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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well, it is Karzai who is sucking up to the Taliban, and he will do that even more once the Yanks leave.
  2. Blood and guts of it ? Saudi fighters kicked the Commies out of Afghanistan and gave the Russians a bloody nose in Chechnya ( Russian casualties in Chechnya were the highest incurred in any anti-insurgecy operation ever). Also Saudi is cultivating Egypt , Turkey and even India. And don't think the Salafis don't support the Resistance. They rushed to the Bosnians' aid against the Serbs and if u don;t know, one of the regular sources of funding for Hamas is from private individuals in Saudi Arabia. Saudi also supported the PLO in Lebanon in the 80s.
  3. Ben Ali was an ally of Syria wasn't he ? Thats why you're so pissed off ? HA ! Must watch the next month carefully. There'll be demonstrations and rallies every day and night of Ramadan, and mega-rallies on Fridays. Lets see if the regime can last the blessed month.
  4. So why didn't the Abbasid State come down hard on them ? The Abbasid State was offcially "Hanafi" with Mutazali inclinations after all.
  5. Oho !! So Rifaat is a "criminal" ? Is it consistent with your Party's "official line" ? Most Syrians who protest against the regime hate Rifaat with the same intensity. After all, it was Rifaat who was responsible for the mass murder of 30,000 Syrians in Hama in 1982. Rifaat was the old man's right hand. If Rifaat is indeed a criminal (which he is), why doesn't the Government extradite him from the UK and put him on trial ? Anyway, don;t worry, the Government;'s days are numbered, so....
  6. Most people in Saudi are not happy with the present King. They don't have the right to criticise him in the open, but most Saudis consider him an imbecile and a weakling. Most Saudis want a smart, aggressive King who can lead the country on the path of self-sufficiency and out of dependence on USA. Believe me, Saudi foreign policy would now be concentrated on cultivating an extremely close relationship with Egypt and Turkey. These 2 will be used to pressurise the new monsters like Iraq and some elements in Lebanon and counter-balance the so-called "axis of resistance". A new "axis of resis
  7. Nor do you and others of your ilk care about Bahrain, bcoz if I'm not mistaken, you people are opposed to an Islamic Republic in principle, and that is what the Bahraini protestors want. The kids are brainwashed. And who would want to name their kid Basil. You know, the same Basil who was killed by his own father, the great Hafez al Assad !! Their is a curse on the Assad family.Old man Hafez suffered from chronic pulmonary fibrosis and got a heart attack in 1984 at the age of 54. The man died young at 60. He had a daughter named Bushra, who dies in infancy in 1960. Then there was Basil who d
  8. This is what ordinary Syrians have to face on a daily basis - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCC2QMw-NMc these are the "armed Salafist gangs". :dry: Heart warming scenes though :wub: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyvlYY6AEbk
  9. A good question indeed. :mad: No Sunni can ignore the threat posed to the Holy Lands from some entities in the North - Iraq, Syria and some elements in Lebanon. They are acting as proxies for some big power who do not have the welfare of Muslims in thier their mind and want to stir up sectarian hatred. The King should call up the Reserves. We will protect the sanctuary of the Salafiyyah aqeedah with our last pint of our blood.
  10. Marbles, do not forget, that Muslims have become like the modern-day European Jews to the Neo-Nazis of Europe.
  11. Well if one lone far-right crackhead could kill 84 with his Kalashnikov....we know these people are well-trained....ironic that he chose to target the youth wing of a Leftist party....he could have attacked a Mosque or an Islamic Centre.....Muslims should be careful and prepare themselves to confront these far-right hate groups. We must allie ourselves with sensible liberal Europeans and must disown the stupid nutjobs who want Sharia in Europe
  12. More than 100,000 people were bussed in from surrounding towns and villages and all over the Euphrates region and even from Iraq to the rally in Deir ez Zour, so I wouldn't be surprised if the number touched 400,000. If you've noticed, I signed up on 4th May. It was not until 2nd June that I started writing about Syria. Before that, most of my posts were concentrated in the South Asian and Occupied Palestine forums. So does Hezbollah fall into the "ordinary pious Muslim Islamist" category ? Would they also be made scapegoats ?
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