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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Alvida kion karen ham Maqsad e Shabbir a.s ko, Kion dinon ki Qaid mei Rakhein Payam e Karbala, Jab k rakhte hain ye Aqeeda ham, Har din Hai Ashura, har roz hai Karbala..
  2. many ppl are being killed daily, shia, sunni both.. Ancholi mein Namaz-e-Janaza k baad hungama kia tha larkon nay tou unko arrest kerlia tha, lakin phir chour dia.. Shaheed ki namaz-e-janaza, Dr. Mohsin shaheed k saath parhayi gaee jinko 2 din pehlay shaheed kia gaya tha. Wasalam
  3. "Taseer Abbas 25, Shot Martyred in Ancholi by Wahabi Agents. Today Morning, When he was going to work Terrorists open fire on him and he was critically injured, later he was shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital but Taseer Abbas couldn’t survive and martyred. Taseer Abbas is the nephew of Noha Khawan Nasir Zaidi and brother of NohaKhawan Raza Abbas. 2 days back Dr. Jaffer was martyred and now another momin is martyred by the terrorists" http://babulilmlibrary.com/news/taseer-abbas-shot-martyred-in-ancholi :( :(
  4. There are MANY tonsvi fans here.. :realangery:
  5. Ghulu is very common in Pakistan now-a-days.. Really a shameful act.. Ghalis are trying to create bad image of Dhakku sahab. May Allah guide us ! Wasalam
  6. don't know why they are creating hatred among Shias :( This is the time when we have to show unity..
  7. Prayers are with you Brother, No need to worry. Everything will be fine InshaAllah. Wassalam
  8. What if has nothing written but *Nazar* was done on it?
  9. ^how old are you sister, if u dont mind..
  10. Sister, there is surely someone made for you. Allah has always better plans for us, but we cant understand .. Don't be dissapointed. As there is a saying *Mayusi kufr hai*.. So calm down ,make duas & trust on Allah Wassalam
  11. Thanks for making this topic.. I asked few questions regarding Mokhtarnama in another topic but few ppl started saying Mokhtar was a liar :o (though I don't believe) Allah knows Best..btw I Agree with u..its Best of the Best.... Yesterday watched its 20th episode, gonna see the next one today InshaAllah. Wassalam
  12. agreed with the above post..I won't trust anything negative. Wassalam
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