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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. on facebook millions are sharing this but i find it controversial. lacks haya
  2. Can you bring hadith and quran about this? I am not as dum as i seem :-) the points are implied in my OP. allow me, allow me to say more the fatwas of marja say you can shake if it bring unbearable harm. problem is they live in qum and cant tell us what is unbearabel harm here. yes i speel things badly on purpose. islam says give ur religion a good image. islam says have good manners. islam had different laws in makka and madina. different places have different laws. first muslims didnt do all things because society would reject it. later in madina islam more establi
  3. https://www.facebook.com/eisa.ali/posts/10158786356160621 Look at that video! disabled woman came from across city to meet imam of mosque. now the marja will say dont shake hands. its haraam! respectfully marja lives in qum and not west, his fatwa must change.
  4. some people say the womans march was about abortion and bad stuff and some good stuff
  5. oh absolutely agree ... but it doesnt really work like that. religious youth dont like to hurt their parents . i have been accepted by girls a few times and rejected by their parents because of race. also you got to remember most times you need to go to the father first and not the girl. father says no before you meet her. but hey that i experienced some years ago ... has the community improved? is it worth trying again?
  6. i come from a small shia community and there are not many suitable spouses to choose from ... so a few years back i tried other communities ... but i found people said no just because of race. recently i met a senior person in one community who said now people are more open minded. is this true??? i dont want to go back to those mosques to get to know them only to waste my time getting rejected again. tbh i found liberals were not as bad as religious folks who insist their daughter marries a najafi lol. so have you seen changes or is it terrible like before?
  7. i got introduced to a good girl. i met her many times but not sure if attracted .... i cant decide. i think its the hijab. does it make a big difference? like with shape of the face? can hijab make someone look bad????
  8. look what i found!! did someone leak the video to the press because non muslim press dont listen to majalis from 6 years back!!!!! leaker in the shia community https://confusiontoday.wordpress.com/the-response-part-2/ Here it is important to mention a person called Mustafa Field, also known as Mustafa Field MBE. Mustafa Field MBE Mustafa Field proudly brandishes the tile of being a “Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire,” as shown on his Linked-In Page. Mustafa Field has also been given awards by the Queen i
  9. the mortgage fatwa makes no sense and contradicts the other fatwas. why is mortagage allowed if you can rent?? renting does not bring extreme hardships ... then mortgage is allowed but business loan haram??? i am confused
  10. This law is silly. I need money to start a business, to buy a 2nd home and ... get a degree. Seestani wont give me the loan himself so i have to ask a bank. If i don't get a degree then its not extreme hardship because i can work as a cleaner all my life. Seestani wants all muslims to be cleaners? BTW i have a degree but just saying the law is silly. these marjas need to wake up and smell the truth. http://www.sistani.org/english/qa/01239/ Question: Can I a take bank loan knowing that the bank will charge interest? Answer: Taking an interest based
  11. this guy is a bigshot british shia man with community standing .... did he really say this? is this the way forward?? taqiyyah about homosexuality?
  12. this stuff by jonathan brown cant be true cant it? muslim societies had too many gays? http://almadinainstitute.org/blog/the-shariah-homosexuality-safeguarding-each-others-rights-in-a-pluralist-so/ " Of course, Muslim jurists knew that homosexuality existed all around them. " " Muslim scholars and judges agreed that Liwat was a grievous sin, but it was too widespread not to treat it with humor. And appreciating male beauty was not unknown to them. A thirteenth-century scholar visiting Cairo from Bukhara would play on his own name and the famously strict criteria t
  13. Who is this dude? Is he really ayatollah!? http://www.memritv.org/clip/en/5464.htm
  14. i know western society is worse sexually. here u get sex on billbards, tv, schools ..... no one can say mideast is more perverted than west. here they do swingers, strip clubs .... but here groping is not done that much like past times.... muslims should be better than western guys ..... sometimes i think mideast guys get ecgouraged when see no hijab. women half naked here, hormmones ragiging
  15. i have been seeing news about migrants in germany etc who abuse women. today i saw another story ... i dont get it. these guys brought up in muslims world became gropers and abusers ... yeah i know there is bad muslims everywhere but why these guys think they can get away with it????? i lived in asia with muslims some time back .... and never saw this stuff. whats up with mideast? y they think people will let the get away with groping? ........ didnt culture teach them no? police in mideast dont stop gropers? or is it juust syrians or north africans .......? cause i never heard of ir
  16. bro abu hadi in your exp are most foreign marriage for green card or few?????
  17. bro Abu Hadi you think its because your wife is lebanese? i don see ...lebanese girls looking to marry for for green card. i see iranis, syrians, morocans and pakistanis doing it. then its not even worth marrying a foreign person. its impossible to know...... asking the spouse not to civil marriage sounds rude if they are legit. ITs impossible!!!
  18. recently i visited one marriage site. ..i saw most girls there want to marry similar age man. but few want a guy much older ... like up to 20 years older!!! one girl about 24 want a guy from 33 to 49!! i messaged her to ask y. she said cause boys are immature. i said man will go bald. what the hell! i dont think i could marry someone 10 years younger than i .am .... i cant trust her. i think she would be after my money. i dont wanna be sugar daddy. i would feel like old man ... be scared she will regret marriage when i hit old age. i dont know how some men do it. ........ they live in fan
  19. some guy i know married a shia girl from mid east then after she got citizenship she divorced him right away. guy is devestated. one local family got their daughter married to a guy from pakistan ... and he did it for citizenship only. i know the dad .. he thought guy was genuine. some of us cant find spouse from west ... how do we know if potential spouse from east is a fraud?????? what to look out for?????? should we avoid at all costs to marry from abroad?????
  20. salaaam people! i met this revert lady. reverted 6 months ago. she is shia. but i am afraid she will turn back like some reverts do ..... after a few years. how should i go about this? my friends says wait many years after someone revert before u think about marrying her.
  21. its not twisted logic it is perfect logic he has 3 options 1, break up with her and maybe never find a good girl he like again 2, marry her and suffer for life cause he cant help how he feels 3, get engaged to her and do mutah to make him feel good. she gets husband he gets a wife!! EYERYONE is HAPPY! I am a genius. I have solved the problem of girls with halal pasts. all single men and all girls with pasts can thank me. girls with pasts find it hard to get married ..... i solved the problem for them.
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