay patient, Allah will reward them so much for it. But to be honest, not all men are difficult...think of it this way, how did our parents/grandparents etc have a lifelong marriage? Because they were both patient upon eachothers negative traits. These days a woman will come rushing home to her parents after a year of marriage complaining about her husband is and how uncaring he is bla bla bla. These days when a girls decides to get married she assumes it is all pink and fluffy and perfect. The truth is, there is bound to be rows and arguments and disagreement but patience is a reward in itself because eventually when the man (or woman) sees that you are patient with them then they will begin to respect you so much. Trust me I've seen it so many times, I've known women with unspeakably horrible husbands but they stay patient and eventually, those that were once mean husbands will turn into a Prince Charming for them because they realise that they are committed, truthful women who won't make a big deal over every single row. I don't know I could be wrong but this is how I see marriage. You are patient; you get rewarded in this life and the next.
  8. come on guys, i understand whats going on here. i actually thought about this topic once. from previous experiences i decided it might be haraam for women to make noise while they are walking. i used to wear high heels and i walked to uni. at one time there were builders working prior to the 2012, and i realised that everytime they heard my heels stomp they will automatically turn to me and look. it doesnt mean they are perverts, but its the whole ''bringing attention to yourself'' thing. they dont just look and start imagining things,jeez where are we living? but its just the act of attention grabbing, heels or anklets or whatever makes.
  9. You know, you really are boring me, not just me but maybe 99.9% of the people on this forum who are actually kind enough to bother reading the rubbish you have to write everyday about us. Just go home. Go and get yourself a life. You're not finding the truth because Allah doesn't want to guide you. Your eyes, ears and heart are closed from the truth. You and your fellow stupid sunnis really think you're the right ones. Listen dear boy, we all agree that if anything which is built on wrong is unsuccessful, so your sunni beliefs which are built on the very betrayal of the prophet by omar abu bakr and othman is undoubtedly WRONG. One thing I don't understand is that when we shias mention the fact that the loving ''sahaba'' betrayed their own prophet you guys just seem to shut up and not say anything because you KNOW its true. And when you don't have a comeback, you just start bombarding us with our so-called flaws and opening up hundreds of subjects at a time. You're faltering, you're losing the battle and you know it.
  10. No, Imam Mahdi (May Allah hasten his reappearance) will kill hypocrites who spread false information and ideas like you.
  11. musab just be quiet, nobody wants your so-called advice. we're not wrong, people who accept oppression and call them 'sahaba' are indeed wrong. please do your research before you come bellowing at us with your pathetic accusations. Oh and Saudi's have the most gracefully perfumed mouths yeah? Have you SEEN their lectures? One telling us in quite a sexual manner how the houris in heaven will treat him, he's really certain he's entering heaven, hahahahaha!! hahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!! look at the noor on his face! look at the imaan! mashallah subhanalaah!!
  12. I understand where caller is coming from though. Like some (probably including myself Allahu a'lam) dress up thinking its modest and islamic whereas they are completely unaware of the male mentality. How do we know they're not staring at us in lust/desire? The problem is though not many of us accept wearing a trouser and a long chadoor on top (LOL) but we try to be as islamic as possible by wearing decent loose clothing as wide as our variety can go. If men STILL stare at us...well thats not our problem is it? We're trying to be modest so do us a favour and keep the modesty by averting your eyes.
  13. I've heard many donkeys like you trying to convert us to the baatil wrongly thinking you're on the right path you gullible pigs. You can't even talk about killings. The whole world knows what you and your mujahideen are up to in Syria. Honestly do you think we're that stupid? Our only ''sin'' is that we follow the Prophets will. If you want to get your facts straight, how about you read Thursdays Calamities or Hajjatul wadaa'? You guys are so gullible and ignorant and yet you're so bloody stubborn about it. Jesus, give us a break!
  14. I am proud to do their la'nat because they brought all injustice and seperated the ummah. they did not carry out the prophets will. they took lady fatema's posessions. they killed her and burnt her house. they took the right of Imam Ali (a.s) to be the first Caliph. If you ask me, these are all pretty valid reasons to curse such animals.
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