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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I know it is risky in this forum to say anything that can be interpreted as an insult of your prophet. So I avoid mentioning him. But as I have understood, most muslims agree that he married Aisha when she was six years old. So I cannot see how mentioning that could be insulting. Anyway I have no idea if this is correct or not. But the moral values were different. So we have no reason to be upset. I sometimes wonder how the women in old times could accept to share a man with many women. But OTOH as a man I cannot help envying e.g. Suleiman. According to the Bible he had 700 wives and - as this was obviously not enough - he also had 300 concubines. Even if not all of them were beautiful, many of them must have been. I really wonder how his sex life was. I do not think the Quran mentions anything about how many wives Sulaiman had. So maybe it is not true. And of course it is not accepted today. But no one can prevent us from dreaming...... My point was not just that men also can contribute to good parenting - we are no less fit to take care of children than women are.
  2. So what is wrong with socialism? How come you can´t see that the main reason USA has so much criminality is that you don´t care about your citizens? When Obama introduces a very modest welfare system so many stupid americans go crazy. Why should only wealthy people have bread? Why should only wealthy peoples kids have good education? USA is the worst polluter in the world. And you support rich dictatorships like Saudiarabia in order to have cheap oil to continue to pollute. The rich americans are the worst polluters. Why not let them pay taxes so they are unable to pollute our world and instead help poor american kids to have good education? This will definitely decrease criminality so that the stupid law about the right to carry weapons can be abolished. USA should learn from Sweden. Rich Swedes pay high taxes. You can call it socialism. But we have a very good welfare system. And we have much less criminality and economic problems than USA.
  3. Well, I did not mention your prophet. You did. And my point was not to discuss old time habits. Maybe you noticed I put it in brackets. My intention was merely to show that times and values are changeing. Would you consider marrying 6 year old kids acceptable today? My point was that we men are no less fit to take care of children. Children need the love of both parents.
  4. I am a man. I am not a pedophile ( unlike a famous man long ago who married a six year old girl). I cannot see that my sex is less fit to be with children. Why can´t muslim fathers spend time with their children? I have the impression muslim men are man chauvinists. I have also noticed that muslim girls in my country (Sweden) generally make better results at school and are more successful in life. Many of them are smart enough to leave Islam when they grow up.
  5. "A democracy is where the majority rules - in all manners. A republic is ruled by elected officials and laws." Sweden is ruled by elected officials and laws. Sweden is not a republic.
  6. Maybe the reason muslim kings are not questioned such questions is that they do not grant interviews? But it is not fair of you to claim that western media is necessarily biased. To prove you are wrong, here is an example from the Swedish Radio about dictatorship in Saudi Arabia. This has been discussed a lot in Swedish media : http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=2054&artikel=5228715 Against the background of a controversy over arms sales, Swedish Defence Minister Karin Enström caused a stir when she refused to call Saudi Arabia a dictatorship. Her avoidance of the term has led to criticism from the human rights group Civil Rights Defenders, and eventually the minister was forced to rephrase her comments. "No doubt Saudi Arabia is a dictatorship" Civil Rights Defenders: Saudi Arabia is a dictatorship (3:22) For many years now, Sweden has exported weapons to Saudi Arabia, and it was Swedish Radio`s revelations earlier this year that Sweden was secretly planning to help the to build an arms factory, that eventually pushed Enström`s predecessor, Sten Tolgfors, to resign. In the wake of that scandal, several politicians called for a democracy criteria to be introduced in the law regulating weapons export. This afternoon, after Enström was criticised not only by members of the opposition, but also members of the governing coalition, the defence minister issued an official statement. She said "if it is only possible to describe Saudi Arabia as EITHER a democracy OR a dictatorship, Saudi Arabia should be described as a dictatorship." One of those surprised by Enström`s reluctance to use the D-word, is Robert Hårdh, head of the human rights organisation Civil Rights Defenders. Måndag 13 augusti 2012 kl 15:28 (Radio Sweden) In an interview with Swedish Radio News, Enström initially and repeatedly said she doesn’t divide up countries that way. “We don’t make lists of countries,” she says, “but you can certainly say it isn’t a democracy.” Asked again, she replied: “We don’t make lists, and in this case when the issue is to determine whether to export war materiel or not, this is based on a number of factors.” Asked if as Defence Minister, aside from the issue of weapon exports, did she see Saudi Arabia as a dictatorship, Enström replied: “We don’t divide up countries that way, but it is a very authoritarian regime.” To the follow-up question if she couldn’t say it was a dictatorship, the defence minister said: “If you want me to make that kind of division among different countries, we don’t make that kind of lists. But we do actually carry out a review of how different countries respect human rights. It is completely obvious that Saudi Arabia is responsible for serious abuses where human rights are concerned, nor do they have general elections and that kind of rule.” The position of Enström, a member of the conservative Moderate Party, has provoked reactions among both other members of the government, as well as the opposition. The Liberals’ Jan Björklund, who is both Deputy Prime Minister as well as Education Minister, is more forthright. He tells the TT news agency: “Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s worst dictatorships, and there should not be any lack of clarity in the Swedish position.” That view is echoed from the other side of the aisle, as Urban Ahlin, foreign policy spokesperson for the opposition Social Democrats tells TT: “I have a hard time understanding why they are afraid to call Saudi Arabia a dictatorship, but it must be because it is ruled by a family and if they get angry they might not want to trade with us any more. Saudi Arabia is one of the worst dictatorships and the government ought to be able to say that.” But Enström’s conservative Moderate colleague, Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, is a bit more equivocal in tweeting a response to TT: “I usually describe Saudi Arabia as an absolute monarchy”, he tweets, avoiding the D word. The TT news agency points out that the Swedish Foreign Ministry’s official description of Saudi Arabia does not use the word “dictatorship”. Instead, the formulation is: “Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy, with elected popular representation or political parties.” The word “dictatorship” is also not used in the foreign ministry’s descriptions of Cuba or North Korea. The kerfuffle has led Defence Minister Enström to issue a press release finally using the word “dictatorship” together with Saudi Arabia: “Saudi Arabia is an authoritarian regime and an absolute monarchy, where there are serious violations of human rights. The government does not divide the countries of the world into democracies or dictatorships, but it one has to describe Saudi Arabia as either a democracy or a dictatorship, then Saudi Arabia ought to be described as a dictatorship.” But Robert Hårdh, head of the human rights organisation Civil Rights Defenders, is critical. "I think it is strange, it indicates some kind of fear of going to far in the judgement of the country. But Saudi Arabia is not a borderline case, it is as clear cut a dictatorship as there can be". One indication that the Saudi situation is sensitive is that Enström’s predecessor, Sten Tolgfors, was forced to resign in March after revelations that Sweden had helped build a weapons factory in the oil-rich kingdom I mean states ruled by Sharia - like Saudiarabia or Iran. I do not support them.
  7. So do you tolerate the US system of governance? And could you please explain the difference between democracy and republic? As far as I can understand USA is a -rather flawed but still - democracy. What about Britain, Sweden or Finland? Would you call them democracies?
  8. I am of course aware that we have different opinions about Sharia. But won´t you admit that Sharia is biased against other religions than Islam and thus restricting human rights like e.g. freedom of speech, while secular democracy is respecting equal rights for all humans no matter sex, religion, opinion etc.? As for "free media" I think you are definitely generalising. I admit the majortity or the main stream is rather selectiv. But you will also find those who present a different view. The difference between western and muslim media is that in muslim countries media that contradict Sharia are oppressed. In the West pro-Sharia media is allowed.
  9. It is obvious that USA are hypocrites. They talk about human rights when it suits them. And e.g Romney is rather intolerant when it comes to gays. But I think Obama is OK. But can´t we agree to condemn all oppressive muslim countries - no matter Sunni like Saudiarabia or Shia like Iran? Let us promote tolerans, freedom of speech and democracy!
  10. I really enjoyed this. It also made my impression of Nasser improve a lot. I can understand why he was so popular even though he lost the war against Israel. He had some very good points when he spoke ironically about backward dress codes for women. His way of laughing was natural and charming. Thanks a lot!
  11. Does anyone know in which countries Holocoast denial is forbidden? As far as I have heard denial of it is forbidden in Germany and Austria. The German Nazis were guilty of those crimes. So naturally it is an extremely sensitive issue. Germans of today are not proud of their Nazi past. I believe this is the main reason for this law. I can understand this (just like I can understand that Muslims can be upset when they feel their prophet is insulted).Nevertheless it is embarrassing for us who support democracy and freedom of speech. I am glad we do not have this law in Sweden.
  12. Did the Afghani people demand democracy? Well I suppose there were some who did. But I have the impression those who demanded Islamic Sharia were screaming higher. (Besides they are violent and heavily armed.) It was rather the West that demanded democracy. So the situation is rather hopeless. I do not think it is possible to impose democracy without popular support. And of course I think our swedish troops should be brought home. But I respect our democracy and our majority decided that our troops will stay until 2014.
  13. I cannot predict the future. But when people demand democracy - as in the arab spring - the West usually supports the people.
  14. There are lots of different ethnicities in USA too. I admit racism is a problem. But are arabs more racist than americans? I believe a united arabic state would be good for arabs.
  15. There are usually problems when people speak different languages - Belgium, Canada, Kosovo.... I admit Switzerland has managed very well. But I think a Kurdish state consisting of the Kurdish speaking regions in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey would be the best solution.
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