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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Alaikum. I was banned for 2 weeks when I made a post about Niqab in the main forums. There many said things like "Its their choice", and "Niqab doesn't stop their contributing to society", etc. But I want to ask you what YOU think about it? Do you think niqab is a voluntary choice made by a woman? Do you believe that without external pressure any woman would choose to wear it? Another said that the women of the Ahlulbayt (as) used to wear it. Do you think, if the men of the Ahlulbayt (as) hypothetically wore niqabs then Muslim men today would wear it and promote it? Or do you th
  2. Yes! Tight jeans and Tight T-shirts! Because in that case at least they would watch their health, exercise and also encourage their girls to do the same! Sarcasm aside, all this talk about objectification of women in the West is total [Edited Out]. I mean, when did we ever see a niqabi become a top (or even a middling) intellectual or other meaningful and productive individual? Many Muslims quickly retort with the "I covered my body not my brains" canard but since when did niqabis stand out in any educational/intellectual/cultural field? Never! They have no achiement, nothing!
  3. Niqab! Its so ugly! I walk along the streets of Dhaka, I see these fat, dumpy, unhealthy women waddling along wearing this ridiculous costume! I now also see little girls - 8 or 9 years old maybe - also wearing this ridiculous thing, walking alongside their waddling mothers, fully draped in black, like some alien monster! Where did this practice come from? Is it really in Islam? Where is the evidence? Did the Prophet (saaw) command women to dress is this ridiculous fashion? Did women in during the Prophet's time wear this thing? Did the Prophet(saaw) command women to stay shut up in their hou
  4. With this attack, if someone said that Muslims were destroying Europe, could anyone honestly deny it? I am soooo ashamed at this attack and all the other attacks happening one after another. First it was the Boko Haram kidnapping the girls, then ISIS and beheadings and rape, then the mass killing of children in Peshawar, then this - I just ask myself - when will it end? After I was born what news I remember on TV was chechens taking hostages in a Moscow theater, then I remember Phillipines millitants taking hostages, then came 9/11 and then Madrid, London, one after another, one after anoth
  5. Ha Ha Ha, this coming from a so-called "Pro-Resistance", "Follower of Ahlulbayt(as)"! Very nice to see the open hypocrisy. All talk about "resisting oppression", and "always supporting the oppressed", scream about oppression until their throats go sore, but all the while hypocrisy and hate inside their hearts. Its sad to see the extent to which this forum has degenerated.
  6. In another thread, ladies and gentlemen, you will find the subject being debated "Why is the Islamic world so backward compared to the West". Well, in this quote you will find the answer. It is because of such shameless, disloyal traitor-monafiqeen as the poster above for which the Islamic world has always been divided into fighting amongst ourselves, with the monafiqeen being more loyal to foreigners and outsiders and worshipping them that the Islamic world is so backwards. You would NEVER find a single Westerner justifying attacks on themselves by a foreigner, which is why they are dev
  7. Arrest and hanging is better than shooting on sight.
  8. Sorry if my behaviour had anything to contribute to his leaving, but his one-sided support of every pro-Western element sometimes led to my arguing with him. I often argue with other guys too so I do not see why he had to leave just because of some heated arguments.
  9. Please! There ought to be a limit to talking out of your ***! Firstly, we will see Islamists win a overwhelming victory next elections, if there is one. And if there is not, massive violence ending in a Islamist government. So you needn't worry about that. Secondly, rather than give me advice you ought to go and enlighten your fellow Afghanis with your enlightened knowledge. After all, it is you who have destroyed your own country, not us. So please stick your advice to your own people and don't try to talk down to me. It was the "fear of Islamists" and fear of Taliban which allowed the presen
  10. There is a very apt saying that is making the rounds recently in Bangladesh, which sums up the situation very nicely: "In being afraid of Bangladesh turning into Afghanistan we have turned it into Gujrat" Its ridiculous to be told by an Afghan (half-civilized tribals who destroyed their country and sold their souls to entire classes of foreigners) about governance, but my advice is that if you hate Islamic system so much then you should just announce your apostasy and leave off pretending to be a Muslim, a pretence that I do not know why you keep up on this site. Since Islamist parties are so
  11. MK - I am ready to accept what you say - but in that case nobody has a right to make sweeping statements (like for example Marbles usually does) that an Islamic state would not preserve the rights of the people, that it would be backward, and that a secular government would give everyone equal rights and ensure development.
  12. Well, you should know the whole story first - The people killed had no relation with Jamat-e-Islami, whose activists were also killed. You are mixing up the 2 massacres. Which is understandable because we usually expect massacres to be so rare that they are not usually confused. Secondly, about the trial - http://www.humanrigh...RC-STM-052-2013 There have been 4 Massacres total under this present Secularist Government. The one above is about Massacre #3. The one which happened on 5th May is Massacre No 4. About that, you can read:
  13. More pictures of the massacre here: http://chairmanbd.blogspot.co.uk/ Sadly there are many on this forum who will cheer about the murder of hundreds of peaceful demonstrators, and those who cheer will be the same ones who usually describe themselves as believing in "human rights" and "secularism". This massacre proves once and for all that Secularism has no human rights, no equal treatment for Muslims.
  14. Their doctrine sounds 100% Salafi.
  15. Unfortunately it seems that you have been duped.
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