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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. A few questions for my intellectual brothers and sisters, Should the creation of a perfect human be the goal of humanity? If flawed creators create flawed creations, how are we flawed if Allah (swt) is perfect? Can we truly attain perfection, or are we just shooting for as close to Allah's (swt) position as possible?
  2. Excellent points and great connections. Do you think you could connect more similarities between the two?
  3. Beautiful thread, agha you have described in very vivid detail many concepts that im sure will open many eyes and help alot of people. Jazakallah for sharing your knowledge and experiences.
  4. Just because some people show sympathy towards the people inflicted with that punishment by answering "no". Doesn't mean they believe its unfair or Allah is being unjust (nauzubillah). They just need a little more understanding as to how and why these punishments are carried out.
  5. Very important and useful thread, jazakallah for the replies
  6. How about.. "Maybe Yasir Habib should stop being so ignorant and look around a little......" We must not allow different viewpoints to overtake our emotions.
  7. Jazakallah for this thread. May Allah reward the givers of knowledge
  8. Jazakallah agha we are all benefiting from your posts. Keep posting for the sake of our future
  9. Ya Allah (swt) send your promised messiah (atfs) to get rid of all these excuses for humans
  10. Inshallah pray us laymen can achieve high statuses in our prayers agha. Shukran.
  11. Inshallah! May Allah swt give us the chance to live to see the day he (atfs) returns. The day so many before us have lived their lives in anticipation for. And may our master include all of us in his army! What an honour that would be... Dua e Imam e Zamana (atfs)
  12. The hereafter (Ma'aad) by Ayatullah dastghaib shirazi
  13. Thank you for this thread. Needed some credible info on the reality of the syrian crisis :P
  14. I dont see a name next to juz 10, however I'll take juz 11 if thats ok?
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