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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam sani-e-zahra i live about 45 min drive away from manchester, but i dnt know any shias from there. there are only a handful where i live. bradford does actually have quite alot of shias but then again so does manchester! ur lucky u hav shias in school with u.ive always been the only 1! only now at uni hav i met sum. ^_^
  2. (salam) i have come across quite a few ppl who believe in black magic and the "effects" it has. i no that the majority of pakistanis believe in the harm it can cause and was wondering wot ppl's opinion on the matter is. i am aware that it is not permissable in Islam but have been told that there are ppl that reach a certain position by way of reading special prayers/du'as who abuse the "power" they have gained to harm others. if this sounds familiar to anyone plz share your opinion, it would be most appreciated. ws :P
  3. (salam) I agree with the Kanez-e-Zahra. Its true there were portraits but no one was bending down to or worshipping them and as she has said it is the intention with which you do something. I just wanted to know what people thought about the whole issue because the portrait thing was something new to me. I was quite shocked to see them and Ahmed I understand where your coming from but it does boil down to what the intentions of that person are if and when they are bowing! ws
  4. oh well sana, neva mind! no hard feelings...lol :D
  5. salam To wilayah. I didnt know that, but the way in which they were displayed led me, as well as others, to believe that they were being portryed as that of the Imams. What was the source of your information? Carlos, I hold the same view.
  6. (salam) This is for anyone who watched the programmes on channel 4(in the UK) Kerbala: city of martyrs, on Monday eve. I noticed that there were portraits of Imams being painted, sold and put on banners that were then used in the juloos. what are the views on this?
  7. Ive heard some pretty scary stories too! suff thats happened to my family, my friends, my brothers friends etc... Ayatul Kursi is a good dua to read. there is more info on what you could also read on the following website. its really good! www.duas.org may Allah keep you from all evils.
  8. I totally agree with Ahmed on this. we are told to respect other people regardless of their race or religion. we do what we have to do and let others do what they believe is right. and being racist is not right.
  9. I agree with peer on the matter of doing matham etc. the day of ashura, as you are all aware , is to remember the pain and suffering of the Imam. We do these acts out of love for Imam Hussain(as) and the ahlul bayt. they are not forced upon anyone. I have 2 brothers. one does zangeer and the other does not, but that does not make him any less of a Shia. it depends on your level of understanding and being able to put yourself in the same situation. it is the love for the imam that makes these people want to crry out these acts and not beacuse its "tradition." Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) said there will be 73 sects in islam. One of these sects will be that of the shia. Within the shia sect there will be 13 groups. What is it do you think will make the one Shia sect split in to 13 groups? it is this. the questionng of whether or not these acts are right or wrong! next it will be, 'how do we know that Imam Ali(as) was the true successer of the prophet?'. If you do not want to do these acts, don't. But dont criticise those who do. as i have said they are not done out of tradition, but out of love. Today is the day of Chelum. The day of freedom for the prisoners of Kerbala. Today is the day that Bibi Zainab mourned the death of her family and brother. Today is the day she did a majlis. Today is the day she was 'allowed' to cry. Today is the day she did matham! wasalam
  10. a non muslim cannot marry a muslim without converting to the religion. this is the same throughout all islamic sects. peoples opinions within the religion may differ, but the religion itself does not permit this. the women may continue her acts of worship s a muslim but people will not regard her children as muslim unless the father is also of the same religion. there are no parents that want their daughters to enter a life of being condemned for having left the faith no matter how caring the man may be. if hes not muslim, it wont happen. just like when christians marry catholics, it is frowned upon. i no it happens, but for a muslim women to marry outside of her faith, its not just frowns she will get... :(
  11. (salam) This is the first time that I have been on this site and I was told that it is very useful. Well, I was wonderin if anyone knows where I can get hold of or access dua's and their meanings (in english)...? :huh: It would be most appreciated if you could help me! Thank you :rolleyes: wasalam (when I say first time, I mean the first time i've posted anything!)
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