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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I've made up my decision. I quit. Thanks all for having me here. It's a great pleasure to be on ShiaChat though. And from the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry for being rude in ShiaChat ever since the first day I registered for it until today. Thank you again! And do read my profile overview. Thanks! :)

  2. u want more sunni brothers to be back?

    bother i always lived wd sunnis i have only one shia friend. few used to tease me.

    knowing shiism or sunnism does not makes u closer to god. so we shd not argue to convert someone, but we should try to guide them(if we think someone is goin wrong) and pray sincerely for there guidance. so by accepting what our sunni brothers says cannot surely bring us closer to god, we definitely have to be righteous(chaste,humane) first then Allah will definitely listen to sunni brother's prayers and there will be more converts.

    so please dont leave, if its not about time.

    I didn't convert that guy. He was the one who came to me and told me that he's now a Sunni.

  3. And this is supposed to be a good thing? You do realize from our viewpoint such a person has just bought himself a ticket to Hell unless he repents. If your interest in being here is to have Shi`a convert to misguidance, I'd like to show you the door myself.

    So, you believe that all of us (I mean, the Sunnis) will go to Hellfire?

    The fact you'd call that snake an "expert" demonstrates the level of your knowledge.

    He was a good guy.

  4. Yeah, brothers & sisters. We do not consider nawasib our brothers. We consider them the filthiest creatures on earth. Other than that, of course, I ask Allah to forgive all sincere believers & Muslims and those that don't know the truth....That they come come to know it and embrace it insha'Allah.

    Masha Allah. If I were a Shia, I'll ask Allah to guide those people who you call Nawasib to the right Path. And I'll not consider them to be the filthiest creatures on the earth. If I were a Shia, I'll consider them to be misguided and that's it.

  5. Well take a leaf from my book (or thread), I conveyed my honest observations and opinions relating to both sects, even though technically I'm Sunni, yet given my research have since done a bit of a U-turn in regards to the whole succession issue:


    It seemed like a respectable dialogue to me. But then I did concede that Ali r.a was the rightful sucessor. :donno:

    For once, I thought you were a Shiite.

  6. (salam)

    Yeah, Shia/Sunni Dialogue is dying. There are no more Sunnis here except for me and Ayubi786. To tell you the truth, I find it's somehow pointless to be here.

    Firstly, we do listen to each other but we DON'T ACCEPT each others' viewpoints.

    Secondly, people tend to fight rather than discussing and debating nicely.

    Thirdly, after being for 10 months on ShiaChat, there is only one person who told me that he has finally converted to Sunni back after being a Shi'i for a certain time period :cry: (but still, al-hamdu lillah).

    Fourth, I'm about to retire already. Maybe Ayubi786 will take over my place. Or maybe there will be a new Sunni expert like Abdaal (gosh, I miss him).

    What do we have to do to reduce fighting? And to respect each other?

  7. ^^

    It is a form of tabarra...Yes it is part of our teachings. We disassociate ourselves from their enemies. Many of us in our qunoot in our salaat ask Allah to bestow his la'nat upon certain individuals, we may also do so by name.

    Wow, sounds cool!

    We, the Sunnis, have our teaching which we pray to Allah so that Allah will forgive our brothers' and sisters' sins. We also pray to Allah so that Allah will guide our brothers and sisters to the right Path. We don't curse our brothers and sisters who are misguided. :)

  8. (salam)

    yea I apologise for that, I was annoyed because I've heard this so many times...

    There was nothing wrong from 4:36-5:47 - this was all asked with the understanding that he is a proof of God, sent by God, to help and guide humanity - and he does so with Gods permission, and he is not independent of God, and his dua is never rejected. All of this is implied when asking - I can just say "help me" - and I know he can only do so with God's grace. And if you're going to tell me that he can't hear you: http://www.answering...ar/en/chap2.php


    Yeah, sounds rigid. Because we also say Ya Rasulullah madad.

  9. I come every now and then. He's a Sunni Sufi, has videos which praise the Imams (as) but does not accept their imamate nor hates their enemies. May Allah bestow his la'nat on all the enemies of the Prophet (Peace be upon him & his Progeny), Lady Fatimah & the Imams. May he show his wrath upon those who claim to love the Ahlulbayt (as) and at the same time praise their enemies, ameen.

    Is this part of Shia teachings?

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