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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salamu alaykum i have a friend hes only 17 who used to drink alcohol occasionally and also smoke weed every weekend, he has also committed fornication and also sex before marriage , its been a month since he has not done anything bad and hes just been praying and trying to repent!!! Anyway hes sat with me here whilst im writing this and hes hanging his head in shame , he regrets every single sin every single bit of it ! and he ponders on weather Allah (SWT) is going to forgive him or not ? Please can you dear brothers and sisters help him ? Salamu alaykum <3
  2. Assalmu Alaykum I was wondering has anyone got Sayed Mustafa Al-Qazwinis , Number or Email address. Please can you give it to me if you do know/Have it ..Really in need of it. Thank you
  3. Yes i have finished primary and also finished secondary , and thank you , il check it uo now , shukran
  4. Iv been on that webiste but it states that you have to be 18 , which im not im 16 and i want to start at this age :S
  5. Assalmu aliakum My dear brothers and Sisters. Im just wondering do any of you know any hawza schools? or like any scholars that do Hawza courses, because i really want to study Hawza. It dont matter if its in The US or The UK... Just any brief ideas please
  6. 1st Rajab... Fasting Tomorrow ...Alhamdulillah <3

  7. Assalmu aliykum Brothers and Sisters My auntie passed away 6 months ago, and one of my relatives said that she missed some of her Ramadhan fasts when she was younger due to anorexia disease, So i am wondering can i fast on her behalf for her ? Fast as in daily , not in Ramadhan. Please get back to ASAP , because i need to know. Shukran
  8. Listen , you are no-one to talk about imam khomeni like that. You are just another sunni who doesnt know how to live life , but praise umar,uthman and abu bakar, in jahannam inshallah ! first of all , i am one of the shia youth and alhamdullilah i know what tawheed is and i follow that , i think fi you come here to britian and look at your fellow sunnis youths , who drink and smoke then go compare shia youths. we know Allah (swt) is watching us we know he is omnipresent . so with all respect dont come here on a shia forum , disrespecting one of the most glorfiying scholar of all time! go look at the traitors of the prophet , ayesha umar uthman and abu bakar then come back , come back when you have more knwledge and when Allah (swt) has strayed you on the right path which is shiaism !!!!! SNM ..Say No More !!!!
  9. Salam alaykum Im wondering is Shisha or Nargile haraam , seeing as so many muslim countries allow it , but is it actually permissible? I smoke it my self, My parents say its haraam but i dont believe them , so i thought i would share this question with alot more people and if anyone knows can you please get back to me !
  10. Assalmu alykum I am a shia , allhamdullilah for that. I have been arguing with my friend who is sunni, i want proof from Bukhari hadith that shia is the right path , That imam ali is the leader of all Believers ! that abu bakr, Umar and Uthman were kafirs , were traitors of the prophet. and also the speech of Ghadeer Khum. Because every word i say , he doesnt believe , so its got to a point were i just want evidence and proof to show him and inshallah Allah will guide him to the right path and turn him shia. So please if anyone can find me any evidence from sunni books, it would be much appreciated. Salamu aliakum
  11. But living in a westernized culture is really hard? especially if your surrounded with girls everyday. How can you keep yourself away? Its an urge , and im sure many thousands of other teenagers do it...Thats what he said
  12. But According to islam it is haraam right ?
  13. I was talking to my friend the other day and we were discussing different topics and then he asked me "is masterbating haraam in islam" i was shocked to see him ask me that but yet again we were talking in general, I kept telling him that it is wrong and forbidden in islam, but he doesnt believe me. So i told him that iw ould post a question on a forum and see the replies and i would show him. So would you please clarify that for him?
  14. To be honest with you i think they are both the same and both of them are non-sense to islam. Their is only one Sect in islam and that is Shiaism ! There might be more sunnis than shias but all these sunnis are brainwashed with ideas that dont even make sense. I used to have alot of Sunni friends but yet when we used to talk about religion all they used to know was what their teacher at mosque had taught them , Non-sense! They do not read no books concerning wahhabisim or sunnism. They have no ideas who Bukhari is . All they know is Abu bakr , Umar and Uthmaan were good people, but the tuth unraveled to them when i showed them evidence and facts that Imam Ali (allahi sallam) was the truth. Any practising sunnis reading this, Do yourself a favour and change , Shiaism is the way, Mohammed (pbuh) is the way , Ali (allyhi al salaam) is the way, Fatima (allyahiyah al salamm) is the way , Hussain (alayhi al-salaam) is the way... Imam Mahdi (ajl Allah farjah) is the way !!!
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