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  1. There is a spectrum among Liberals and Conservatives that runs from Right to Left. Neither category is pure. These East West wars recently involving Christian and Muslim Countries are not in the interest of good Conservative people on either side. They have been sparked by Liberals on each side. Saddam and Bush were both way too Liberal. Look at their lifestyle in each case. Naturally they went to war with each other. But it all starts off by Western Liberals, working with "Muslim" Liberals to degrade the people of Muslim Countries. That is what we must understand. Liberals in Muslim Countries share the same values as Liberals in Western (Christian) Countries. What are those Liberal values? They are drinking, whoring, anti-religion attitudes, drugs, corruption, immorality of all types, and the degrading of the underlying cultures of all civilizations, families, religions, ethnicities, and countries. Among their shared values is a deep disloyalty to their own nation. The art, music, movies, and TV they enjoy reflect all this. But keep in mind there is no perfection anywhere, so we must choose the lesser of evils in each case. What are the Conservative values in all these countries and religions? They are more or less the opposites of the Liberal values. Now these two sets of opposite values can be found in every religion, in every country, and sometimes within every family. This is what the "Culture War" in service to the one God is all about, and it is the only war worth fighting, or giving ones life to. The Muslim-Liberal is the exact mirror image of the Western-Christian Liberal. This is why Bush is not a true Conservative, though he is much more Conservative than the Democrat. This is why It was, and is, counter productive to blow up buildings in America or anywhere else as it kills all kinds of people, both Liberals and Conservatives without any distinction. The best and proper strategy for those who want to preserve and protect the Muslim family, culture, religion, and nation is to join with those who think the same way in the West, and not to consider ALL Westerners, Christians and Jews as enemies, much less go to war with them. Blind violence begets more blind violence. We must see the real enemy as existing right in our own countries, and in all our religions, and in all our communities. Muslims who ape the degenerate, disgusting Western Liberal Lifestyle are not Muslims at all. They are just junk so-called humans. That is all I am saying. Now Liberals, whether they are Muslim or Christian are going to hate what I say, and I understand that, but true Conservative Muslims and true Conservative Christians, and Jews, and Hindus, and Buddhists should understand they are all brothers. The evil Jew is the Liberal Jew and so on. It is a sin for Conservatives of any religion to attack Conservatives of any other religion. Now, maybe I am asking too much of people, and calling on them to use brains they don't have. If so, I'm sorry for expecting too much of people, but I cannot change my views just because people don't understand and accept them. Right here on this board anyone can see the breakdown between those who are Conservative and those who are Liberal. It is real clear. The dirty Liberal Muslims are going to defend in one way or another their dirty liberal buddies in the West. I am speaking about people's secret agendas now. I just want Conservatives to reach across national lines to support each other, that is all. The Liberals of all religions and nations always want to corrupt the youth, and turn the all the young girls into [Edited Out]s and the young boys into sodomites. That is just their dirty values, and they need to be opposed, no matter what religion or nationality they claim to be part of. I didn't say this kind of thing was easy, but I have said it is right, and godly, and good. And finally, Birth Control of any type takes human life, period. Anything, of any sort, that is done to "prevent" a child from being born is taking that child's life, period. Now, once that is said, maybe, I say maybe, in some cases, a case could be made that taking that that innocent life was godly, and with God's approval, and in God's interest, but, it would still be taking life, and that fact is a non-negotiable truth. I never said that every single instance of birth control in the world was wrong. What I said, was that it was taking human life, and has to be justified if done.
  2. Conservatism is the same in every religion, and every nation and culture. It is, Family Values, primarily, and includes opposition to things like modern art, alcohol, and drugs of all sorts, and certainly opposition to Gary marriage and Gay rights. It opposes divorce, and so-called kiddie rights, and interference by government in religion in any way. The family has a right to run its own business without government oversight. And favors privatizing everything possible including education. And it opposes unions generally. These issues are not owned by anyone. Liberals are on the opposite side of all these issues. If the shoe fits, wear it. You need to think and study instead of shouting propaganda. The US Constitution is a winner take all, and has no provision for proportional representation, like Canada has. You need to study instead of talking without doing any education or research.
  3. You twist the word of God. It does NOT say Contraception is OK. You twist God's law for your own selfish purposes and then blame God for your killing of your own children. Shame on you, You will surely go to Hell for that. You also should be executed by criminal law if we had true human justice. No religion on earth sanctions killing babies by contraception. This is strictly a man made evil to satisfy man's blood thirsty, evil, lustful and hateful purposes. God will burn all such, who do not repent, as He should.
  4. Well, now on to the issue of how we create the worldwide Conservative Alliance to oppose the already existing worldwide Liberal alliance. The problem with Osama, is that he never understood that you wage war not against your friends, (Conservatives everywhere) but your enemies, Liberals everywhere including inside Islam and every Islamic country. Drunks are drunks, whether they are so-called Christians, or so called Muslims, or so-called Jews. All drinkers are, by definition, Liberals, as well, as all baby killers, and all who believe in divorce, and all who are anti-family, and all who hate religion, and all who favor Gay Marriage, and Contraception. And you can quote me on this.....
  5. Our Constitution lost it value, what it has lost, because Liberals have intentionally eroded it. The same Liberals you seem to support. I notice you use a Ghetto expression "Bro" which is a mark of ignorance in our society. I have a problem with anyone who addresses me as "Bro" because that usually means the person is going to hit you up for some money with threats, or try to sell you some drugs. In any case it means the person is uneducated and uncivilized. And yes, we do mind "updating some lines to accomodate the changing tides of time." I am not my own obstacle, you may be your own obstacle, but I am not my own obstacle. And I don't need to "free" my mind from any so-called "narrow world outlook. As far as I can tell you offer nothing and contribute nothing to this discussion.
  6. Sorry, but in America there can only be two political parties. It's what the Constitution specifies. All Thirds have been disasters throughout our history, so don't even think of going there. What must happen is to have our "interest" group inside one or both parties, and take one or both over. It is the hard work path to revolution in America, unless the electoral process is disbanded. But, yes that is the case with me. The Status quo is the obstacle that needs to be moved aside. In general the Republican Party is the better choice as it stands now. The key is Conservative Believers having a worldwide alliance. The Liberals are at the throat of ALL religions, and therefore all religions must coalition together to stop them. Freedom of religion allows all religions to compete producing the best product.
  7. I don't believe I said that. You might be confusing me with another poster.
  8. Life is about, you can't have it all. Being a Conservative Religious Believer has its plus sides and its downsides, that is the eternal contradiction of life itself. But, you make some good points, and I want to address them: It is the nature of Conservatism and Religion to care for and "conserve" and when you do that you develop principles that are very firm, because that is what taking responsibility is all about. Therefore, Conservative Religious Believers are actually more pluralistic than Liberal Secularists. Difference being, Liberal "pluralism" is just for show, because Liberal Secularists don't really care about anything other than what feels good at the moment, so they are basically irresponsible. Being foot-loose and fancy free, they can afford to uh-huh everyones vices and proclivities and hence they are very non-judgmental because they don't judge, as they have no values to judge on. Of course, except, they are very judgmental about Conservative Religious Believers, as a general principle, because we are the only ones that have any principles that can attack their heathen ways. Problems arise in organization and contesting with each other. Libs are broadly in agreement with each other all over the world, and so can muster a united front at any moment, whereas Conservatives are very hard to get to come together in any sort of coalition agreement to work together, but when they do, look out, they are ferocious because of the strength of their convictions. There are many things of various sorts that Conservatives and Religious People will die for, so to speak, whereas there is nothing that a Secular Liberal Humanists will die for. Their "principles" are a mile wide and an inch deep of shallow water. It is just the opposite for Conservatives. Understand, these two sides have their strengths and weaknesses which need to well understood by our side in order to deal with them. Which is exactly why I do this thread and such. Conservatives need to be morally armed, trained, disciplined, and intellectually prepared to work around and through their weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths. For these reasons it is all the more important for us to tend to getting ourselves together at every level including internationally and across all barriers. The hardest job is the one that cries out to be done. So, put your shoulder to the wheel and let's do it. I'm at FounnderChurch@Gmail.Com and looking to work on this with anyone who cares... USA near the Capital, which is the center of the earth at this particular time, for good or ill. But, I consider myself a citizen of the earth and beyond, and want to reach out to every sentient being that shares my views. I have laid out here a substantial part of a plan to change world history. People can carp about this plan, but what plan do they have? I have a plan, not infallible plan, but a plan, and there are other components that I haven't gone into. I'm serious about my and our responsibility to God this earth and our and our brothers and sisters. This is serious stuff. Why me? I don't know, but I do know I know what I am talking about and can provide good leadership on these matters. I'm willing to do so. Now it is up to your who read these posts. Read all of the posts, and think about what the whole thread has to say, and then pray as to whether it follows God's Will. If, in your view, it conforms to what God has to say, then let's begin to act on it, and bring others to this cause. I personally need nothing of any material sort, but this cause needs millions if not billions of both money and believers. I have laid out here a substantial part of a plan to change world history. People can carp about this plan, but what plan do they have? I have a plan, not infallible plan, but a plan, and there are other components that I haven't gone into. I'm serious about my and our responsibility to God this earth and our and our brothers and sisters. This is serious stuff. Why me? I don't know, but I do know I know what I am talking about and can provide good leadership on these matters. I'm willing to do so. Now it is up to your who read these posts. Read all of the posts, and think about what the whole thread has to say, and then pray as to whether it follows God's Will. If, in your view, it conforms to what God has to say, then let's begin to act on it, and bring others to this cause. I personally need nothing of any material sort, but this cause needs millions if not billions of both money and believers.
  9. You are absolutely right. And this is why this discussion is so important. While it may seem in the short run that the Left is more friendly to Muslims, in the long run this will not be found to be true. Here is why. Conservatives want to conserve, and conserve their faith and their country. This makes them superficially, more hostile to others unlike themselves. But, let's look at the record. In the beginning in America, Catholics were despised in a bigoted way, and could not even vote or hold office, same for Jews and so forth, but as time has worn on, both groups have come to see that the quick gain is not always the most beneficial in the long run. Thus, Catholics are now the backbone of the Conservative causes, and more than 50 percent of Catholics vote Republican. Jews are now likewise much more conservative every day. Other groups have had similar experiences. Now even Blacks are beginning to tread that same path. This thing is not a slam dunk, and Conservatives do not need everyone to support them, but they do need, and deserve, to have their fair share of any, and every, group. Conservatives do not want Liberal Catholics, or Liberal Jews, or Liberal Muslims to support them. They only want those who are Conservative to support them. Agreed that this is a daunting challenge, but it must be done and I feel will be done. And I believe it is critically necessary. Presently, the situation is so volatile in regard to Islam, that it is imperative that this be put into high gear for a whole host of reasons, mostly as a protection for Islam, but also as a protection for the very ideas of Conservatism. We can discuss all the reasons this path must be followed at the highest level of Islamic authority.
  10. Good and intelligent questions. I will do my best to answer: I come at this subject with a World View, And this is the best start I can make in addressing what you have raised. I might add that everyone on earth has their own World View, which is the basic framework they bring to any discussion of every topic, and the basis for the acts they engage every day. Many people's WV may not be as elaborate as others, but they all still have a WV. Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, Ghadafi, and Obama all have a WV for sure. Though everyone has one, most people, including many in high places, are very reticent about stating what it is publicly. I am not, for I have spent many, many years deciding exactly what mine is. I started out with no more knowledge than anyone else, but after thousands and thousands of hours studying and researching, this is what I have come up with: There is such a thing as Good and Evil, and the world is divided between those who pursue evil and those who pursue good. All of the Holy Books of the entire world state this categorically, and repeatedly. They don't stutter and stammer about it, they forcefully take sides. Now, evil people hate this situation, and deny there is even such a thing as good and evil. It is their greatest fear that they will be evaluated and found to be evil. They walk in constant fear of this. When I looked at history, where all this is put on display, I found it pretty easy to fish out the good from the evil, and found the Holy Books to be spot-on in diagnosing good and evil. Thus, everything I have found to be true, I have found to be echoed in the Holy Books. I was surprised that they all agreed with me. This made it easy for me to be a Believer in God. In short I found no error in the Holy Books. Using that focus, when I looked at the most evil persons, and the most evil regimes, I found them to be very alike. There was little difference between Pharaoh, Herod, Nero, Lenin, Hitler and Stalin. I found them all to be Leftists for one thing. I found that practically all of America's problem in her history were traceable to the influence, ideology and actions of her Democrat Party, composed of what I call, the Liberals. I took a long list of good things, and a long list of bad things, and I found that they neatly fit the two parties of the Right and Left . In short, I found that every nation on earth throughout human history has had essentially these two parties who have fought for control of the nation. These parties are called by different names in different times and climes, but their public policies are remarkably the same across the spectrum. Slavery of all types was always, and is today, a feature of the Left, as well as immorality of every imaginable type. Central Government control is another constant, as well as a hostility to the family, and the authority of the family, and a constant bribery of the people through welfare of one sort and another. The Left has always been hostile to God, and has been consistently hostile to human life at every stage, before conception, after conception, after birth ,and continuing on to old age. Now, this is just a beginning of an examination of what you have raised. I know that. And I have not begun to answer all you might want me to, but it is a beginning. Later...
  11. Nothing is more important than Conservative Muslims becoming active in politics in every nation on earth, including especially, Israel, Europe and the USA. To do this Conservative Muslims must come to understand the political situation in all these countries. This is not a simple project, and what needs to be done will not be easy. Plus each Muslim must come to his, and her, own understanding of this very most important matter. There is, in effect a battle for the heart and soul of Islam going on, where on the one hand Liberals are pretending to be every Muslims best friend, and on the other the Conservatives are not so hypocritical in this regard. Just as Liberals, who enslaved Blacks for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, have worked night and day to convince Blacks that their former enslavers are their best and most loving friends, these same Liberals (Democrats) today are starting up the same con game with regard to Muslims. No way have Liberals ever been the friend of any Conservative Values person, and thus their hypocrisy must be exposed over and over. Muslims must not be fooled, as many Blacks have been, into supporting their worst enemies. This is an extensive argument, and it will take much discussion to bring out all the facts, but it must be started and carried on. I will post new details as this thread goes along, and I ask every Conservative to help add to this.
  12. My conversation with either of you Liberals is at an end. I will discuss nothing further with either of you as you are just making pointless attacks, pettifogging in fact. Bye, Bye. Go back to your Liberal friends, I have nothing further to say to either of you, ever, or to anyone who talks like you.
  13. I presume you read: REREAD THIS I JUST WROTE: "I'm aware that there are shades of gray to be found, and that there are no absolutes, but I'm also aware of the value of generalizations, and the value of sharply defined differences, and the value of understanding the world is composed of good and evil, even if we have trouble sometimes in completely and accurately identifying it." I just posted this above. It states just what you are complaining I do not state. A broken clock is right twice a day, and Liberals for all kinds of reason are right in what they say from time to time, but it is always for the wrong reasons, as they have hearts that do not love anything or anyone. You clearly are a Liberal that is ashamed to say that is what you are, and are using all these sly rhetorical devices to try to attack Conservative thinking. Just admit who you are, make your case, and move on, and stop it with all the "I'm Above the Fray" BS. You are NOT above the fray, but an advocate for a point of view, make it, justify it, and move on, and let others do the same thing. BTW what are your beliefs? Put them out there and let us all take a crack at them.
  14. I just feel you exhibit NO logic whatsoever and are just argumentative for the sake of being argumentative. I don't respond to such unsubstantiated attacks. Sorry! I'm just honestly declaring what side I am on and that I oppose the other side. I'm not ashamed of my side, but am proud of it. I don't pretend a fake objectivity, or a fake impartiality, or a fake even-handedness, I'll leave all that to the Liberals who love such subterfuges in order to try to defend themselves by hiding their true identity, much the way you are doing here. I'm aware that there are shades of gray to be found, and that there are no absolutes, but I'm also aware of the value of generalizations, and the value of sharply defined differences, and the value of understanding the world is composed of good and evil, even if we have trouble sometimes in completely and accurately identifying it.
  15. Your comments are appreciated, but I feel overblown. Here's why: Yes, evil is the same everywhere, simply because it is owned and operated by the devil who is a dictator. God, by comparison, is a tolerant, freedom loving, and freedom dispensing, God. "Whom God set free is free indeed." Adam and Eve were given the freedom to do wrong, and that freedom is at the heart of Conservatism. Thus, Conservatives strongly disagree with each other much more than do Liberals. There are many analogies for this. One is, it takes a lot of hard working carpenters weeks to build a barn, but a Jackass (the emblem of the Democrat party in America) 15 minutes to kick it down. This does not mean that Conservatives cannot, or should not, organize internationally, it just means that it will be difficult to do this, but, not impossible. Of course, Conservatism is not a mindless ideology, it is real people, who care, and who therefore disagree about how they care. Thus they have created many denominations and religions, while Secularism is totally unified, and has no denominations or sects. Yes, you have a point, but your point just shows the very reason we must do this. If something is not hard it is not worth doing. If not us, who? If not now, when? No one is talking here about rapists, except you. You totally mis-characterize my words.
  16. I refuse to be drawn into religious or racial bigotry, and try to not overly identify myself with any group when trying to talk to all groups, such that what I say might be of some value to every person. I am selling nothing but the truth, so help me God. These anti-Muslim bigots would do well to work on their own shortcomings instead looking for scapegoats to blame for their own wrong doing and failures. Typical is the whining Europeans who complain that Muslims are taking over their countries. Well, they need to face the fact that they are so money hungry and selfish that they have literally killed off their own children with various types of birth control to the point they have no one to do their work. Muslims and others move in to serve as low paid workers for them, and they eagerly accept them in that role, but at the same time they want to bitterly complain if these workers build a Mosque or wear a veil. If they don't want others moving to their country to work for them, they need to produce some of their own children to do their work and there would be no jobs for others to come in to do. This is just one example of the massive hypocrisy behind all bigotry.
  17. I DO care what Islam has to say, and all the Holy Books belong to all of us whether we like it or not. There is but one God for all of us, not two or three, or four. But, it is the Secular god of these modern times that is the greatest threat to all of us. Secularism rejects ALL religion, and is a totally godless religion of man's own making. We believers need to stick together against all the heathen Secular unbelievers. Israel is such a threat because it is largely run by Secularists who believe in nothing but money. It is bad enough for some people to be bigoted against just one religion, or one race, Secularists are bigoted toward ALL religions and ALL races , and are the real threat we all face.
  18. Your points are old and customary among those who want to do what they want to do, regardless of consequences either in heaven or on earth. We are talking here about married believer couples, not pubescent boys and/or girls, nor unmarried people, nor old people past reproduction capabilities. Yes, millions of sperm and many eggs die for many reasons, both before fertilization and after fertilization. These are part of the generous plenitude of God's creation. The Holy Book says, "Woe must come unto the world, but woe unto him, (or her) who brings that woe." Motive is everything in dealing with God's commandments. We are talking here about these married couples, or couples of marriageable age, premeditatedly planning and carrying out the intentional destruction of life by effectually killing their own sperm and egg seconds before they can come together to give life to a child. To an unbeliever this is simply taking life, but to a believer it is tantamount to murder. I love children, and the more of them the better. I attack those who would attack children as our most vulnerable humans. The hardest thing a child ever has to do in its whole life is to just get conceived, and once conceived, to get born. After that it is relatively smooth sailing. I love all humanity, such that I brave the wrath of the real haters to try to protect them. Islamic Conservatives must have allies in the West to be able to survive and vice versa. This is a worldwide struggle for the very soul of humanity itself in these last days. It is the final battle, and it must be fought on a worldwide scale with every asset possible. Anyone who is a Conservative should be sought as an ally. Therefore, religious bigotry of any sort works against this grand coalition on the side of God. I only hate the haters.
  19. Thanks for the welcome... You mention Birth Control, and that is significant. Note: As to Birth Control, it is very significant. Certainly it is contrary to nature, and it is certainly taking lives that would otherwise come into existence, and it is certainly motivated by the killer desire to stop that life from living, and certainly it seems to have no good justification, except perhaps in a few isolated cases like using it to prevent disease. Finally, it is clearly a premeditated attack on a life, and even worse, the very life that is the individual’s own flesh and blood. Overpopulation is a whole different matter, if there is even such a thing. If any society, religious or not, decides at some point that there are too many people in its area of control, and decides that some life must go, then that is for the larger community to decide, not some "Lone Ranger" individual to decide. Societies of any type can easily control the amount of life that exists within its jurisdiction when, and how, and if, it wishes. But for some egoistic irresponsible individual to unilaterally decide to kill off all, or some, of his or her children, well that is un-Godly, and must be the ego trip of all ego trips. The power to take human life is a serious one, with grave consequences. To take the lives of our own children just for our selfish convenience has to be a crime of gigantic proportion. All believers should study this matter above all others to find the perfect will of God, and do it. Realize that Birth Control comes in dozens of formats, such as, late marriage, abstinence, sterilization, pills, devices and dozens of other methods and tactics, all in order to frustrate and destroy aspiring life. God is not pleased and killed a man named Onan in Genesis 38 of the Christian Bible, for "casting his seed upon the ground." One of the main reasons God forbids Sodomy is that it, in effect, takes human life.
  20. Conservative v. Liberal In History This topic is not well understood by either Muslims, Christians and/or other groups, yet it is the most defining fundamental affecting everyone's lives, in every nation and religion. The reason it is not well understood is that evil people (Liberals) in all groups want to suppress this sort of understanding. This delineation divides every group, even businesses, because it is endemic to the human nature placed in us by the Creator. In computer terms, it is the software installed in our brain at our inception. Liberals hate the general understanding of this distinction because it exposes them for what they are. Thus, they want to confuse this issue in order to stay under-cover so to speak. Now that doesn't mean all "Conservatives are good, but it does mean they proceed from a good spot or space, and are generally repentant when they do wrong. Whereas Liberals are conspicuous for not repenting their wrong conduct. Of course this is speaking generally, and there are shades of gray and exceptions all around. But this general outline is pretty well known once good people are reminded of it. Conservatives throughout history, in all religions, favor family, structure of authority, faith in God, respect for marriage, respect for the holy books, and a belief all should follow their teachings. They will also tend to be in favor of the male as the head of household having authority over those in the family. They will oppose using all kinds of intoxicants, drugs, alcohol and other such. They will oppose sexual immorality. They will favor lots of children, and thus oppose abortion and birth control. They will be opposed to wars of aggression, and the subjugation of other peoples. This is only a very partial list, and the way each person interprets these matters will vary, plus we should have a degree of toleration for those who think differently than ourselves. However, every person and every religion and group of any sort has the duty and responsibility to defend itself, even when that means curtailing some of the freedoms of that group to do so. Islamic Conservatives today are threatened by the same Liberals that threaten Conservatives in the West, and this must be understood by everyone on all sides, especially in this shrinking world where we are a neighbor to everyone on earth in some sense. We Conservatives need to reach out to those worldwide who share our basic values, just as the Liberals already do. If we fail to universalize our values, and reach out to our natural allies across the globe, we become weak and unable to defend ourselves effectively where we are. Thus Conservatives of all religions must work together in self-defense of their commonly held values, by recognizing that our greatest enemy is the enemy within our own ranks. As to violence, which is a "burning" issue now: We must oppose it as a general principle, but also realize that ALL groups practice it, and that ALL groups have their bigots and their Liberals bedeviling them. Blowing up building containing innocents is not the best way to find coalition partners for any group. The main problem in Islam, as in the West, is the pervasive constant attack from aggressive Liberals against the values of Conservatives. Now this understanding is not simple to implement, and there are lots of things not dealt with in this topic post, but it is a beginning of a beginning. In war, it is said, the first casualty is truth, which is why war is to be avoided if possible, because the biggest enemy of every Conservative is inside this own country and his own house of worship. Therefore, going into someone else's country and attacking its people is not the best approach to winning in the long run.
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