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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Black magician? What do u mean by this? Wassalam
  2. Salam, Sorry sister, m kinda late but anyway.. Yes this is confirm that you HAVE to break your fast when HAIZ started coming. I was confused and was told the same as you mentioned. Then, I put this question to Ayatullah Sistani's website, the answer is one I mentioned before. Wassalam
  3. JazakAllah for the schedule, but timings are a bit too different.
  4. JazakAllah for the program list. I was about to ask that. Wassalam
  5. Yes, he is very good as well. I attended his majalis 4-5 years back. The best thing I lke about him, are the duas he tells his listeners for particular purposes. Wassalam
  6. Salam, Which Zakir you are going to listen this year in Ayyam-e-aza? I know most of you would say that the Zikr is important, no matter whoever is delivering it. But I want to know who is your favorite Zakir. I like to listen Aqeel Gharavi & Zaki Baqri the most Wassalam
  7. Sister, you seem to be a sensible girl. You should meet him once for the final approval from both ends. Once things are finalized, go for immediate Nikah (if Rukhsati isn’t possible soon) to avoid lustful thoughts. So you people can talk in Husband-wife scenario. After your Nikah, you can continue your college and after that you can start your married life. Best of Luck Wassalam
  8. Nice work done brother.. JazakAllah Wassalam
  9. Salam, I think you should go to an Imambargah nearby & discuss with the people there. As Masjid / Imambargah are great places (esp. in foreign countries) to discuss these issues. You can ask Imam of the masjid as well to find the nice family for your uncle. Or else above answer would be helpful as well :) Wassalam, Syeda
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