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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I made this drawing on my class desk.. Coz i was bored from the lecture.
  2. What We Learn From Hussain(as) and Karbala //<iframe width="640" height="390" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/9f5QjwO44EY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> //
  3. The essence of commemorating MUHARRAM and crying over the tragdies of Karbala is that we implement in our lives the causes for which Imam Hussain(as) gave this great sacrifice. I have moulded this message in the form of a short video. Please share videos that serve similar purpose. JAZAKALLAAH. :-)
  4. Masha Allah. Thanx a lot @PureEthics for sharing. Jazakallaah
  5. Salaam, i'm making a short video compilation on principles that we learn from tragedy of Ashura. Please share clips of scholars and speakers. Jazakallaah
  6. Thanx bro. But i needed that specific hadith i mentioned. Actually, i need hadiths from Holy Imam(as) regarding importance of Salat along with Muharram processions. Some people ignore their daily prayers in Muharram...and just do mourning.
  7. I need hadith of Imam Husain(as) (with refrence).The hadith is like "the tears of a man who claims to be my lover but ignores prayers hurt me more than swords".
  8. Can anyone provide me link for Arabic nauha(latmiya) with english subtitles? Especially Tizuruni by Bassim Karbalai.
  9. I havent listened to music or amusement for 3 years. But music is played everywhere in our suroundings which we cant stop from getting into our years. However i try best to ignore that...and spend my time listening to islamic nasheed and manqabats.
  10. This video gives the details of Abu Bakr's behaviour towards Fatima Zahra(sa) quoting from Sahih Bukhari. Link-
  11. Assalamo Alaykum. NAME: Syed Mazher LOCATION: Lucknow, India Its nice to be here on SC...... I was born in Muscat,Oman. Brought up in India. Currently, persuing Engineering in Computer Science(Final Year). My interests are surfing blogs n sites, reading e-books, gaming n tech stuff. I like to meet people from diffrnt parts of the world, especially frm Iran n Iraq.
  12. I had mailed to iro@imamrezashrine.com, got the auto generated reply instantly....but any other mail regarding book hasnt been sent.
  13. Salaam. I cant find option for adding u,pls add me as ur frnd.

  14. I feel like diving into the ocean of knowledge and learned people......Allah(swt) bless u team Shiachat !!!

  15. Jazakallah brother.......i had tried same from sistani.org,but couldn't get. But, i have mailed this one, hope i'll get this time Inshallah. Bro, can u suggest me some books for beginners...simple and easy.
  16. Assalam brothers. I have a question. Sometimes when i get up in morning,i see a circular blot(wet and sometimes dry)on the underwear that may be nightfall. What is the ruling regarding Janabat whether Ghusle Janabat is obligatory(for namaz and generally also) or not? If its najis, then how to determine same regarding the trouser in contact with undergarment?
  17. Pearl178, its not only in UK. Its worldwide ....you can check the website to join this campaign. There are contact details of the coordinators from various countries.
  18. Jazakallaah.....may Allah(swt) and Ahlul bayt(as) bless u in this noble mission........(dont know why there r no replies to such a good post?)
  19. Assalamo alaykum. Hey everyone...lets communicate with people of our community who are on shiachat...lets talk,know each other and share culture,beliefs etc. Most welcome to those specially from India, Pakistan and Asia...however anyone intersted is free to join :-) Feel free to share pics, videos of Azadari and Muharram that is famous in your region....
  20. It is said by Sunnis that the 'Taziya' carried in Muharram processions is an invention of any Persian invader who was in India and couldnt go to Karbala due to ongoing war. So he built mausoleums of crafted paper,wood etc. that resembled Imam Husain(as)'s shrine. So please guide me with exact hadith references of its reason and evolution. Jazakallah khairan.
  21. Anyone, plz first confirm n then give explanation of following hadees. Its urgent,i need to answer someone: *Hadees regarding ppl who were the swords of Prophet(saww). It says Abu bakr,Umar,Usman,Hz. Ali(as),Moawiya were the swords of Prophet(saww). Al kafi,vol 5,bk of jihad,p 8-9
  22. I wanted to know the reason and the evolution of Taziya in Muharram. How should i describe it to non-shias..?
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