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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam Alaykum I have have quite a while been thinking of Imam Mahdi (a.s) appearance,first how will we recognise the real Imam,what about Dajjal,who is he? is he leaving, is he in ghabah?
  2. Allah might be all-powerful,but in Philosophical way,you cannot prove negative,in other words the Universe, with all it's mind boggling wastefulness,and complexity,can easily pop into existence without violating the known rule's of the Universe,If a god will be the answer to all our question,will you be satisfied, If a tree grow's,and you do not know how or what process does it take to grow a tree,and so if a person replies,that it is Allah that does it will you be satisfied? Allah left no clear evidence for his existence,we have no certain existence of Allah,and so Adam etc etc etc... It is one book,i.e the Qur'an that we know will answer our problem's,but how? how can a book be answer to thousand's of written chapter's through out history of our existence? I am sorry to post,this topic for any person of faith,I do not have any desire to offend and teaching's of Allah and Pr. Muhammad nor his family,But! here are some problem's or better to say mistake's that I found in the Qur'an,I very much hope you can sort it our, First let me start with Question's, If Allah wanted Ali to be the substitute after Muhammad, why did he fail in his plan? Why do some of you slice children's foreheads with a blade on Ashura? Isn't this child abuse? Now back to Qur'an Mistake's (sorry to say) I found this image online titled as:" Taken from Zekeriya Kazvinî's "Acaib-ül Mahlûkat" (The Wonders of Creation). Translated into Turkish from Arabic. Istanbul: ca. 1553. This map depicts "a traditional Islamic projection of the world as a flat disk surrounded by the sundering seas which are restrained by the encircling mountains of Qaf". I I say,better read this article for reference and a good link to debate on click here to get going there for mistake in the quran
  3. If Allah is so powerful,why did it take 5 million year's to turn into Human's? Why did the Earth be created in 6 period's? Ponder on my question!
  4. What was your question?

  5. Human became apes?,That's what your giving is authority,but what proof does Allah have to show this statement and prove it? The whole Qur'an is based on faith,isn't it?There are no fossil's that are going from Human to apes,but instead from apes to human.
  6. Your losing your Imaan because of authority,you have believed in authority 'without any observation'.You saw your father go to mosque,do matam and so you did,and because of so emotional nauha's you couldn't stop your self believing in that which is not proved,but you don't want to lose your imaan go listen to some emotional nauha,and if you want to know the truth here are some question's that I have asked.Shia sunni wahabi will keep fighting on authority,but what;s the truth? If someone wrote 1000 year's ago,that a + b = c ,does that mean he was god, because he knew-ed the alphabet? NO! because he just wrote what he thought,and so goes to Qur'an and Nahjul Balagha and may Islamic book's,those are all based on authority without any proof.
  7. WSSo would Allah create us to appreciate his beauty or worship? The Qur'an say's worship.Sometime's if you read the Qur'an,you can find the so-called nature of Allah.Eg. Allah get's pleasure from our deed's,Allah get's angry etc.Would that mean Allah is like us?And than it's written after creation Allah raised him upon his throne,where's that? The main question that is making me wonder is what before 14 billion year's? what was Allah doing? the other thing,why is Allah attributed as Male? is it because in the time of Pr. Muhammad.Arab male's were powerful and dominant of female? that's how Allah became male?Can God be thrown out of His own kingdom, If so then what is outside His kindgom..1. Free willIf God is omnipotent and knows what we will do before he created us, how can we have free will?IF he knew,so we have no free will,if he didn't,so...?
  8. Quran implies that God was around prior to the existence of time, the universe and all that we know, he is the creator and always "was" and always will "be" This statement strikes me as extremely flawed for something cannot exist "prior" to the existence of "time". It creates a logical paradox. Time itself is how we measure past, present and future therefore "prior" is a reference that can only be used if time itself exists. In other words; "God existed prior to the existence of something that can make it "prior" he then proceeded to create the thing in which he existed prior to it being created" This mind boggling paradox perplexes me.
  9. ws. That's the main problem,if 1 day for Allah is 1000 year's for us,so what if,that so-called 1000 year's never ever existed?,i.e before the big bang? I have written an article,going to post it below,please do read and reply. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ "God",the word people often use in their every day life,in their pain,in their joy,and so on.,what is the meaning of God? God is a supernatural being who has created everthing that we know,see,hear,feel,smell,even emotion's and thought's,everything mean's everything,so what does this thing have to do with our live's,well simply we pray and he hear's,now let's use logical method to see the nature of "God". If you ask some knowlegeble religious person,that "where did God come from?",He say's he was always there,kind of funny,for a "God" who was always there,according to Scientific researches we come to know that the Universe is 13.7 billion year's old.Before this limited time nothing existed,everything we see in mass,time,speed,light etc. came after the Big Bang.You must be thinking(if you don't know)what's a big bang,well,The Big Bang theory is prevailing cosmological model that explain's the early development of the Universe.According to the big bang theory,the Universe was once in extrmely hot and dense state which expanded rapidly.This rapid expansion cause the young Universe to cool and resulted in it's present continously expanding state,so there was a time,better to say state when there was nothing,and that was "before the Big Bang",So how was there a God who made the Universe in no time?,if time didn't exist before the Big Bang,so how come God create the Universe?.Ok let's say that there was a God,and somehow he/she created the Universe,so here is the other Question that rise,Let's think a man want's to make a hill,he goes to a flat piece of land and start's digging,he dig's and dig's untill he completes a hill,so let us think that the hight of the hill is 20 feet,while he has also made a hill,at the same time he made a hole(ofcourse on the gound),so if we take all the sand that made up the hill and put it back where it came from(ground),so what has the man done?,that's also with the theory of God,if God created everything and then everthing has to perish,what has God done?.I belive that if you look closer to the Universe you can know what's really going on,and the systemitic design of the Universe is easily Understood by Human mind,and then people say that God is not like one of us,Ok,let's say so why is the Universe understandable to Human?,the Earth and the planet's in our solar system orbit the Sun,was that hard to understand?,Ok if God is more that mean's,we exist so what about God?,we live what about God,we feel emotion's,what about God,that simply illogical,that would Easy prove that God is not there where he is suppose to be,so where is he?,simple no where,or everywhere,this thought's are easily understood by Human,so why is God not so complex,God look's like to be a normal person,who feel's the everyday life,this can be understood by everyday people,who know what is what.Maybe God is not like we think,he's not like a human,ok?so that God actully create's but not created,so if God created why did God create the Universe before 13.7 billion year's ago and not before that,did God come to understand it later?,but I thought that God is not like a human,so???,GOT IT,come was maybe completing his college studies,wait a minute,you just said God was not like one of us,so how come he use to study?...See simple inlogical,argument,the thought of even God rises many question which lead's to illogical argument's and answer,where one person of faith can lose his temper.So you simply are wondering that what I mean by my answer and what's the ulitmatly answerable question that can lead us to know that how the Universe come into being. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Long time before,People use to ask,is there really a god? that answer was an example of an artist,that has painted a beautiful Picture,you might not see that artist but seeing the picture explain's you that someone has done this,but now,we have theories in use of Picture,do we still need that artist?,do we worship because we do not want to be isolated?
  10. If Allah is so high,and so great so would he create hell for people who he created with mercy? If He is so high,would he intervene in the concerns of so small or nothing in-front of him,i.e us,human's?
  11. SO,far thank's to the answer{s} that you all gave,I really appreciated,but!The other question is regarding the theory of Human evolution,in Qur'an,Allah say's,that Human became apes and not the other way around,whereas the evolution theory say's that apes became Human's,I have enough proof to say that,apes became Human's,but I am afraid to doubt the Qur'an,How will Allah proof this statement that he has done? Human became apes?
  12. Salaam I would like to ask a question on the idea of a "GOD" Ok,so here I go, For eg. Let's say,I ask you what is 2+2,so of course you must be knowing what is 2+2,and your father must be knowing more than you,so would you run 20 mile's to purchase a calculator to know the answer,or you would reply directly?,and so there it goes,When Allah,knew what would be the action and so-called reaction of creating man,so why would he do that?,If god created us by knowing that what we would do,does that mean that,god created us for his entertainment? Question 2. People,and specially Muslim's,say that Allah is the most merciful,why?, because they don't want to go to hell?,Allah is not angry,neither to emotional,but Allah is only merciful, because of mercy they would go to heaven? Question 3.Why is Qur'an based on Arab tradition,in those time's Arab's (and yet they do) like woman,they loved sex (not offensive) ,that's why Allah created mutah?,that's why 70 or 72 virgin's in the heaven?, Question 4.In Quran Allah say's he created heaven and earth in 6 period's or day's," Surely your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six periods of time, and He is firm in power; He throws the veil of night over the day, which it pursues incessantly; and (He created) the sun and the moon and the stars, made subservient by His command; surely His is the creation and the command; blessed is Allah, the Lord of the worlds." {7:54} what if these 6 period's or days never existed?would he be Able to create thing's without them,would that mean time matter's for Allah?,so what if there is no time? And they ask you to hasten on the punishment, and Allah will by no means fail in His promise, and surely a day with your Lord is as a thousand years of what you number. {22:47} Question 5. By Scientific researches we come to know that the Universe is 13.7 billion year's old,before this limited time nothing existed "NOT EVEN TIME ITSELF",so how come Allah create the Universe in no time?,whereas in the Qur'an Allah say's that time indeed matter's for him?, OK,if Allah created the Universe before 13.7 billion year's ago,and if he was always there,as it's say's that Allah was never born,so what was Allah doing before 13.7 billion year's ago?,Was he preparing hell for people like me,who ask a lot of question,concerning god? That's all I would like to ask :shifty: and yeah!,can you prove that "Allah REALLY EXIST'S ?" Thanks.
  13. Salaam Un Alaykum I found a FB page for Imam Khameini i would like 2 share www.facebook.com/SayedAliKhameini1
  14. Salaam Un Alaykum Dear brothers and sisters,there is a new islamic chat site http://www.aalayali.com/,plz visit and register,for islamic dialogues and more..thank you...
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