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  1. This picture is not a good one for the image of Islam. Please stop showing the world something which is not ISlam. The gun does not in anyway represent true Islam. Islam means peace nand that is what we should all as Muslims practice.


    visit www.alislam.org to know about true Islam.

  2. Please ask you Sheikh whether he believes Jesus to come back to the world again. If he says yes, which i am sure he will. Then is he not going to be a prophet of God anymore? This is common sense to show that Muhammad is not the last and final prophet. You have shown that you know little or noithing about Ahmadis. If you mwant to know the truth about a people do not ask their enemies. They will always lie to you, i say you ask Ahmadis themselves. I am an Ahmadi and a proud one for that matter. Your words are the same as MEccans at the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). They called him a small illetrate (God forbid) because of their own ignorance. Those who listened to him benefitted and those who tried to fight got destroyed. Be careful of what you say. This is no the way to find out the truth. I know you are thinking that you have already found the truth, but be humble enough to listen to the wisdom of the Ahmadis. Everyone thinks he or she is right, but the wise ones always give chance eto their ears to find out the truth. May God guide us all. The Mahdi and the Messiah are one and the same person. This is prooved by a saying of the Holy Porphet (saw) in ibn Majah, that there is no Mahdi but the Messiah Isa (as). The founder of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat did not come with any law whatsoever. He came to preach the true Islam which is lost by this Umma. People have added a lot to Islam which he has come to inform us that these are not the things done by the founder of Islam Muhammad Mustapha (saw). Ahmadis believe in all the teachings of true Islam and act upon them. Ahmadiyya is that community which believes that there is not a single contradiction in the Holy Quran, but rather all the revelations are from God so there can be no contradiction. All other Muslim sects say that there are at least six contradictions. Even thougth they read La Raiba Fiihi in Surah Baqarah, which means there is no doubt in it. Ahmadis believe that there can be no mistake in the Quran in the Holy Quran because God is perfect so His words have to be perfect. Muslims were not humble to say that they did not understand some parts of the Quran, so they ended up saying that the mistake is int he Quran. We cannot believe this at all. These are some of the reasons why we differ from other Muslims. If you want to know more about Ahmadiyya Jamaat you can visit www.alislam.org
  3. First of all, the simple question is that who are indonesians to consider AHmadis to be muslims or not? Which Imams, can you make your point clear to everyone?
  4. Here Ahmadis are being accused of deviating from true Islam. Prrofs need to be given instead of just telling someone to stay away from them. I think people say a lot of lies concerning Ahmadis while they have not even spoken to them before.
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