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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. There is a spectrum among Liberals and Conservatives that runs from Right to Left. Neither category is pure. These East West wars recently involving Christian and Muslim Countries are not in the interest of good Conservative people on either side. They have been sparked by Liberals on each side. Saddam and Bush were both way too Liberal. Look at their lifestyle in each case. Naturally they went to war with each other. But it all starts off by Western Liberals, working with "Muslim" Liberals to degrade the people of Muslim Countries. That is what we must understand. Liberals in Muslim Count
  2. Conservatism is the same in every religion, and every nation and culture. It is, Family Values, primarily, and includes opposition to things like modern art, alcohol, and drugs of all sorts, and certainly opposition to Gary marriage and Gay rights. It opposes divorce, and so-called kiddie rights, and interference by government in religion in any way. The family has a right to run its own business without government oversight. And favors privatizing everything possible including education. And it opposes unions generally. These issues are not owned by anyone. Liberals are on the opposite side
  3. You twist the word of God. It does NOT say Contraception is OK. You twist God's law for your own selfish purposes and then blame God for your killing of your own children. Shame on you, You will surely go to Hell for that. You also should be executed by criminal law if we had true human justice. No religion on earth sanctions killing babies by contraception. This is strictly a man made evil to satisfy man's blood thirsty, evil, lustful and hateful purposes. God will burn all such, who do not repent, as He should.
  4. Well, now on to the issue of how we create the worldwide Conservative Alliance to oppose the already existing worldwide Liberal alliance. The problem with Osama, is that he never understood that you wage war not against your friends, (Conservatives everywhere) but your enemies, Liberals everywhere including inside Islam and every Islamic country. Drunks are drunks, whether they are so-called Christians, or so called Muslims, or so-called Jews. All drinkers are, by definition, Liberals, as well, as all baby killers, and all who believe in divorce, and all who are anti-family, and all who hate
  5. Our Constitution lost it value, what it has lost, because Liberals have intentionally eroded it. The same Liberals you seem to support. I notice you use a Ghetto expression "Bro" which is a mark of ignorance in our society. I have a problem with anyone who addresses me as "Bro" because that usually means the person is going to hit you up for some money with threats, or try to sell you some drugs. In any case it means the person is uneducated and uncivilized. And yes, we do mind "updating some lines to accomodate the changing tides of time." I am not my own obstacle, you may be your own obsta
  6. Sorry, but in America there can only be two political parties. It's what the Constitution specifies. All Thirds have been disasters throughout our history, so don't even think of going there. What must happen is to have our "interest" group inside one or both parties, and take one or both over. It is the hard work path to revolution in America, unless the electoral process is disbanded. But, yes that is the case with me. The Status quo is the obstacle that needs to be moved aside. In general the Republican Party is the better choice as it stands now. The key is Conservative Believers having a
  7. I don't believe I said that. You might be confusing me with another poster.
  8. Life is about, you can't have it all. Being a Conservative Religious Believer has its plus sides and its downsides, that is the eternal contradiction of life itself. But, you make some good points, and I want to address them: It is the nature of Conservatism and Religion to care for and "conserve" and when you do that you develop principles that are very firm, because that is what taking responsibility is all about. Therefore, Conservative Religious Believers are actually more pluralistic than Liberal Secularists. Difference being, Liberal "pluralism" is just for show, because Liberal Secular
  9. You are absolutely right. And this is why this discussion is so important. While it may seem in the short run that the Left is more friendly to Muslims, in the long run this will not be found to be true. Here is why. Conservatives want to conserve, and conserve their faith and their country. This makes them superficially, more hostile to others unlike themselves. But, let's look at the record. In the beginning in America, Catholics were despised in a bigoted way, and could not even vote or hold office, same for Jews and so forth, but as time has worn on, both groups have come to see that th
  10. Good and intelligent questions. I will do my best to answer: I come at this subject with a World View, And this is the best start I can make in addressing what you have raised. I might add that everyone on earth has their own World View, which is the basic framework they bring to any discussion of every topic, and the basis for the acts they engage every day. Many people's WV may not be as elaborate as others, but they all still have a WV. Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, Ghadafi, and Obama all have a WV for sure. Though everyone has one, most people, including many in high places, are very retice
  11. Nothing is more important than Conservative Muslims becoming active in politics in every nation on earth, including especially, Israel, Europe and the USA. To do this Conservative Muslims must come to understand the political situation in all these countries. This is not a simple project, and what needs to be done will not be easy. Plus each Muslim must come to his, and her, own understanding of this very most important matter. There is, in effect a battle for the heart and soul of Islam going on, where on the one hand Liberals are pretending to be every Muslims best friend, and on the oth
  12. My conversation with either of you Liberals is at an end. I will discuss nothing further with either of you as you are just making pointless attacks, pettifogging in fact. Bye, Bye. Go back to your Liberal friends, I have nothing further to say to either of you, ever, or to anyone who talks like you.
  13. I presume you read: REREAD THIS I JUST WROTE: "I'm aware that there are shades of gray to be found, and that there are no absolutes, but I'm also aware of the value of generalizations, and the value of sharply defined differences, and the value of understanding the world is composed of good and evil, even if we have trouble sometimes in completely and accurately identifying it." I just posted this above. It states just what you are complaining I do not state. A broken clock is right twice a day, and Liberals for all kinds of reason are right in what they say from time to time, but it is alwa
  14. I just feel you exhibit NO logic whatsoever and are just argumentative for the sake of being argumentative. I don't respond to such unsubstantiated attacks. Sorry! I'm just honestly declaring what side I am on and that I oppose the other side. I'm not ashamed of my side, but am proud of it. I don't pretend a fake objectivity, or a fake impartiality, or a fake even-handedness, I'll leave all that to the Liberals who love such subterfuges in order to try to defend themselves by hiding their true identity, much the way you are doing here. I'm aware that there are shades of gray to be found, a
  15. Your comments are appreciated, but I feel overblown. Here's why: Yes, evil is the same everywhere, simply because it is owned and operated by the devil who is a dictator. God, by comparison, is a tolerant, freedom loving, and freedom dispensing, God. "Whom God set free is free indeed." Adam and Eve were given the freedom to do wrong, and that freedom is at the heart of Conservatism. Thus, Conservatives strongly disagree with each other much more than do Liberals. There are many analogies for this. One is, it takes a lot of hard working carpenters weeks to build a barn, but a Jackass (the emb
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