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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam sister

    i am interested in you

    please write me to y_ntmourth@yahoo.com

    you can write in arabic, persian, french or english

  2. excuse me mr bighead, i asked a question. i did not ask you to judge me because you dont know anything about me and if you cant answer peoples questions politely and respectfully, i suggest you save your stupid judgments and keep them to yourself.OK. Do you understand?
  3. i am just wondering....why would a company like google jeopardize its reputation for a couple of dollars paid by subscribers who join it to make money from home?
  4. is it true google pays people to work for it from home? did anyone try it and why would google do that?
  5. the syrian protesters are being accused of being terrorist groups and deprived of their rights to speak their mind and demand reformations. almanar and alalm channels are supporting the syrian president even though they know the regime there is totally corrupt.
  6. you dont understand, do you? i dont mean you should deny Islam or any other faith you have or stop sharing your problems with other members. if you were conservative or jealous you would not find it appropriate for a muslim member to post something sexual. if enjoying the company of another man's wife is not disgusting then i dont know what is. Islam tells us to care about our reputation so i dont like muslim girls to say they have love relationships with guys. a muslim girl should set an example to other girls instead of getting advices on love relationships. anyways, if you are liberal t
  7. I did not say i am a perfect religious shia and i did not mean to insult them. all i said was they did not have to say they were muslims in their profiles because some anti-muslims or anti-shia will use these posts to insult us. the shia are always accused of "loving" the muta so when a muslim man says he enjoys the company of another man's wife, what do you think anti-muslims will say? of course they will blame Islam for the man's behavior. people can post any problem they have, i dont have a problem with that, but i hate it when they say they are muslims in their profiles then they post sexu
  8. (bismillah) (salam) I read some problems written by some members who say they are "muslims", and these problems sometimes are about pre-marital relationships, love feelings for boys, enjoying the company of another man's wife, masturbation, wet dreams or anything related sex. these posts in general are disgusting and offensive to Islam and especially to the Shia Islam. If there are going to talk about their sexual desires or fantasies they should remove the word "Islam" or "Shia" from their profiles. i get really angry when a member posts an immoral problem then he/she says i am a religi
  9. I really want to know what western parents teach their kids regarding morals. i mean when they grow up they drink, do drugs or get involved in sexual relationships., so what did the parents teach them when they were little? why did they become like that?
  10. I personally dont care if he is dead or alive. what matters is that the whole story is fabricated for the sake of obama's popularity and unfortunately some americans believe it.
  11. Barack Obama: photographs of Osama bin Laden's body will not be released My link Because there are not photographs in the first place. my question is how long is obama going to keep looking like a jerk after the bin laden's funny death story and the fabricated pictures?
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