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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You think it is okay for someone like Al-Hakeem to meet the king of Saudi Arabia? I think that is unacceptable. If the king wants to meet Al-Hakeem let him come to Najaf.These common meetings with the kings of saudi arabia and qatar and Hakeem siding with the Sunnis in Parliament on many many important occasions shows that he is nothing to those shia that have suffered at the hands of these people.
  2. There is no family to stop Hakeem? Are you sure about that? They are responsible for maintaining their families reputation. This is a spit in the face of the shia that have suffered from these kings. I never adored the sons of Rafsanjani and I don't adore the Ammar Al-Hakeem.
  3. What are you talking about? Shia aren;t fighting shia in Iraq at all. The Amercians are using their airforce because the Iraqi airforce is nothing more than a couple old Sukhoi 25, and cessna prop planes with 2 hell fires each. The only cities being bombed are those that are Sunni. I don't care about them. I don't understand what you are talking about when you say shia are fighting shia in Iraq using the US
  4. Great families don't let their sons sell out Iraq. Al Hakeem has put a black mark on his families name just as muqtada did. We all know the best of those families are martyrs now. I know you feel personal about it but I don't take it like that way For the last 8 years the two alone have ruined Iraqi politics by siding with the Sunni's. Muqtada even went to the Anbar protests to say Sunni's are our brothers where he was hit with a shoe and chased after I don't think much of these two especially as they have blood, shia blood on their hands. And as regards to the Hakeem family. No the family is responsible for keeping these men under control. Their name is marked with these people. They either control them or forever be tied to such reckless individuals that have simply no regard for shia blood. Why is it that Ammar is vising a gulf king every couple of weeks? (I have plenty of pictures with him shaking their hands). Let them come to Iraq if they want to meet our Shia leaders. Why go out there and shake their hands like some begger. I hold Ammar Al Hakeem responsible for a lot of the blood shed we shia have faced in Iraq. I don't care if his family has given 1000 Martyrs, he has betrayed his own people and such senior men cannot do this without us pointing it out and punishing them for it.
  5. The shia in Iraq today are idiots. Their leaders are idiots. They think because they come from a religious family that they are some how better than any other Iraqi. Muqtada Sadr and Al-Hakeem are two of the worst politicians that have ever touched the Iraqi republic for us shia. They fought the government in parliament and sided with the Sunni's and Kurds. If we had a united shia group we wouldn't be in this ridiculous mess. Muqtada is a stain on his families name. Al-Hakeem is doing what his family has always done, collect money from the gulf to destroy Iraq from within. We need MEN to rise up and challenge these idiots and their blind followers. Until that time we will be stuck with idiots like them holding the Iraqi shias back .
  6. You seem to think Iran was willing to help the Iraqi shia for their entire time of struggle. They weren't. They were just looking out for Iran and their interests. Also I believe that Iraq should not have huge ties to either the US or Russia or even Iran to a level. We need to rely on our selves like Iran has done over the last 30 years. We can't rely on the US to help us against ISIS every time terrorism pops up and we can't rely on Russia to quickly equip us with their old weapons and we can't rely on Iran to risk it's national interests to help us because we can't help ourselves.
  7. I like that i can say "this government is the worst government on earth and is full of corrupt people especially prime minister Tony Abott" without soldiers taking me to jail or threatening me and my family in the west. East - values. Although on many people these values are lost.
  8. You didn't really respond to my comments but anyway. You are not thinking about the broader picture. Look at Hafez Al-Assad. He had relations with the US. Yet he was fighting Israel. Do you see that? That is politics. He used the US even while at war with their closest ally. You mmight be too young to remember but to me anyone that isn't capable of balancing relations is an idiot possibly successfully lead a country. Look at Iran. Today they are negotiating with the US. Why? Because they don't have idiots for leaders anymore (Ahmadinejad has left thank god). Back in the invasion the US were killing the baathi's and terrorists for us. You know what we did in return? We decided to fight them and join forces with the Sunni's as "united Iraqi's" and suddenly the US was fighting in Najaf. Muqtada is an idiot. I am not saying love the US. I am saying let them fight Sunni terrorists all they want. Why should we stop them? Do you want our sons to die against Sunni's? No let the US deal with it. So what do you seem to think the US will do after ISIS? hat have they gained from Iraq in the last 10 years? To me it seems all losses for them. Iraq is now aligned with Iran. They are support Assad. We have contracts with mostly China and Russia for oil. Every Iraqi on earth was surprised America got rid of Saddam their buddy. They made a mistake. George Bush must have been crazy that day he invaded Iraq but we thank him so much for it. The US fully invaded Iraq already 3eni. I don't understand your opinion because all these things already happened and all the US did was help us until our shia idiots started fighting them. How old were you when the Invasion started? Did you have many people in Iraq at the time? I don't feel like you actually have much connection to Iraq during the invasion and are simply not liking the US for other policies.
  9. The US didn't cut ties with Iran just because of the revolution. YOU should read history not me. Read why the US and Iran had bad relations after the revolution then come back and discuss with me. And don't come back with "but Iran just wanted to fight the tyrannical US". Look at what Iran actually did. Something that not many countries today would accept and I would think that Iran would not appreciate to be done to it. In Afghanistan the US wasn't support them because they were terrorists. They were supporting them against invading communists. A communists Afghanistan would still lead to a taliban fighting them with or without US support. Saddam didn't support the US like your opening statement. He used them just as much as they used him. Every Iraqi alive is surprised America got rid of him. He was their door to Iraq and they lost it. That doesn't mean we should cut off all ties with the US today. Only idiots cut off all ties with the most powerful nation on earth. Why fight them when we can use them for our interests? Let them bomb the Sunni areas all they want. We don't care. Do you know who is truly treacherous? The Muslim leaders that killed our Imams. We cannot call the US at all treacherous when our religion has a history of backstabbing going up to the greatest men of all time. The US bombing ISIS is not treacherous in my eyes. You can hate the US all you want but as long as they are serving Iraqs interests in killing ISIS and their supporters I don't care.
  10. 3eni I am Iraqi. I want the US to have a permanent base in Iraq. When the US came into Iraq they helped us shia. They went after the terrorists and baathi's in Fallujah, Tikrit, Mosul etc. Then our idiots like Muqtada Sadr decided to fight the Americans. Next minute the americans are fighting our sons in Najaf and Karbala. We fight the americans then we complain that they are unlawfully killing our people. You know what a smart man would do (and muqtada is not a smart man) a smart man would let the Americans and the Sunni's fight each other all they want. What do we care? The Sunni's have done nothing but oppress us. Why should we fight for them? Unfortunately none of this mattered at the time and our sons died for nothing fighting US troops that were helping us.
  11. No. You shouldn't twists peoples words like that. That statement has nothing to do with what I said and is merely your way of attacking me. I am very critical of how Khomeini allowed his military to send volunteers into minefields screaming YA HUSSEIN. I cannot in my mind think of any reason why these Iranian had to die. They never made it close enough to even fire their guns. However I am not critical because I hate Iran. I am critical because these Iranians died needlessly. You might not realise it yet but we are bleeding ourselves to death. Martydom is wonderful but that is not reason enough to throw your life away in a mine field that you never had to cross. Oh but why would you stay in lands infested with Kuffar. Go to Iran and enjoy life in Qom. You will meet a Sayyed in every street!.
  12. I think we are done here. You don't want to consider any other view point but your own. Several members have discussed this issue with you and it is clear you don't want to take your head out of the ground. Scottish revert maybe you should move to Iran instead of living with the Kuffar :angel: We didn't accept things for what they are. We were to either have our families raped, tortured, imprison and killed. Or go as a soldier. I didn't fight for Saddam. I at the time thought I had given my life so that my family would be able to continue theirs. Criticise me all you like. At 18 years old I did what I felt was the best option. Also I wish Khomeini didn't send thousands of children on motorbikes into mine fields despite what Imam Ali said. See how both me and Khomeini are in the same boat when it comes to your comment?
  13. I expect that people will use their minds to look at the problems in Iran and solve them rather than say "the west is worse, Iran has problems but at least it isn't like the west!!!". Where have I lied. You don't understand the context of what I said. If you read my post carefully you will realise I meant in the context that no one would be fighting Iran for negotiations over the nuclear program if it wasn't for Ahmadinejad. He went on about what he would do to those evil Israeli every time he was on the international stage. What country would be okay with Iran having nukes with the things he said? He said the program was to power the country. He also said he doesn't recognise Israel as a state and will wipe the zionism regime off the face of the earth. Very peaceful talk yes? A smart leader wouldn't have said anything. You see even when you admit there is a problem you brush it off by saying "iran will anyways be the bad guys anyway". You sound like you have no idea what you are talking about when you say NATO or whoever will nuke Iran anyway. I think this comment speaks for itself.
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