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  1. Scientific explanation of Imam Mahdi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qu3N-FihnmI
  2. Ejaz

    Youtube views

    Salaam brother naqvi I agree that there is a need to discuss the role of revered Sunni personalities when one is not in danger in an academic and civilised manner. Thank you for the video, it was a very good video on the necessity of a clean heart and intention which is very important and required in today’s day and age. inshallah will share on social media JazakAllah Khayr
  3. Ejaz

    Convert WhatsApp group

    Can we create non convert only whatsapp group?
  4. Salam do you know about Malcolm X’s grandson Malcolm Shabbaz who was his grandson?
  5. Ejaz

    What is it about long nails and the devil?

    Also to add we know of a group of extremist Muslims who take literalistic interpretations of Qur'an and Sunnah
  6. Ejaz

    What is it about long nails and the devil?

    Haha at least it helped make you more clean. In “some” countries there is a double standard for women and men & it’s manly for men to have hairy armpits. Though I don’t think chest hair will be a problem right
  7. Ejaz

    What is it about long nails and the devil?

    Salam Devils could be metaphorically referring to bacteria that is not good for you if you bite your nails.
  8. Ejaz

    Youtube views

    Salam, I am not an expert but here are some options: -> click bait title or thumbnail to attract viewers, does not have to be accurate title -> maybe make Facebook, twitter accounts -> promotion by using advertisements -> purchase viewers (check with your marja for permissibility) hope it helps
  9. Salam brother am thinking of doing this but will have to find a right shortcourse for neuroscience. Salam brother/sister I think computer science will be too programming intensive but I don’t mind math so might do a shortcourse on math. Salam brother do you recommend I learn any other program like c++.
  10. Ejaz

    Life in Qom for married couple

    not sure brother but maybe these videos will help:
  11. Can you work with AI in mechanical engineering? Software is too much coding so I don’t want to do that. What about mechatronics?
  12. Thanks for ur reply br Ralvi, I think maybe these are metaphorical or linguistic way of describing creation. Can you explain what is the role of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) or what is the role of Prophet saw? I think Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) created Prophet’s saw soul and then this soul created mankind’s soul instead of simply ‘telling something to come into existence’. can you also clarify if they created from themselves by blowing nafs or from “nothing”
  13. at around 22-23 mins br moussa says Rasulullah saw went to a void and told us to come into existence. Can someone verify this point? is this equivalent to something coming from nothing? JazakAllah Khayr
  14. Could someone please explain the tafsir of verse 78 of surah waqia according to Agha Mahdi Pooya? Is he holding the view that the Qur'an is incomplete or the tafsir/ understanding of Qur'an is limited to the Holy Imams and Rasulullah (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) ? فِي كِتَابٍ مَكْنُونٍ {78} [Shakir 56:78] In a book that is protected Verse 78 says that the Qur'an is treasured and preserved in a well guarded book (maknun) implying that it is the recitation which is in our hands, not the actual book. In support verses 3 and 4 of Zukhruf say: "Verily, We have made it an Arabic Qur'an that you may haply understand. Verily it is in the mother (of the) book with Us, the most exalted, full of wisdom." According to Shu-ara: 192 to 194 it was sent down to the heart of the Holy Prophet through the trusted spirit. It was taught to the Holy Prophet by Allah as per Najam: 5. Ankabut: 49 says that the Qur'an, a collection of clear or manifest signs or verses, is treasured in the hearts of those who are endowed with divine wisdom-the Holy Prophet and his thoroughly purified Ahl ul Bayt. Therefore the well-guarded book preserved in the lawh mahfuz (also described in Anam: 59) was known to the Holy Prophet, and from the heart of the Holy Prophet this heavenly treasure was transferred to the twelve Imams of the Ahl ul Bayt, the thoroughly purified. Jazakallah Khayr
  15. Ejaz

    Suggestions on books and Hadith

    Salaam alaykum sister, Principles of faith - I would start with this https://www.al-Islam.org/principles-faith-usul-al-din-husayn-vahid-khorasani Hayat al qulub https://www.al-Islam.org/hayat-al-qulub-vol-1-allamah-muhammad-Baqir-al-majlisi For Sunni / Shia difference https://www.al-Islam.org/then-i-was-guided-muhammad-al-tijani-al-samawi if the brothers / sisters could add more it will be appreciated. @Ashvazdanghe @Qa'im