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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salamalaykom, i know that this book has been translated in english. Can someone help me to find this book please? Al-itiqadat means: doctrines, and contains the doctrines of shiism. Thank you :)
  2. Thank you so much brothers. But how can i get in contact with you? Do you have any e-mail? And Im sorry for the late reply And Im sorry for the late reply
  3. Assalamo Alaycom Me and my friends are starting up with an organization in our country. And we would really like some help in designing a logo for this organization. If you think you could assist us, then your bounty is with Allah. we would really like and appreciate it if someone gave us a little help in the sake of Allah. So write down here if you want to help, and I will give you an email address and then we will take it over there. If someone already have answered, and you also think that you have the power to help us, please do not hesitate to give us an answer also, because we will need a lot of help and alternatives. Thank you so much for your help Wassalamo Alaycom
  4. Replicant, thank you so much for ur answer, but its not this video.. I saw this one.. but its another video :/ Monad, wow, oh thank you!! Now everything is clear! i forgot I came from jupiter -.-
  5. As-Salamo Alaycom A few years back i saw a video of Hasanain Rajabali about I think it was about either Mother or parent or something similiar. It wasnt that long. maybe 10 min. and he began crying when talking about mothers. and about how people join criminal envoirments because there's no love at home etc. Beautiful video. But I can't find it.. Has anyone seen it or can help me find it? please!! Thank you
  6. As-Salam Alaicom I have a problem! I have in 2 months talked to a girl almost every day and got to know her, she is very religious and everything I want in a wife (as long as I have got to know her). she is very respected, and she respects me also. very good hijab. and she has converted to shia islam, when talking to me. I am very interested in her, i have noticed that she is interested in me also, I even have heard this from her close friend maybe said that, and she winked that she is interested in me. But the problem is that she has an origin from another country, I personally dont care about nationalities. but apparently she does. its not just another nationality but another language, another culture etc. So she told me very recently that she is only interested in a husband from her nationality. this really hurt me. I thought this girl was really Allah's gift to me. I elhamdo'lillah am a momin and wanted to have a momina as my wife. this momina. My question is: Although she told that it is very important to her to marry someone who is from her own country, should I have further contact with her any more? and should I get to know her anymore so maybe she will change her mind. She doesnt know that im interested, we have have only talked about religion, and of course kid around but within the borders of halal, like to get to know each other in the intention of marriage. PLEASE do not tell me that I should not talk to a girl, because this is haram etc. I know what my marji' says, so I dont want any lectures on this subject. Even if u disagree on this, answer me on the basis that this is halal. Please just help me on this. It is REALLY difficult to find a religious girl like this girl. I really feel that her heart is pure. even though I have only known her for just 2 months, I really want to get to know her even more. I have feelings for her, because of her iman and appearance. Thank you for ur answers
  7. But please!!!!!! I didn't get an answer on my problem.. I didn't talk necessary about shia muslim girls.. I can also marry sunni muslim girls or people of the book.. but I cannot be like this, because I really don't wanna sin.. What do I gotta do????? please!
  8. I know that any one can make a site on the internet, but without any members online and no one online, it wouldn't be very useful would it!! Very easy for u to say. first of all, mutah is not haram, if that's what u think.. second of all, it is not haram "thinking" about sex, because I cant do nothing about it, I TRY to not think about it, but I cant help it. Third of all, its not easy marrying someone.. i dont wanna marry anyone either.. I am waiting for a special, religious girl who would be a good spouse for me.. but as u may know, this takes a while. I cant do it in 2 weeks. So u tell me what to do? should I masturbate till then? or shall u do ur magic and take out a gurl from a hat?
  9. As-salamo Alaicum.. I have a really high sexual drive, I can't stop thinking about sex. I'm a very religious man, elhemdolillah. And I have tried every solution. every thing from fasting to looking for a spouse.. but I REALLY fear falling into sin, I REALLY FEAR falling into masturbation or watching porn.. I hear and read a lot that people have it so easy, and especially guys finding mutah partners.. Elhemdolillah, I am pretty handsome, and I get a lot of looks from different girls in the street (not in a bad way, lol), ive also heard that im handsome from a lot of people. but I feel it's really difficult to have mutah.. well I can forget shia muslim girls for sure.. because it's a pain in the *** trying to talk tp her father.. I really dont have anything against that, but it so unsure.. Therefore I can try with sunni muslim girls or people of the book.. But how come it is so easy to some guys? It's not that I cannot get girls, or am afraid to talk to them.. absolutely not, but the problem is that I don't want anything serious..just to relief some lusts, and have a female partner to share my feelings with. and i dun wanna hurt a girl for such a thing, because when a girl exposes herself sexually, she means serious business.. but I cant understand how other guys do it, or where they find those types of girls that just wanna prevent them selves from sins.. I cant understand why there isnt any mutah match sites that are working.. there are marriage sites, but no mutah marriage sites. For those who will tell me to go to a prostitute or something, u can save those comments for urself. I have my own reasons to post something like this.. because u cannot find me a solution that is religious better than this.. I dare u! Thank you for the answers.
  10. First of all I am not a follower of Sayed Al-Sistani and I know that talking to woman about religious things is not haram. Kamran-Syed: It is really a sticky situation.. I dont know what to do.. I feel like if I tell her that I want to see her picture, and she seems to be unattractive, I would hurt her, and I dont wanna do that.. Its not about manning up.. I can talk to her, and im not afraid to do that or ask for her picture.. but the only problem is that I will maybe hurt her. Anyways.. thank you. Ali H Syed: you wrote: "and mutah (non contact) as far as i am aware a non contact one which enables you to talk does not require her fathers permission, some one please correct me if i am wrong." Brother, you are wrong.. mutah cannot be without the father's permission, only if your marji accepts that, like sayed Fadhullah, Sayed Rohani, and some other.. but my marji does not accept that.. And a lot of people talks about non-contact mutah.. I m pretty sure that such a thing does not exist in the sharia.. mutah is mutah, and when someone says non-contact, this will be of his own opinion. a husband (in mutah) has a sexual right over his wife, whenever in the same way as in regular marriage. the only thing he does not have right over, is for her to obey him in staying at home etc. This can of course be discussed, but another place and another time.. I want help with another thing please.. Kim.tinkerbell: thank you for your advice, very wise.. first of all, it seems like she trusts me, dont want to get into details, but I think that she trusts me.. but I maybe am wrong of course.. Anyways.. I said that I understood from her comments that she is interested.. I didn't swear that she is. Of course I know very well what u mean.. but from the comments she has given me, I almost am certain that she wants to move to the next level of knowing each other. You say: "U can use diffferent methods if u wanna now how her hijab is." Care to elaborate please? You say: "What do u mean by she might be acting relgious to get married? You saying shes making u hear wat u want to hear.... Um I dnt now her but I doudt shes just saying it to please u.." What I mean is what u said. yes.. a lot of girls (and guys for that matter, but mostly girls) change their personality to suit the man they adore.. lets say as an example: I like some girl, regularly I hate to go to the movies, but when a girl I like love to go to the movies, and she asks me to go, I say: "yeah, why not".. thats because I want her to like me, so I do this.. that was just an example. but in real life non-religious girls can do that and show they are religious.. trust me.. I have experienced it before.. in my previous engagement.. and that's why I say previous. A lot of girls are like that unfortunately.. So I want to know her "real" self.. and how religious she is before I tell her that I want to get to know her more personal, I want to know her from a perspective of a regular friend. But no religious girl denies her faith because of a man.. and I want to see that she is such a girl, that has a strong personality and does not change it for any man, even her future husband. and not change her personality because she wants to get married. You say: "Pictures is very important so just telll her ur really interesed but u need the whole picture to determine if theres a future for u two." But this is the dilemma.. (lets say that she is not that religious) If I tell her that I want her picture and get to know her better, she will automatically think im interested, and make herself be religious in front of me, and I will be fooled (if I find her attractive and get married with her), but if don't find her attractive, she will be very devastated, cuz I showed her that Im interested but when I saw her picture, she will know that I dont want to get to know her anymore because of her appearance. because lets be honest.. I won't get to know her personally when I see that Im not that interested.. no one will do that, cuz I want to use my time with something more important. "I wanna c hw u wear ur hijab is better" Well yeah.. that is what I want. So thanks for the help. Mysterious Secrets: Thank you.. but she is not living in the same country, so this would be very difficult.. I know her, because I added her on facebook.. and if a sister of mine goes and talks to her, when she sees that this girl is from the same country as me, she will think this will not be a coincidence. Im not afraid of talking to her.. and if another person talks to her, it will be the same dilemma.. I do not want her to know that I am interested before I know her personality and see her picture and hijab.. if i or another sister or friend says so, it would be the same. but anyways thank you :)
  11. WhySoSerious: You are a really kind soul.. May Allah bless you. I hope your duas will get answered and your actions is accepted. Thank you so much. Ali H Syed: Not at all, thank you for your reply. First of all, I have not seeked friendship with this woman. I have only added her and talked to her about religious stuff, not anything personal as you said. And I know this is halal according to my marji. So I alhamdulillah am not doing anything haram. Second of all, Why should I do mutah with her? I do not want to let her know that I am interested, and you say do mutah? when I do mutah, that means really that I am interested to get to know her, and this will hurt her, If I after a while do not find her attractive. The thing with mutah, is that I have to ask her father's permission, and in our culture (not that I care a lot about the culture) if I do mutah, it should lead to something else (as in marriage.).. And for last, my intention is not to see her without hijab.. that is not that important to me.. I want to just see her face, so I know if this is someone I am attracted to. On the contrary, I do want to see her hijab, because this may show if she really follows what Allah has endowed upon her and every female. Thank you for your advice
  12. As-Salam-o-Alaycum. I hope you sisters can help me as your brother (as you understood I am a man :) ) I added some girl to my facebook profile a while ago, I didn't know her, but added her after I saw that she was active in a religious group and I started talking to her. Although I have not talk to her a lot, but she seemed religious. we talked about different subjects, and she seems very open minded and seems to have a beautiful soul. I want to get married with a very religious girl, but this girl lives in another country. We started talking not about our private lives, but just about religious subjects. I want to get to know her so maybe I can get married to her, but I know very well, that if I tell a girl that I am interested, and she too was already interested from before (as I understood from her comments), she will do everything to let me think that she is what I want. I also do not want to tell her that I am interested because I have never seen her picture (we have just talked without seen her picture, she only has pictures of islamic objects). and maybe she will not be someone I find attractive, and maybe break her heart. I do not want to do that. I think it is beautiful that a girl does not have her picture on facebook, but this makes it hard for me. Therefore, I do not know what to do, please help me. I have those altenatives in front of me: - If I tell her that I fancy her: Then she will (if she also fancys me) let me think that she is very religious when maybe she is not, just to get married (she has seen my picture btw), because I think she is interested in me, she has given some hints on that.... Therefore I can't do that - If I tell her I maybe am interested in getting to know her a little bit better, she would maybe feel that I am interested in her, and when I see her picture I do not find her attractive, and that will destroy her poor heart.... Therefore I can't do that - I do not know any of her friends on Facebook, so I do not trust any one, and if I tell them to give me info about her or her picture, maybe they will tell her, or maybe this person is her brother/sister. lol :) ...... Therefore I can't do that - I don't want to ask her about something private, because that will give her some signals that I am interested ... Therefore I can't do that - I cannot meet her somewhere, or go to her school, cuz I do not live in her country, but fortunately in the same continent. Therefore I can't do that The thing I want to know, is how she looks, and how her hijab is. because when I see those, I get a greater picture if this girl can be a momineh or no. although that is not the most important thing, but very important to me. If I cannot ask any one, nor can I ask her, because maybe she would get hurt if I do not find her attractive. Should I just forget her? What should I do? Please help me may God help you.
  13. Thank you so much for your help.. but it would still be a problem.. first of all, if I get a sister of mine to talk to her, what would they talk about? Me? is that what you are saying? I do NOT want that the girl knows at all that I fancy her.. because I have noticed that she is a little into me, and if my sister will talk about me, she will automatically begin to change her self to being religious (if she is not that already), because my sister will tell her that I want a religious girl. And I will then find out that she is not, after the eventual engagement! Neither do I want to get that far as where another person seeks out someone for me, especially when that person knows me. And either way I will hurt her.. The only thing which was different from my approach, that I do not approach her, but my sister does. I am not in fear of getting in touch with her or something like that.. I can tell her that I want to get to know her a little better, but the results would be the same as if I tell my sister to get incontact with her.. And think about it.. It is very strange that the girl will not understand that I have said to my sister to contact her.. because she will surely get to know her and know that my sister is from the same country as me. Any regular person will understand that I sent my sister to get to know a person I knew with a coincidence.. This girl, I just met her on a group, I do not know her personally, I just added her.. so that some other girl (my sister) would come from the SAME country as me, and ask about me, who does not know that other girl, would clearly NOT be a coincidence. Its a complicated story.. but I really do not want to forget about this girl.. Is my only chance to tell her that I want to get to know her? Anyways thank you :)
  14. Im not still in school, I have an education.. And in my country there not a lot of people, and not especially a lot of religious people. A religious woman is like a diamond, there is not a lot of them, and one has to use a lot of time to find one.. and they are as precious as a diamond, no They are more precious and cannot be measured.. Therefore its not just an infatuation, its about that I maybe have found my diamond and dont want her to slip away from my hands.. I have experience with not religious women. I have been engaged before, so I know that it isn't easy to find a religious woman. I know that infatuation is bad, because that led me into my previous engagement. So therefore I see my next wife in a religious perspective. Therefore I dont wanna forget her before I notice something bad with her. So do you have any other tips? Anyways thank you for your help
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