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  1. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    Did Hezbollah totally abandon his original goal?

    The United Arab Republic (Egypt and Syria) East and West Pakistan. But yeah I know, see how they turned out
  2. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    I want to be a Shia but I don't know anything

    There is definitely a deeper esoteric aspect to the Shia tafsir. There are outward and inward interpretations. For example Surat al Kawthar is arguably about a river in paradise, and meaning abundance too, but are you aware it is in reference to Lady Fatima al Zahra s.a? It makes sense when put in context. https://www.almizan.org Al Mizan is the most well known Shia tafsir
  3. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    After Prophet Issa ( as)

    But I thought - Peter would go on to found the Catholic church of Rome whilst James (who some historians say was the brother of Jesus), was the founder of the original church of Jerusalem, arguably a more "Jewish" early Christianity, the Nazarenes who were Unitarian.
  4. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    First time praying at my local (Sunni) masjid

    Sistani also says: 3Question: Can one say one’s congregational prayer behind a Sunni Imam with the intention of Jama'at (congregation)? And should one recite al-hamd on his own? Answer: It is permissible to offer prayer in their congregational prayer. However, it is obligatory upon you to recite al-Hamd and Sura-e Tawhid yourself – be the recitation in low voice though. https://www.Sistani.org/english/qa/01262/
  5. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    First time praying at my local (Sunni) masjid

    Just so I know in future, are we also to recite samiAllahulimam hamida ourselves if in a congregation behind a Sunni?
  6. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    First time praying at my local (Sunni) masjid

    I understand. I recited surahs and dhikr to myself. to be honest I just made intentionto perform salatul asr. I didn't take into account whether it being individual or congregational
  7. So I've been a follower of Ahlul Bayt as since approx 7 years. In that time since, I completely stopped going to my local masjid, no excuses other than being a wimp. I was very regular in my Sunni days and knew a lot of people. The masjid is on the other road so close I can see it from my place. I have missed praying in a mosque and occaisionally go the main Shia ones when I can but they are in another part of London. Anyhow today I decided enough, I read a few old posts on ShiaChat about others doing so, and got emboldened enough to grab my turbah and head there for Asr jamat, insistent on praying our way. So I got there, it has changed a lot since I was there, expanded etc. Saw mostly new faces, few old, though they probably forgot who I was. Athan goes off, people are praying their nafila salat. I just sat there. I still dislike the feeling of people's eyes on you. I was annoyed at myself for not getting up and praying. I was too shook I guess. Whilst waiting, a revert went up to me and greeted me, followed by complimenting my aqeeq ring. He said he only recently read about them, etc. So the iqama is read and people form lines, I went to the farthest side on front row. And of course the most salafi looking dude had to be next to me, wearing a white shemagh and thobe and feet wiiiiiide apart. I wait for takbir and people to commence before putting my turbah out in front, legs shaking like crazy (smh). Did everything wajib, raised hands etc. Left out qunut being mustahab and the 3 takbir at the end. Done some tasbih Fatimat Zahra as and left. I know this whole scenario may seem ridiculuous to those among us used to praying with Sunnis, but I always just imagined the worst or someone taking away my turbah etc, especially if anyone knows how entrenched wahabism is in the London Sunni scene. I felt a wave of relief and although most probably did not see, I think I will return and also pray nafila too. Some may question what purpose there is in this. Some may say for unity. But honestly I just missed praying in congregation. Who knows it could rouse some curiosity in others, like that revert brother to investigate further.
  8. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    Duas by the later Imams

    Mafatih al Jinan? Not yet, need to. Would be nice if it mentions which Imam the dua came from. I have a beautiful hardback cloth bound Sahifat al Sajjadiah, I love it.
  9. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    I want to be a Shia but I don't know anything

    This new one looks EPIC though Also @Umm Amira you're on the right track by investigating. I'm from the same background as you. In fact my name is very Sunni . It got to a point where I felt I was lying to myself by continuing to believe the Sunni narrative. It's a confusing, perplexing emotion. I guess similar to some Non Muslims on the verge of being Muslim. But I feel this is authentic Islam and have not looked back since.
  10. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    Duas by the later Imams

    That is true. Belated congrats on finally becoming admin btw. I remember the campaigning for you to be one when I was last using the forum
  11. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    Duas by the later Imams

    Wa alaykum asalam A few searches online suggest that this is attributed to Imam Mahdi aj? http://www.qul.org.au/library/duas-supplications/411-dua-iftitah-the-supplication-of-the-opening
  12. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    Duas by the later Imams

    Thanks I never looked into the source of Ziyarat Ashura and assumed it would be from the 4th Imam. Any famous ones from the 7th, 8th, 9th etc? Did Imam Hassan or Hussain as compose or narrate long duas such as those from their father?
  13. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    Duas by the later Imams

    Truly the duas found exclusively in the Shia tradition are sublime, eloquent and divine. Though the most well known appear to be associated with Imam Ali and Imam Zain al-Abideen as. Such as Dua Kumayl and from the Sahifah. What about duas composed or transmitted by Imams Hasnain as, or Imams after Zain al-Abideen as? I know there are supplications attributed to Imam Mahdi aj, but are there the same lenghthy, rich supplications from other Imams and possible examples?
  14. Propaganda_of_the_Deed


    I mean you would not follow something unless you believed it to be the truth. I know numbers isn't an argument per se (as Imami Shias are much smaller in number than Sunnis), but if we go by Wiki's 2014 estimate of 0.5% or even being generous and say 1% of Muslims are Zaidi, it seems rather exclusive for that to be the true Islam (I know those were not your words but end of the day it is one of the "73" sects, all of which claim the truth). And from what I read there are 3 main branches within Zaidis, do you follow one in particular? The only English resource for information/dawah appears to be this one simple wordpress website, with very little key literature having been translated for the wider non Arabic speaking world, there's like 2 sections (purity and prayer) of the Musnad on Tashayu. It is all too obscure to me. Also when it is said Zaidiya are the oldest Shia sect, how exactly is that deduced? Wasn't it a matter of some of those same early Shias simply going onto following Imam al Baqir (عليه السلام) rather than his contemporary and brother Imam Zaid (عليه السلام) ? How do you reconcile accepting Imam Hassan (عليه السلام) despite him not taking up arms against the corrupt ruler of his age, who also waged war against his father (عليه السلام)? I thought that was a pre requisite of the Imam for Zaidis?
  15. Propaganda_of_the_Deed


    Valid points and I agree. Just a side point. He would arguably be the final Caliph/Imam for Sunnis. Traditional Sunnis from the sub-continent refer to "Imam Ali" and "Imam Hussain" you'd find while obviously having a different conception. I notice he is just referred to as "Ali ra" by contemporary Ahlus Sunnah/Salafis for the most part. Interestingly enough on the Salafi IslamQ and A site the questioner and answerer refer to Imam Mahdi: https://islamqa.info/en/answers/43840/the-truth-about-the-Mahdi-and-the-order-in-which-the-portents-of-the-hour-will-appear