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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Alaikum. I was banned for 2 weeks when I made a post about Niqab in the main forums. There many said things like "Its their choice", and "Niqab doesn't stop their contributing to society", etc. But I want to ask you what YOU think about it? Do you think niqab is a voluntary choice made by a woman? Do you believe that without external pressure any woman would choose to wear it? Another said that the women of the Ahlulbayt (as) used to wear it. Do you think, if the men of the Ahlulbayt (as) hypothetically wore niqabs then Muslim men today would wear it and promote it? Or do you think they would find various excuses like "Its recommended not to wear it in this age" or "It was there for a specific time"? Do you also think that the niqab does not affect the health of women wearing it, and also the social participation of the women?
  2. Yes! Tight jeans and Tight T-shirts! Because in that case at least they would watch their health, exercise and also encourage their girls to do the same! Sarcasm aside, all this talk about objectification of women in the West is total [Edited Out]. I mean, when did we ever see a niqabi become a top (or even a middling) intellectual or other meaningful and productive individual? Many Muslims quickly retort with the "I covered my body not my brains" canard but since when did niqabis stand out in any educational/intellectual/cultural field? Never! They have no achiement, nothing!
  3. Niqab! Its so ugly! I walk along the streets of Dhaka, I see these fat, dumpy, unhealthy women waddling along wearing this ridiculous costume! I now also see little girls - 8 or 9 years old maybe - also wearing this ridiculous thing, walking alongside their waddling mothers, fully draped in black, like some alien monster! Where did this practice come from? Is it really in Islam? Where is the evidence? Did the Prophet (saaw) command women to dress is this ridiculous fashion? Did women in during the Prophet's time wear this thing? Did the Prophet(saaw) command women to stay shut up in their houses and not come out, like these women do? Did not men and women pray together at the mosque during the Prophet(saaw)'s time? I remember reading something to that effect when I was Sunni, in Bukhari. For Allah's sake dear brothers and sisters let us get rid of this ridiculous thing!
  4. With this attack, if someone said that Muslims were destroying Europe, could anyone honestly deny it? I am soooo ashamed at this attack and all the other attacks happening one after another. First it was the Boko Haram kidnapping the girls, then ISIS and beheadings and rape, then the mass killing of children in Peshawar, then this - I just ask myself - when will it end? After I was born what news I remember on TV was chechens taking hostages in a Moscow theater, then I remember Phillipines millitants taking hostages, then came 9/11 and then Madrid, London, one after another, one after another. Even though I am Shia, it still makes me cringe inside when I see these attacks taking place under the garb of Islam. I eagerly look forward to my "expiry date" sometime around 2060 when I finally will be able to rest in peace without news every few weeks about another horrible atrocity committed in the name and garb of Islam.
  5. Ha Ha Ha, this coming from a so-called "Pro-Resistance", "Follower of Ahlulbayt(as)"! Very nice to see the open hypocrisy. All talk about "resisting oppression", and "always supporting the oppressed", scream about oppression until their throats go sore, but all the while hypocrisy and hate inside their hearts. Its sad to see the extent to which this forum has degenerated.
  6. In another thread, ladies and gentlemen, you will find the subject being debated "Why is the Islamic world so backward compared to the West". Well, in this quote you will find the answer. It is because of such shameless, disloyal traitor-monafiqeen as the poster above for which the Islamic world has always been divided into fighting amongst ourselves, with the monafiqeen being more loyal to foreigners and outsiders and worshipping them that the Islamic world is so backwards. You would NEVER find a single Westerner justifying attacks on themselves by a foreigner, which is why they are developed and advanced. However, sadly, the same cannot be said for Muslims, who are cursed with a large population of monafiqeen amongs out midst, because of which we are undeveloped and backward, a section of people calling themselves "Muslims" who would stab other Muslims in the back rather than contribute anything positive to the Ummah.
  7. Arrest and hanging is better than shooting on sight.
  8. Sorry if my behaviour had anything to contribute to his leaving, but his one-sided support of every pro-Western element sometimes led to my arguing with him. I often argue with other guys too so I do not see why he had to leave just because of some heated arguments.
  9. Please! There ought to be a limit to talking out of your ***! Firstly, we will see Islamists win a overwhelming victory next elections, if there is one. And if there is not, massive violence ending in a Islamist government. So you needn't worry about that. Secondly, rather than give me advice you ought to go and enlighten your fellow Afghanis with your enlightened knowledge. After all, it is you who have destroyed your own country, not us. So please stick your advice to your own people and don't try to talk down to me. It was the "fear of Islamists" and fear of Taliban which allowed the present secularist government to get into power and carry out their endless massacres, repression of the media and torture of all opposition activists, who are not necessarily Islamists. In 2009 57 Army officers were massacred and the secularists celebrated the event and largely blamed the Army for it. There was another massacre on 28 February, and the latest one on 5 May. In each event secularists are hard at work trying to blame the victims or denying the events. I don't even know what point you are trying to make in your post, disorganized and untidy as it is, full of vague accusations and ad hominem attacks, which is only to be expected from a half educated yokel like you, but the fact remains that secularists have been responsible for the worst atrocities the country has seen to date, and the fact is that Islamists ran the country a thousand times better, and will soon be in power. My only regret is the thousands of lives taken by these animals, and the sick ideology called secularism which allowed them to get into power.
  10. There is a very apt saying that is making the rounds recently in Bangladesh, which sums up the situation very nicely: "In being afraid of Bangladesh turning into Afghanistan we have turned it into Gujrat" Its ridiculous to be told by an Afghan (half-civilized tribals who destroyed their country and sold their souls to entire classes of foreigners) about governance, but my advice is that if you hate Islamic system so much then you should just announce your apostasy and leave off pretending to be a Muslim, a pretence that I do not know why you keep up on this site. Since Islamist parties are so bad, and secularists so good, there must be a problem with Islam? And since you belive it so, you should not keep up the hard work trying to keep up the pretense of your being Muslim. As I predicted, there are people defending the massacre of unarmed protestors just because it was carried out by secularists. It doesn't surprise me. Secularism is so great because it protects the human rights of everyone, that they must defend it when it massacres thousands, "in order to protect their human rights'. I guess you also miss Saddam and want him back, because he was a secularist. I can see what the Quran says about those having eyes but being blind, and having ears but being deaf.
  11. MK - I am ready to accept what you say - but in that case nobody has a right to make sweeping statements (like for example Marbles usually does) that an Islamic state would not preserve the rights of the people, that it would be backward, and that a secular government would give everyone equal rights and ensure development.
  12. Well, you should know the whole story first - The people killed had no relation with Jamat-e-Islami, whose activists were also killed. You are mixing up the 2 massacres. Which is understandable because we usually expect massacres to be so rare that they are not usually confused. Secondly, about the trial - http://www.humanrigh...RC-STM-052-2013 There have been 4 Massacres total under this present Secularist Government. The one above is about Massacre #3. The one which happened on 5th May is Massacre No 4. About that, you can read:
  13. More pictures of the massacre here: http://chairmanbd.blogspot.co.uk/ Sadly there are many on this forum who will cheer about the murder of hundreds of peaceful demonstrators, and those who cheer will be the same ones who usually describe themselves as believing in "human rights" and "secularism". This massacre proves once and for all that Secularism has no human rights, no equal treatment for Muslims.
  14. Their doctrine sounds 100% Salafi.
  15. Unfortunately it seems that you have been duped.
  16. This is the same thing that these animals will do to Sayyida Zainab's shrine if they are given a chance.
  17. http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-Ereader-ebook-reader/dp/B007HCCNJU It can read PDF's, and costs $69
  18. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/10/world/asia/killing-of-bangladesh-labor-leader-spotlights-grievances-of-workers.html?pagewanted=all The real solution is not petitions, the real solution is to hang the terrorists of the Awami League terrorist organization. As you can see, it is not just building collapses, they also kill the union leaders.
  19. Oh really? The "majority of people" in Bangladesh are currently as of now campaigning for the HANGING of those who were camping out demanding the hanging of those Muslim Brotherhood leaders, as they turned out the be atheist, anti-Islamic activists and diehard blasphemers. On the 6th April they held the largest gathering in living memory in Bangladesh and will soon be blockading Dhaka beginning on 5 May. Your "majority" is now on the run, trying to cover their exposed Islamophobic bottoms, and will be too busy trying to save their neck to demand anybody's hanging. As for "justice" you obviously do not care a single bit about justice because if you bothered to read up about the trials you will find them to be the most laughably ridiculous charges and ridiculous court that has ever called itself a court of justice. This kangaroo tribunal has been condemned by every human rights organization, as well as those who personally fought against the accused in the civil war. Yet from which source do you get the courage to try to play the human-rights defender here? You do not care about real justice, you just want the Islamist leaders to be hanged by the atheist, communist government of Bangladesh, because you hate Sunnis very much. Admit it! Don't pretend to be innocent! Any lame excuse they come up with you gobble up with extreme keenness, no matter how absurd their reasonings are or how feeble their evidence is. You are not a Shia, you are the eager supporter of the WORST of oppressors, you are a friend and eager ally of atheists, communists, and zionist oppressors and torturers. As long as your preferred enemy (Muslim Brotherhood) is murdered you will eagerly support it and dance and sing about it and celebrate when they are killed or tortured. In reality there is no difference between you and Mousa who is actively supporting the execution of Ayatollah Nimr. You may pray differently to him, but in the end you and he are of the same religion, that religion of supporting the oppressors to kill their opponents, just because the opponent is of the opposite religious sect. No doubt, the concept of speaking up against injustice, even if the victim belongs to the opposite sect, hasn't entered your brain yet, let alone the concept of opposing the oppressors. I will attack anyone who supports a tyrant and dictator, as you are doing here. This [Edited Out] atheist government has killed thousands of opponents, tortured thousands, taken out the eyes of people, tortured girls, beats up any man they find with a beard, attacked mosques, burned Qurans, and closed down every opposition newspaper and TV station there is, I HAVE TO LIVE UNDER THIS [Edited Out] GOVERNMENT so how dare you support it and speak up for it? If you like it so much I'd like to see you live under it. And it is none of your business to try to defend and speak up for a Oppressor government in my country, under whom I have to live and who might kill me one day as they have killed thousands of others like me, for no reason at all. My contribution was very relevant, that is how the coming execution of Ayatollah Nimr can be effectively stopped, as the execution of the innocent Islamic clerics of Bangladesh have been stopped, even if it disappointed you that you could not get to satisfy your blood-lust to see them hanged.
  20. Oh, and you, a person who has never set foot in Bangladesh, know better than the 200+ people who have been murdered by the secularists, that the accused are guilty? So Bangladeshis are stupid animals according to you? That we do not have any brains or are lesser than Arabs, no doubt? That more than 200 of us are killed for supporting criminals? For all of your zionist slanders against the Bangladeshi Islamists, taken from zionist sources, the fact remains that Bangladeshis have successfully managed to stop the flawed kangaroo court and ALL you guys can manage is to whine and complain about how hard you've got it, and will not be able to do the same in this case. You Arabs do not have 1% of the courage of Bengalis, and will NEVER manage to do what they have managed to do. You will only whine, complain, cut off each other's heads, and move from dictator to dictator while accomplishing nothing, always whining about oppression in your own countries while supporting oppression in other countries. You simply do not understand the concept of supporting the oppressed, even if they are the opposite religion or sect as your own. Due to this failing you have never managed to get any rights or establish any just government, and for the forseeable future will never be able to. Well, how can you? Because you cannot support the murder of Islamic leaders in Bangladesh and yet hope to stop it in Saudi Arabia.
  21. All of the things you have described seem to be applicable for Wahhabi Muslims - they are based in Saudi Arabia, funded by their king and their actions can often be seen on TV constantly throughout the year. We - those who follow the Prophet's Household (Ahlulbayt) are diametrically opposed to Wahhabi Islam.
  22. This reminds me of an ongoing similar case in Bangladesh where the secularist government has sentenced to death the leading Sunni Islamic cleric of Bangladesh. The same day they announced the verdict the entire nation rose up as one against the government, more than 100 were shot dead on that very day, and more than 200 upto today. It was very sad, women were killed, men were killed, and schoolchildren too, all of whom rose up as one against the verdict. However, the process has resulted in the nation being divided and the trial process losing all credibility. Nowadays the government is in a horrible position. A few days ago 20 of the ruling party's terrorists were beaten to death in a village when they tried a "show of strength". Nowadays the police just cannot go to arrest anyone, as entire villages come out and surround them. Basically the government has lost the ability to rule. And all of it has been done without the use of guns or bombs. There is only one way to save Ayatollah Nimr, that is if all the Saudi Shia rise up against this trial in unison, and foreign Shia as well. Maybe waves after waves of protestors need to get killed, before the trial process loses all credibility in a similar way. That is the only surefire way to stop this kangaroo court. I know how hard it is for the Shia minority of Saudi, but the main thing is to have enough courage to get killed.
  23. If it was Al Qaeda I would have expected them to have claimed responsibility by now. It is not likely to be ALQ right now because all the world's Sunnis and Wahhabis are fixated on Syria, and carrying out an attack on the US will cause them to stop aiding the FSA. ALQ is now fixated on killing those "Shia kaffirs".
  24. That's too bad as Muslim women then tend to to start their "inflation process" soon after marriage and first child, and continue for a long time. Thankfully the trend nowadays seems to be for religious Muslim girls to be thin as a stick. This will leave more time for the inflation process, so that it takes longer until she gets inflated like a balloon. But Muslims should make it a part of their lives to excercise to avoid overweightedness and obesity. I myself do walk quickly up to the top story of my house from the ground floor (5 stories), 3 to 5 times a day. Before that I used to go swimming but they raised the entrance fee and it has become unjustifiably expensive.
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