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  1. @IbnSina - so that is what it is called? Tightening Fatwa? Absolutely repulsive and absolutely disgusting if its True. Is this TRUE? No one on planet EARTH or HEAVENS above can justify or defend molestation of a minor baby girl by an adult horny male or penetration of a minor baby girl by an adult horny male or having any kind of sexual contact with a child by an adult horny male or touching the private parts of a minor baby girl by an adult horny male. I mean i am ashamed writing all this. Am i the only one disgusted to my bones by this? I have a baby girl, but don't you have daughters, or sisters or nieces? If none, don't you have some sense of basic AhleBayt (A.S) morality? You really think this teaching is coming from Muhammad and his progeny? I am surprised by your very rigid, Wahhabi type reply? It doesn't matter who said it? What matters is if what was said is the truth or a lie? Is it TRUE?
  2. Probably a lot of us know about Imam Tawhidi - he is extremely controversial and to some very detestable Shia Imam, i have heard a lot of his videos but he finally got me today and i am very shaken at the moment. Without any pre-conceived biases and solely based on the merits of his argument i absolutely agree with him on what he is saying especially about Imam Khomeinis fatwa that he is speaking about. It is even hard to type about Khomenis fatwa being a father myself. If its true - which it seems it is because he is showing the source and all, but again being a father myself, i am completely disgusted and how can i follow such man after i know what he said about little girls? In fact i will go a step higher and say i agree with Imam Tawhidi about EVERYTHING he is saying in this particular case and now i am feeling totally vulnerable. What am i supposed to do about this fatwa that keeps on repeating in my head? - PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO COMPLETELY AND THEN COMMENT, DONT WASTE MY OR YOUR TIME.
  3. Just an observation - This type of rigid, intolerant, harsh, Wahabi style, self deduction, declaring AhleKitab this or that, goes against the teachings of the Holy Quran itself. Simply put, Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى knew the future and HE knows it till the end of the days. He knows it because HE wrote the future. So when Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى declared it halal to marry people of book 1400+ years ago, HE already knew that in 2018 - there will be such claims as there is no difference between idolater and Ahle Kitab, while in the Quran you can marry AhleKitab and eat their food. Our Nabi (PBUT) did that and he was married to Ummul Momineen Maria Qubtia - a Coptic Christian. Can you provide me a reference if she converted to Islam? It doesn't matter who says it but what is declared Halal in Quran is Halal till the end of the days and no one can declare that haram based on their deductions or the time frame of this world that they live in, while what is Haram in Quran is Haram till the end of the days and no one can declare that halal.
  4. Maha - Not sure what your question is?
  5. Thank You Ali, but that is not going to be helpful to me or my children. There are not English dubbed versions of it? Do you or does anyone else know if I can buy it from somewhere in English in form of a DVD etc?
  6. @alidu78 or anyone else. Where can I see the movie or download it? Kindly let me know. I would like my children to see it.
  7. Book 38, Number 4350: Narrated AbuBakr: AbuBarzah said: I was with AbuBakr. He became angry at a man and uttered hot words. I said: Do you permit me, Caliph of the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him), that I cut off his neck? These words of mine removed his anger; he stood and went in. He then sent for me and said: What did you say just now? I said: (I had said:) Permit me that I cut off his neck. He said: Would you do it if I ordered you? I said: Yes. He said: No, I swear by Allah, this is not allowed for any man after Muhammad (peace_be_upon_him). - http://www.usc.edu/org/cmje/religious-texts/hadith/abudawud/038-sat.php
  8. So, i want to perform a social experiment. I want to gather as much ridiculous Wahabi Fatwas as possible that we see online. And trust me i have seen some really out of this world and totally just crazy, crazy fatwas by these Wahabi Thugs. The only condition is that they have to be in video format and if possible with English translations for all of us to enjoy the monkey show. #5291 - Saudi Cleric Ali Al-Malki: West Tampers with Burgers, Whiskey to Induce Birth of Girls among Muslims (Archival) http://www.memritv.org/clip/en/5291.htm - This idiot read an article in China, never mentions the articles name, no source, who wrote it, who translated it, what exactly was mentioned in article but is willing to testify in front of God on day of judgement that since he read it in an article it must be true. I mean i am lost with words to be able to describe the shallowness of the intellect of this man and these are men who declare us Kafir and pray for us in the mosques to die and rot in hell.
  9. Firstly, you are declaring Haram on yourself which Islam doesn't declare Haram on you on your own authority and your reason is children, the rest all comes after you explain to me this very basic concept. Islam declares Ahle Kitab (Christians/Jews) Halal on Muslims, you think marrying a Shia or Sunni is more complicated then marrying a Christian Or a Jew per say? Did Allah not know the complications that can arise but he still allowed it? Ummul Momineen, Maria Qubtia - Maria the Coptic - was a Christian who gave our Nabi his son Ibrahim (A.S). Can you provide any evidence she was converted to Islam? I cant remember the exact Ayah but in Quran Allah Questions as to why you are declaring Haram something that he has not? And he also declres the example of Nabi (PBUT) to be followed as ultimate example. I would like to know you answer first before i go on? All these questions that you have, did Allah not know yet he still allowed marrying out of your religion (Jews/Christians) let alone between the two sects of Islam.
  10. Well, for those of you still on the fence, let me give you another advice from Imam Ali (KAW) and this is not his normal advice but the Last will of Imam Ali (KAW), for all of you who still have their own opinions about a matter that is already been decided by the noble Quran and Imam Ali. .... "Do not talk about things which you do not know. Do not speculate about and pass verdicts on subjects about which you are not in a position to form an opinion and are not called upon to do so. Give up the way where there is a possibility of your going astray. When there is danger on your wandering in the wilderness of ignorance, possibility of losing the sight of the goal which you want to attain and of reaching the end aimed at, then it is better to give up the quest than to advance facing uncertain dangers and unforeseen risks"..... None of us is really in a position to form an opinion because we were not there at Jamal and/or at the Sermone #155; all we have is books written 1300+ years ago and events that happened, and we do not know what exactly Imam Ali meant when he said he grants her, her ORIGINAL RESPECT. Further more Imam Ali (KAW) simply commands you, " Give Up the way where there is a possibility of your going astray ". Source: http://www.al-islam.org/articles/letter-father-son-last-will-ali-ibn-abi-talib
  11. This is really amazing DigitalUmmah. Great work and marvelous analogies. I mean you pretty much nailed it. Look at my signature, In your Part-2 you mentioned Joseph Goebbels technique of Propaganda, specially the underlined portion which is:- “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.” ― Joseph Goebbels so for example, Kafir Kafir Shia Kafir OR Islamic Terrorism etc. etc.Are you an ex-Sunni, am I getting that wrong from your posts?
  12. Exactly my point, all of you who want to treat Umm Ayesha in any other way then what the Quran and AhleBayt (PBUT) teaches us by claiming, ohh but she did this or ooh she did that - do you consider yourselves to be above the Quran and the Imam to decide how she is to be treated once the Quran and Imam Ali has given their verdict? Else, all of you who want to be - well let me put it this way - want to be more Catholic then the pope Or more Palestinian then Palestinians themselves, tell me what exactly does it mean ORIGINAL RESPECT? Imam Alis words not mine. Don't play with words like one of the readers has above in the answers, look deep in you heart and by keeping God as your witness, keeping true to yourself and knowing the character of Imam Ali, tell me what did he mean when he said, give her the original respect and let her sins be taken care by God? To me its sure as death, sounds like Imam Ali is leaving her judgment to God and honoring her completely because of her being wife of Nabi. This was Imam Ali and that was his judgment OR else the terms original respect do not make any sense even if you take a little bit out of her respect.
  13. @ Everyone; For some reason, seems like either the Sermon numbers are jumbled up a couple up and down from Sermon 155 in some of the publications that you are mentioning above, not sure why is that, but I have it as Sermon #155 in two of the sources that I have. Online Source: http://www.duas.org/pdfs/Nahjul-Balagha.pdf Sermon #155, page 549 in the above link. I also have another downloaded version of Nahjul Balagha in PDF format which has this sermon as #155. You Tube Source: - Imam Ali's words on Aisha - S. Kamal Haidari (ENG SUB) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1r-Y8abt_c8 - Imam Ali Sermon 155 Nahjul Balagha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_Ewwot144Y (2:20-2:43) CONCLUSION: Now coming back to original object of this thread, yes I agree with the notion that we can and should debate the history of Islam academically without cursing's, disrespects, insults and I am doing that for no one else but because we follow the Quran and AhleBayt and the Quran and AhleBayt are commanding us to do that. On top of that, she is the wife of our Nabi, the source of all the Imams, we cannot forget that factor and she is Ummul Momineen according to the Quran. You can keep on hashing the term reverence or whatnot similar to some Sunnis who keep on hashing on what the term Mola means, is it master or friends etc but the commands are clear and whether you follow them or not, its up to you.
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