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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You had something to discuss with me? Please contact me directly on my email address: ali_a_@hotmail.com

  2. fyst i need ur help

    1. gespato


      i think u dont use shiachat now

  3. Just found out right now that you have been banned. I disagree with your banning, but I don't get to make the decisions around here. Let's me just conclude by saying that since you will be unable to post here now, this discussion about the hands of Allah remains unresolved.
  4. Sunni hadith books are reliable?!?!? Which one??? Have you even read Bukhari? It has ahadith saying that rats don't drink camel milk (Volume 4, Book 54, Number 524), that the summer and winter seasons on Earth are because of hell breathing on Earth, not because of Earth's axial tilt or its elliptical path around the Sun (Volume 4, Book 54, Number 482), that one wing of a housefly carries disease while the other carries its cure (Volume 4, Book 54, Number 537). You call this nonsense "reliable"??? Your hadith books might have been considered "reliable" several hundred years ago, when humanity
  5. The reference provided for these statements at the bottom of the page: Source: E-mail :lol: :lol: :lol: So Imam Ja`far sent an e-mail to the website's admin with these scientific facts, eh? :lol: Muslims are so naive and gullible; even those living in the West who are educated. There's no hope.
  6. The Qur'an doesn't say that they are different, nor does it say that they are the same. I have no problem with you saying that God has two hands, the issue here is that you ignorantly assert that God's hands are NOT His Power or Strength when you have nothing to back this up with. The belief that God's hands are His Power and Strength comes from Shi'a hadith, which you are obviously not going to accept. But what evidence do you have that this belief is wrong when your OWN definition of "hand" is applicable to both "power" and "strength" as well. I'll break this down for you since you have tro
  7. I'm afraid you give our Pakistani citizens too much credit. These are the trends you should have searched for: Donkey Sex: Camel Sex: Dog Sex: Animal Sex: Rape:
  8. Just because both are outstretched does not mean that they are the same. Where does it say that they are the same?!?!? Oh, it doesn't. You just made that up! Simple: Hand 1 is Power, Hand 2 is Strength. Try thinking about it for a few moments yourself next time. Why does Allah say that He is closer to man than his jugular vein? If He is above the sky (and hence no where near the jugular vein of man), and He simply meant His knowledge in that verse, then what's the need for saying that HE is closer than the jugular vein? That's right, another attempt of yours at using "logic" has failed miser
  9. And there is no indication that each of the two Hands is identical either. No, it isn't. That's simply you trying to apply your own "logic" here which doesn't work too well for you. Don't be delusional. The text affirms nothing of the sort. Are you deliberately being ignorant? I just explained in my previous post that I don't claim that hand means quwwah or qudrah, I'm saying that one of God's hands IS quwwah, while the other IS qudrah. I have not changed the meaning of the word as you ignorantly claim. You have only defined the Hands with what they DO (you said that they give). If you kn
  10. Well, you have to learn to read carefully. I never said that Allah's hands "mean" His act of giving. Allah gives WITH His hands -- His hands do not MEAN His act of giving. Your attempt at using logic is simply atrocious. Where did I say that each of God's Hands means a different thing?!?!? That's right, I didn't! I said that each of God's Hands IS a different thing! Let me explain the difference to you since you are either unfamiliar with basic English expressions, or you are deliberately distorting what I am saying. Say I have two cars, one a Honda the other a Ford. Now the meaning of "car"
  11. I never said, nor implied, that Allah's hands are His attributes of action. You need to read my post again carefully. Exactly. Let me remind you that YOU are the one who defined "hand" to mean "that with which one gives". Hence, if God gives with anything at all, it must be with His hands. Shi'as claim that God gives using His quwwah and qudrah, and YOUR meaning agrees completely with this claim. It doesn't make sense for God to give with His Power and Strength?!? Says who??? Yes, they are real! Are you saying that God's Power and Strength are unreal?!?!
  12. Yes Allaah gives with His Hands generously. With this meaning that you have agreed to, there is absolutely no restriction on applying a metaphorical interpretation to "hands". That is, when Shi'as claim that Allah's hands are His Power and Strength, your accepted meaning for "hands" is in complete agreement with this claim (since there is nothing contradictory in saying that that with which God gives is His Power and Strength).
  13. So, just to be perfectly clear, you are claiming that "hand" (when used with reference to Allah) is "that with which one gives", correct?
  14. "Hand" is not the meaning of yad, it is the English translation of yad. I'm asking you to give me the meaning of "Hand" (as the term applies to Allah).
  15. Okay, so since you are not ignorant of their meanings, then please inform us of the meaning of "hand" (yad ) as used in reference to God.
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