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  1. (salam) Is there any shias in Guelph Ontario? Seriously I have been looking for 4 months now and I can't seem to find one :( If anyone knows Shias in Guelph Ontario or living there, please contact me :D (wasalam)
  2. From what I read, Ans Ibn Harith Al Asadi, and Burayr Ibn Khodayr Al Hamadani were also companions, and really old men at that.
  3. honestly the purpose of the movie was accomplished with the death of US ambassador, which was provoking the violent image of muslims in non muslim minds. Funny thing was it was done right after September 11th to make people remember the 9/11 and the remind them that muslims were radicals and extremists. Although i can say the reaction from muslims regarding this movie was horrible beyond belief, from tunsia people screaming "obama, we all are osamas" and to libya killing of ambassador. Sadly we muslims fell in the plan of the enemy to show poor image of islam and promote the propaganda that all muslims are violent creatures.
  4. then if you dont know, why do u assume that he didnt? Accusing sumone of being a kaffir is a great sin! Also brotha power already posted the hadeeth that shows he did say Allah is one :)
  5. truth1234 do u mean black as in black these days or black color in the past of arab
  6. usual emotional rant, just read the bold part. Everyone please dont bother even debating this guy who does not know even history. Saying is one thing, and doing is the another, we all can claim we can do this and that and once it comes to it we all cant do it.
  7. mashallah bro beautiful story it gives us all a lesson: that knowledge is the power to unite people or atleast create a better understanding among people. As a wise person said once: Knowledge is knowing that we cannot know. Ralph Waldo Emerson
  8. attack on olympics already started? http://www.thestar.com/news/world/article/1236358--spain-arrests-three-al-qaeda-suspects-thought-to-be-plotting-attacks-in-spain-europe
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