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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. We are human beings we are no one to be giving predictions on such divine judgement. Whether they are a tribesman living in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest, or a Shintoist in the heart of Japan we are nobody to judge. Everybody has their own unique circumstances and they will be judged accordingly.
  2. This goat honestly thrives of attacking people, through his 'dawah'. From what I have seen he is now also in another situation and is preparing videos to attack DeenSquad who have been spreading positive messages. He is scared by the unity and peace they are spreading with Shias, something this Wahhabi puppet isn't happy with.
  3. Bro, he will get views regardless, due to the nature of the topic and his fanbase. We can't turn a blind eye to these intensified attacks against the Shi'a in the west, we need to defend our religion. We have got so much knowledge here on ShiaChat Masha'Allah, and incredibly knowledgeable members, however, I feel like we are not extending our reach enough. There is no doubt that there are tonnes of members on here for example who could easily take on the likes of this Wahhabi robot Imran ibn Mansur, but I have seen little to no of this activity on platforms such as YouTube for instance. People
  4. Can you forward the link to me if you don't mind? W/S
  5. As-Salaam-Alaikum, While browsing on YouTube today I came across a new video done by Naseeha (I cringe calling this Naseeha lol) Sessions titled ‘Why I changed my mind about the Shia’. For those who don’t know, Imran ibn Mansur is another typical brain dead Wahabbi with the stereotypical unkempt beard who has a relatively sizeable following on YouTube; approaching topics from a very closeminded outset as if he is the righteous. Ya Rab, how wrong and misguided he is! However, after watching this video and the ridiculous claims and attacks that are made against the Shi’a of Ali (as) someone
  6. I can see that the Shia timing for the fajr prayer begins at nautical twilight but then what about the timings held by the Sunnis, what does this usually correspond to?
  7. While reading through prayer timetables and comparing the timings with fellow Sunnis, there is a huge difference in timing about when fajr begins. Although I understand these differences are due to the differences in opinion about the degree of the sun below the horizon which constitutes the beginning of fajr, the differences are over an hour. Does a small difference in opinion about the degree angle really cause such a difference. Can someone please explain the differences, because they are simply huge. Why do shias always start Fajr earlier? Any hadith?
  8. Salaam, I'm slightly confused, why are there so many differences about the day upon which ramadhan starts? Some ismailis start unusually early, Sunnis and the majority of Muslims seem to start between; however, every year the majority of us shias (more specifically those of us who follow Ayatollah Sistani) seem to always start later. Can someone explain these differences with the backing of hadith? Is it to do with how the crescent is observed?
  9. Brother this is something that is very common and happens to me and many people. Just forget about it, Allah(swt) understands yet today we are being soo intoxicated by all these worldly things that it leads us to very inappropriate and random things. I reckon that you should just sit down and rest, calm yourself down and try and get rid of these thoughts. Try meditating if it gets soo bad, it should work after that. Just thinking about how to prevent thinking about it while doing your prayer reminds you of these very random and inappropriate thoughts. At the end of the line simply pray to Alla
  10. To be honest i personally believe 2012 may be the beginning of the 'real deal', which means no more messing around and time to get ready for what is to come. I reckon that most of the deaths in the west will be due to natural causes while in the east most of them will be due to man. Just imagining how big the ocean is for example is something that seriously freaks you out when you think of disasters. I seriously hope that the reign of the tyrant as sufyani finishes as quickly as possible and that the imam(as) reappears more quickly. We don't know it but we as indivuals are changing the world,
  11. Brother, I have also seen this video before and mashallah it is very interesting. But at the end of the Hadith doesn't it say that he lives the rest of his life as human days, months etc. The system is their to support his arrival and strengthen it for the real thing, but at the end dajjal is a one-eyed man who obviously lives like a human. The illuminati believe in maitreya. I haven't researched much about him myself but he is supposedly their kind of messiah. They are also said to have been trying to base his foundations for his arrival. According to many views this is supposedly the Antichr
  12. Prophet Aziz(as) is the brother of Prophet Uzair(as). W/S
  13. Thanks for the answer vey much, It has cleared up alot of queries i had. But what are the major differences between the story of nabi uzair in Judaism and Christianity and Islam?
  14. Brother seriously, Ahmad al Hassan is not al yamani, and this is the truth. We have been warned in Hadith about such people claiming such a position, uncover the truth, for truth cannot be changed and falsehood cannot be changed however much man tries. W/S
  15. I do truly believe that the reappearance of the imam(as) is upon us, and this age. There are so many signs which are being fulfilled, and you can see the beginning of the biggest world war the world is yet too see. The major signs are to happen in a relatively short period of time i believe, according to traditions. We should pray everyday for our imam(as), more than we do for ourselves and pray that we are able to live to see the imam's(as) face. Look around you, how corrupt is mankind? Honestly, do you know how much more spiritual the world WAS? Even within the west it was MUCH more spiritua
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