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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salaam, my latest article titled "sunni/shia unity: antidote to imperialistic designs. Excerpt: "A few months ago my husband came home from Friday congregational prayers with a bizarre fatwa (religious edict) from the imam of a local mosque." http://theperfectionistas.blogspot.com/2014/02/shiasunni-unity-antidote-to.html
  2. Salaam, "If you're among the growing number of people who get their Islam online, keep reading but with your antennas up high. There's a conspiracy underfoot to virtually misguide you." http://theperfectionistas.blogspot.com/2013/04/if-youre-among-growing-number-of-people.html
  3. Salaam, Blogged about Reviving Student Activism: A speaker we invited to our tiny college in suburban Chicago 15 years ago--radical human rights activist Lynne Stewart--is now a political prisoner in a U.S. penitentiary, so it shouldn't be a surprise that I consider activities put on by most of today's Muslim students organizations child's play. Looking for Islamically-oriented things to do with my kids, I was disappointed, to say the least, when I read about the events planned by our local university’s Muslim Students Association (MSA) as well others (with a few exceptions) around the country
  4. salaam, pro-war propaganda is all around us. what should we do? Mind Control "(Gaaaasp) Are those drones?!" my 11-year-old daughter asked as a formation of fighter jets flicked on big screens while the national anthem played before a girls college basketball game we attended last month. Whether it's sporting events, politics, news or even entertainment (like NBC's reality show "Stars Earn Stripes"), American society is heavily infused with pro-war indoctrination, allowing continued imperialistic military engagements around the world (of late: Afghanistan, Chad, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Mali, Paki
  5. Salaam, As Muslims, I feel we must protesta against the ridiculing of any divine personality. Here's a letter to the editor that I wrote and got published in our local paper. http://www.dnj.com/article/20130221/OPINION03/302210010 Dear editor, The media once again crossed the line of decency on Feb. 16 when "Saturday Night Live" ran a skit entitled "DJesus Uncrossed," in which the holy personality of Jesus was blasphemously depicted as vengeful, bloodthirsty and extremely violent. Throughout history, divine prophets of God have been ridiculed, persecuted and even martyred as they strived to de
  6. salaam, Deprogramming the Female Mind. Please read, especially if you are a mother (or plan to be iA)! Excerpt: European imperialists realized hundreds of years ago what eludes too many of us even today: Women are the most powerful and influential element in society. http://theperfection...d-hundreds.html
  7. Salaam, About "Moderate Muslims." We must know the definition of this term so we are not fooled. http://theperfectionistas.blogspot.com/2013/01/moderate-muslims.html
  8. salaam, let's not get fooled. tahir ul qadri is a stooge. please read below. Moderate Muslims By Salina Khan http://theperfection...te-muslims.html I-spy-Tahir-Qadri became a popular car game during our stay in Pakistan last month when posters of the Islamic scholar suddenly cropped up all over the city of Lahore. "There he is!" my daughters, who'd seen him plenty lecturing on TV at my parents' place, would cry out after spotting one of the thousands of banners tacked behind rikshaws, plastered on billboards or hung from walls to announce the return of Qadri, a lawyer, politician and scholar.
  9. Salaam, Sharing some eye-opening experiences from my recent trip to Pakistan. This one is called: Our Driver Mohammad Yasin. http://theperfectionistas.blogspot.com/2013/01/our-driver-mohammad-yasin.html
  10. Salaam, "Resist Like Hussain!!!" Excerpt: "I finally get how "Everyday is Ashura and every land is Kerbala" after reading Naomi Klein's international bestseller Shock Doctrine earlier this year." http://theperfection...ke-hussain.html
  11. Salaam, This one is called "Beyond the Polling Booths." http://theperfectionistas.blogspot.com/2012/11/beyond-voting-booth.html Now that the elections are over, will Muslim political activism go back into hibernation? Most mosques across America usually won't touch political issues with a ten-foot pole but many forayed onto the political scene this fall through sophisticated get-out-the-Muslim-vote campaigns that included mass emails, on-site registration drives and even specialized Friday sermons that urged people to "enjoin good and forbid evil" by casting a vote. "We Muslims in America are
  12. Salaam, I have a post from a guest this time, "Empire's New Clothes: An Election Primer." Loved his quote from Lupe Fiasco! http://theperfection...ion-primer.html
  13. Salaam, Learning how to courageously speak up for the truth (from a non-Muslim friend). http://theperfection...red-her_30.html
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