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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalam Alaikum Brother, If you could give me details of the type of person for marriage that you are looking for then I will try to help you. What age, level of education and does she have to live in Germany? I would definitely marry a Shia as this will affect your childrens upbringing.
  2. With all due respect, but although I encourage my children to take all the good things about the Western soceity we live in, I do NOT want them to take the worst things about this soceity. I'm sure you will agree that encouraging safe sex and all that goes with it has resulted in the U.k having the highest percentage of teenage pregnancies in the world and the resulting broken families, sexual diseases that result from it, etc, etc. I want my children to have a happy life and follow the Islamic principles because this is what will help them to be succesful in every way, InshAllah. I joined this forum to have the Islamic perspective on this issue. Otherwise, there are lots of other forums availble preaching the alternative view. So, I do not know why you are bothering to comment on this forum. . And this goes for all others who do not want to approach this from the Islamic viewpoint! I have started reading Ziyarat Ashura every day and it is working wonders! SubhanAllah!
  3. Salaams, Thank you, that has given me hope. We have basically denied her going out to friends house or any other activity.I went to an all girls school and I think it can be worse there. We, as a community, are always being segregate:, at the mosque, weddings, etc so I think it is not such a bad thing to send her to a mixed school. I have to restrict time with her friends whenever I can.
  4. Thank you, sound advice. It is her friends around her that I don't trust.
  5. Jazak Allah for all your answers . I know they provoked a bit of banter but I know the advice was sincere. Alhamdulillah, she has not done anything sinful, except refusing to wear hijab and shouting at parents, but I am afraid for her future. I feel forcing hijab on her is the wrong approach, they will only take it off the moment you are not there. I think a silent example is the best approach and dua. It is not possible to move house due to my husband's job.Do you think these problems are less in an area where there are more Muslims present.? My daughter is very sociable so I feel it's more about peer pressure and fitting in rather than a genuine desire to have a boyfriend. She is an intelligent girl and needs our duas. I wish there were some more activities out there for our youngsters to socialise together, rather than just at the mosque or family /friends gatherings. Has anyone got suggestions on that front?
  6. Salaams, I wonder if anyone can give me advice, especially the youth out there. I have a 14 year old daughter who is becoming increasingly rebellious against my husband and I. We live in England in an affluent area where there are relatively few Muslims. My husband and I are both brought up in England and are well educated, practising Muslims. My daughter has been attending madressa weekly since the age of 4 years. She refuses to wear the hijab, so I do not force her. She goes to a mixed school. All her friends there are non-Muslims. She always wants to go to their homes, which I let her in the past.. I let her go to our local shopping centre with her girl friends, and she was spotted by a friend of mine socialising in a cafe with a group of girls and boys. Although, I know we should be gentle and calm with our children, I felt let down by her as I trusted her. She says she does not have a boyfriend but i am unsure. She is often rude and says she does not necessarily believe in all that we believe in. I have tried to bring her up as a good Muslim, regularly attending religious gatherings but now she does not want to say her salaat anymore. Please give me some advice.
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