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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, Sorry if the question m gonna ask has already been asked n discussed :s Okay, I am watching Mokhtar nama now-a-days; but there were few questions which came in my mind: 1) Who invited Imam Hussain (a.s.) to koofa (as its said that Shias of Koofa invited Imam (a.s.) but later betrayed him). Why did they do so? just because they were offered money and threats? 2) Why Mokhtar didnt fight against Ibne Marjana before he was imprisoned. these were the questions which came in my mind So far, I will ask more :S hope u ppl will clear my confusions.. Thanks in advance.. Wassalam
  2. As per my experiance, I tried : - Recite Ayat Alkursi while entering in the house - Recite Surah Waqae'ya after Isha Prayer I know everyone is aware of it, but anyways I shared my personal experiance, and it really works. Good luck :) Wassalam
  3. Congratulations Baradar ! May Allah bless you. Wassalam
  4. Its some serious and strange sort of obsession :cry: May Allah help the poor guy..He could simply ask through someone if the Aalima is Single or not.. Don't know what to say exactly .. :S Wasalam
  5. "What is so perfect in You that makes you to laugh at others imperfection"
  6. Yes, I have seen a mixed culture, but frankly speaking, I have observed sunnis are more punctual especially when it comes to offer Namaz in a Mosque. But One more thing, I love the way we(shias) pray not only because I am a shia, but our way of talking to Allah inspires me a lot. Wassalam
  7. A guy proposed me but due to some reason I refused and after that he performed Mutah, he again approached me but I can never say YES. But he said me once, If someone has perfomed mutah, he/she doesn't have to tell the spouse abt Mutah (as its not necessary) I wonder if I marry a guy who has performed Mutah before and somehow I got to know about that after our marriage, how will I react :S WALLAH ALAM
  8. JazakAllah khair Sister :shifty: May Allah bless you all
  9. Have a safe trip Baradar ! Keep everyone in your prayers. Wassalam
  10. yes you should directly ask her if she can continue with you or not.. I hope she says yes, and God forbidden if she says no then don't get dishearted and continue your efforts to make her say YES. Wassalam
  11. Sister its about marriage.. I dont think I can make my MIND thru this game :S anyways thanks for the concern.. Duas will help InshaAllah Wassalam
  12. JazakAllah for all the posts you guys did.. Felt good :) Wassalam
  13. JazakAllah @ above post :) Hope it helps me
  14. Assalam-o-Alaikum, Sisters, this might sound a lillte odd but I am unable to help it. Hope any one will surely help me. I will be turning 24 in January, my problem is that whenever I get any Marriage Proposal, I straight away say NO (without even knowing about the guy and all); I really don’t know what the actual fear is. But, surely there is something that is in my mind. One more thing to clear. I m NOT in love with anyone & want to settle my life now. What I feel is that, I am in search for a perfect guy (not in looks) but he should be well educated, well behaved etc. Or there is also th
  15. Dear sister, I really don’t know what to say in this regard. Surely, Allah will bless you for what you have suffered. There is no doubt that he was not an ordinary child. Hope Allah will give patience to you and your family. I had lost my father and I know how it feels :( and yes you gave him a really beautiful name. InshaAllah you will be soon rewarded with another beautiful angel. Wassalam
  16. Well Dispirin/ Aspirin is a blood thinner, and i m asked by many doctors to avoid it as much as i can. Whenever I gt a migraine attack, I usually go for Panadol. Be it aspirin/dispirin/panadol/paracetamol, all these drugs have more or less the same side-effects on Human Health. May Allah protect us from these diseases. Wassalam
  17. Are paracetamol /panadol same? If it's Panadol then its not good for me because I often take it whenever I gt Headache. Wassalam
  18. Having Makkils/jinns a bad thing (I don't think so)? I suppose labbaikkhamenai wrote in a negative way.. (I am sorry, if i got it wrong) Wassalam
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