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  1. Isn’t it backbiting to talk about someone negatively behind their back? How can we conceive of the best creation of God doing such a thing??
  2. Salaam, I don’t think they are trying to prove the Imam’s (عليه السلام) existence through this. From my understanding, what they are doing is: We believe the Qur’an is true (as Muslims) The Quran says that Noah had a lengthy lifespan (950 years) Thus, it is conceivable that Imam Mahdi (عليه السلام) has a long lifespan
  3. What, are your thoughts on the Robert Malone podcast on Joe Rogan? Here’s a transcription / summary (indented stuff is Malone speaking, dot points are paraphrased Rogan points): Today (Dec 31) the first patient is enrolled in clinical trials for the combination of famotidine and celecoxib for treating SARS/COVI-2. It is based on Malone's discoveries. We had data to show that Ivermectin improves the combination [famotidine and celecoxib], but the FDA created enormous roadblocks to us doing an Ivermectin arm that we had to drop it. The FDA created so much grief that the DOD decided the "juice wasn't worth the squeeze". It's not just Ivermectin [that they're putting a stop to], it's also hydroxychloroquine. Zev Zelenko [...] clearly documents the conspiracy between Janet Woodcock and Rick Bright to make it so that physicians could not administer hydroxychloroquine outside of the hospital. Rick Bright was head of the BARDA (Biomedical Advance Research and Development Authority) which is the group that, for instance, funded the J&J vaccine and Operation Warp Speed, etc... BARDA is the "big ticket funder" of bio defense products Janet Woodcock was head of Operation Warp Speed for drugs, and until very recently head of the FDA. She is known as the person that kind of gets the credit for the Opioid Crisis for her role at the FDA. Joe: Why do they do that? Joe: And if you were going to follow the money, the problem is there's no a lot in ivermectin because it is a generic drug and any compound pharmacy can make it. And it's fairly cheap. The Chinese government has been using hydroxychloroquine, with effective results. Though, they have not been using ivermectin. The virus was ripping through Uttar Pradesh, India. Uttar Pradesh has 2/3 the population as the entire United States but is only 2% of its square mileage. The decision was made out of desperation to deploy early treatments as packages widely throughout the province. The package contained a number of agents, the composition of which has not been formally disclosed. It was done in coordination with the WOH, and whatever was in those package was rumored to include ivermectin, but there was a specific visit of Biden to Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India). There was an explicit decision in the Indian government not to disclose the contents of those packages. Uttar Pradesh has flatlined in terms of deaths, while the US is still somehow struggling with Covid. Joe: Isn't there some evidence that the vaccine actually helps people with Long Covid? People who have natural immunity have a much higher risk factor for the whole spectrum of adverse effects, between 2 or 4-fold, if they get the jab. Joe: But even though that's known, there are so many people out there telling people who have just recovered from Covid to get vaccinated. According to the study in Israel with 2.5 million people, [natural immunity] is about 27-fold better at protecting against developing the disease (note: infection does not equal disease). That is only 1 in over 140 studies that document that natural immunity is superior to the vaccine induced immunity The CDC disputes this despite the evidence using a very small study with intrinsic bias, much smaller than the Israeli study, much less rigorous statistical power. The CDC study did this themselves. Joe: So they funded this study, they did it themselves, and do you believe they did it with the intent of coming to the conclusion- The TNI (Trusted News Initiative), which began fall of 2020, ties together big tech and big media in service of the government and was built expressly for the purpose of "protecting our democracy and voting integrity from undue influence from hostile offshore players through media information campaigns." The TNI is the response of the Western nations to the alleged Russian interference. It surveys all information about elections to (allegedly) prevent intrusion of foreign information into the democratic process. Shortly after the TNI's creation, there was an awareness in the pharmaceutical industry that this organization could be used to address a particular challenge that they had: anti-vaxxers "(the label that is used to take anybody out that raises concerns about vaccine safety. Anti-vaxxer is the pejorative that is applied making it really easy to basically take off the table anybody that is saying something contrary to the interests of the vaccine industry)." The TNI has also been deployed against climate skeptics. The authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, esteemed and full professors, were systematically deplatformed by the federal government for criticizing the effectiveness of vaccine lockdowns, and labled as "fringe" epidemiologists. Sweden used a hands off approach and handled Covid much more effectively than the US Israel has a financial deal with Pfizer and only use Pfizer vaccines. Israel is on their 4th dose. Israel, compared to its surrounding states who don't have that level of vaccine uptake at all, has a significantly higher mortality rate. There are many variables that make it difficult to clearly define a vaccine-caused death, let alone a vaccine-correlated death. [Malone lists many examples of how difficult it is to define, such as co-morbidities and physical trauma.] Joe: Now you just glossed over the financial incentive to report a Covid death. What is that? What is the financial incentive? Because there are all these rumors that you would hear about what a hospital gets paid per Covid death and that the government gives them money, and that they're incentivized to make something- mark it down- Joe: (in disbelief) But is that real? Joe: I've seen that said, but I've always thought that's ridiculous. Joe: So it really is true, that if someone has a gunshot wound, and they're dying of that gunshot wound, and if you check them for Covid, and if they're Covid positive, and they die, then they're marked off as a Covid death. [Explanation of how laws and treaties work for clinical trials.] Thomson Reuters Organization has become the "fact-checker" of choice and is tied closely to Pfizer with common corporate ownership. They are the fact-checker of Twitter. Integrated on a board level. Thomson Reuters is making the decisions, which has connections to Pfizer, about what information is allowed to be discussed on Twitter. The people who are doing the attacking are almost universally hospital administrators and hospital-based physicians. There is a recent paper out of Hong Kong: Comprehensive Analysis Myocarditis in Boys Hospitalized. Joe: I keep hearing that it's "mild myocarditis" and that it "eventually goes away," but not citing any studies, and I don't think there are any long term studies. An early test they did do was on rats showed that the mRNA goes to the ovary at a very high rate. This wasn't supposed to happen. It was supposed to stay in the arm at the injection site. It instead goes all over the body, and specifically to two places that are kind of anomalous: bone marrow and the ovaries. We can isolate it to the ovarian signal because it doesn't occur in testes. So we have a non-clinical trial (rat trial) that shows affects on the ovaries. And when it is deployed widely in humans, we continue to see the alteration in menstrual cycle. Rabbis of the Hasidic Jews had to closely monitor the effects on their women's menstrual cycles because of their religious concern with cleanliness (see the Pentateuch on menstrual cleanliness). There are strict rules on cleanliness during intercourse. These Rabbis, being very familiar with their women's menstrual cycles, immediately recognized disruptions in the menstrual cycles of their communities. They came out with a clear statement that children should not be vaccinated, authenticated by law. And with adults it was strongly discouraged. The disease itself (Covid), the mRNA genetic vaccines, and the DNA virus administered genetic vaccines (J&J) all have these symptoms: clotting, brain fog, etc... Joe: Spike proteins? [A lot of technical jargon in this segment somewhere around 1:30:00 that I'm honestly too tired to transcribe. He describes the effects lipids and proteins and spike etc...] There is a paper out that tried to explain the difference between Long Covid and post-vaccination syndrome. It concluded that the two are indistinguishable. Joe: This T-cell suppression, are there any studies on the amount of time that it takes before your system rebalances itself post-jab? Malone clarifies that the T-cell suppression is only against that antigen, and likely does not affect anything else about the immune system but does not claim that there is absolutely 0 broader effect. Malone was infected twice 4 months after taking 2 jabs of moderna, infected with both the original Wuhan strain and Delta Malone describes an anecdote to show how someone who is vaccinated is more likely to participate in dangerous behavior, behaviors with increased likelihood of infection like clubbing and going out, because they feel protected by the vaccine. He says this to say that it may not be the vaccine itself causing the increase in infection, but the resulting behaviors, which are variables unaccounted for. The FDA did not force any pharmaceutical company to collect this data even though they should have. Malone goes on to say there are studies out and coming out now about the correlation between jabs and increase in infectivity. The data came from the Netherlands, likely their government. The statisticians are debating how to interpret the data because of how contaminated the original data is, regarding the numerator (total infections). Joe: So would the assumption be that there's something that's happening to people that are vaccinated where it makes them more susceptible to this particular strain of Covid is a vaccine escape variant? Prior strains of Covid infected the deep lung. As the new strains are developing, it appears they are settling more in the throat instead. While it has a higher rate of infectivity, it is less pathogenic. The CDC modelling data suggested that by now all covid cases would be around 70-80% Omircon, which is now understood to be erroneous modelling. WHO asserts that there are no deaths associated with Omicron in the world at this moment. The mortality of Omicron is remarkably low. The official symptoms list for Omicron is pretty much identical to the common cold. It is a mild variant and is able to escape prior vaccination, typically because of a mismatched vaccine. The reproductive coefficient of the original Wuhan strain was about 2 to 3. Meaning on average, one would infect 2 to 3 other people if they have the virus themselves. Delta had a coefficient of 5 to 6. Omircon is about 7-10. That's measles territory. Most of the press statements on Omicron infectivity is based on modeled data, not real data, but it is shown as if it were real. The hospitalizations due to Covid appear to be dominantly Delta, not Omicron. I (1974) Declassified Kissinger report with mentions of fertility control, population stabilization, and the use of intergovernmental organizations: https://pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/PCAAB500.pdf (1992) UN Agenda 21 report, states plans for mass vaccinations and the control of communicable disease (common colds): https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/content/documents/Agenda21.pdf (2021) US Census Bureau reports lowest increase of US population since 1776: https://www.census.gov/library/stories/2021/12/us-population-grew-in-2021-slowest-rate-since-founding-of-the-nation.html Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/ru5ii7/joe_rogan_and_dr_robert_malone_md_interview/ My friend told me Malone’s Twitter got taken down after sharing this: https://www.canadiancovidcarealliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/The-COVID-19-Inoculations-More-Harm-Than-Good-REV-Dec-16-2021.pdf Disclaimer: please do not take anyone’s word for anything, VERIFY all information and consult those who are knowledgeable
  4. Shaykh Hamza Yusuf - “They will say the vaccines are safe”
  5. Salam What does this mean ? Also does weakness of blonde / tanned women mean unable to resist temptation?
  6. Are there signs peculiar to men and others in women? If one even gets the slightest of signs should they run?
  7. God can't do it or He won't do it? I believe He (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) has the ability to do anything but will not do irrational, nonsensical, evil etc. actions or things because of His nature...similar to how prophets possess the capability of sinning but won't sin...for example, Mr. X or Mr. Y has the ability to kill his son...but he won't do such a heinous act because he's a good Jew, Christian, Muslim or conscientious human being...but the ability to perform the action is always there...the capability is innately forever present...think of purchasing a handgun at age 20...it's cocked and loaded and ready to use...at age 80 you die without having had the need to (actually) use the gun...either you lived a peaceful existence or you were able to quell certain social disturbances without having to resort to all-out violence...God won't make a square peg and then insist that it fits into a circular hole...He could do it...but He won't do it...it's an imposed self-limitation. If we say God won’t do it, but He can make something that He can’t lift, then that would just be playing into the absurd question and assuming it is possible for something to be more powerful than God Himself. If it was possible for something to be more powerful than God, then He would no longer be the Omnipotent.For me the question is like asking if a square can ever become a circle or a married man simultaneously being a bachelor. As the philosopher Richard Swinburne said: "A 'logically impossible event' is not an event, just as a dead person is not a person. It is something described by a form of words that purport to describe an event, but do not describe anything that it is conceivable to suppose could occur, since the sentence that says that it occurred entails a contradiction." In this vain, I recall the Hadith of Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq answering a logically impossible event (I found it fascinating that there’s two versions of the Hadith, though I more fully agree with the first): I also don’t think that God not being able to do the impossible takes away from His Omnipotence or His being All-Powerful. The atheist philosopher, Nicholas Everett, also says: "To say that something is logically impossible is precisely to exclude it from the realm of the do-able. So to say that God cannot do what is logically impossible is not to say that his power is limited in any way" https://religions.wiki/index.php/Argument_from_incompatible_attributes Here I note that there seems to be multiple translations of 67:1, one of which that says He has power over all things (instead of Him being able to do all things). “Blessed is He in Whose hand is the kingdom, and He has power over all things,” Even if we take the other translation, we could argue that the logically impossible is not a thing at all. Please correct me if I’m wrong brother. Wallahu A’lam
  8. This is similar to what Aquinas was quoted to have said at the end of the video. God being greater than can be conceived. I also get your point, a journey of experience and love is perhaps a more direct journey to God.
  9. I don’t know why some people were saying the recitation was disrespectful to Peterson. I mean he asked him for permission before he did it, and it did demonstrate an answer to the question. The theophanic reality and sacredness of the Quran is what connects Muslims to the Ultimately Real. Being the literal Word of God, every aspect of the Quran is sacred, including the Quranic Arabic.
  10. Yep I am referring to the commentary. I am using The Study Quran commentary at the moment.
  11. Such apparent contradictions between God’s omni-properties are discussed within the philosophy of religion. Another seeming contradiction (discussed in the below video), is the classic “can God create a stone so heavy that He cannot lift it”? If He can, then He is not Omnipotent- because He cannot lift it. If He can’t, then He is not omnipotent and therefore not able to do all things (67:1). I must admit, this is a great paradox. Perhaps a way out is to say that the question is not meaningful at all. Where it would be the equivalent of blabbering nonsense and not making any sense at all. See the below comment and the original post for Imam Hafar’s (عليه السلام) response to a similar question.
  12. Salaam, To give a concrete example: لى: السناني، عن الاسدي، عن النخعي، عن عمه النوفلي، عن علي بن سالم عن أبي بصير، عن أبي عبد الله الصادق عليه السلام قال: إن الله تبارك وتعالى لا يوصف بزمان ولا مكان ولا حركة ولا انتقال ولا سكون، بل هو خالق الزمان والمكان والحركة و السكون والانتقال، تعالى عما يقول الظالمون علواكبيرا. Al Sinany, from Al Asady, from Al Nakhaie, from his uncle Al Nowfaly, from Ali Bin Salim, from Abu Baseer, ‘From Abu Abdullah Al-Sadiq having said: ‘Allah Blessed and Exalted can neither be described by the time, nor a place, nor movement, nor transfer, nor transition, nor sleep. But, He is the Creator of the time, and the place, and the movement, and the sleep, and the transition. Exalted is He from what the unjust ones are saying, Lofty, Great’’. 2 - شا، ج: روي أن بعض أحبار اليهود جاء إلى أبي بكر فقال له: أنت خليفة رسول الله على الامة ؟ فقال: نعم، فقال: إنا نجد في التورية أن خلفاء الانبياء أعلم اممهم، فخبرني عن الله أين هو ؟ في السماء هو أم في الارض ؟ فقال له أبو بكر: في السماء على العرش، It is reported that one of the Jewish Rabbis came to Abu Bakr and said to him, ‘Are you the Caliph of Rasool-Allah upon the community?’ He said, ‘Yes’. He said, ‘We find in the Torah that the Caliphs of the Prophetsas are the most knowledgeable of theiras communities, so tell me about Allah, where is He? Is He in the sky or in the earth?’ Abu Bakr said to him, ‘In the sky upon the Throne’. قال اليهودي: فأرى الارض خالية منه، فأراه على هذا القول في مكان دون مكان ! فقال له أبو بكر: هذا كلام الزنادقة، اعزب عني وإلا قتلتك، فولى الرجل متعجبا يستهزئ بالاسلام، The Jew said, ‘But (then) I see the earth empty from Him, and I see Him, based upon this word, to be in a place besides a place!’ Abu Bakr said to him, ‘This is a speech of the atheists. Be distant from me or else I will kill you!’ So, the man turned around wondering, mocking with Al-Islam. فاستقبله أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام فقال له: يا يهودي قد عرفت ما سألت عنه وما اجبت به وإنا نقول: إن الله عزوجل أين الاين فلا أين له، وجل من أن يحويه مكان، وهو في كل مكان بغير مماسة ولا مجاورة، يحيط علما بما فيها، ولا يخلو شئ من تدبيره تعالى، وإني مخبرك بما جاء فيكتاب منكتبكم، يصدق بما ذكرته لك فإن عرفته أتؤمن به ؟ Amir Al-Momineen faced him and said to him: ‘O Jew! I have recognised what you asked about and what you have been answered with, and we are saying that Allah Mighty and Majestic is ‘where’ of the whereness, therefore there is no ‘where’ for Him, and He is more Majestic than for a place to contain Him, and He is in every place without an adjacency nor a vicinity. He Encompasses knowledge with whatever there is in it, and there is nothing empty from the arrangement of the Exalted, and I shall inform you with whatever has come in a Book from your Books, ratifying with what I have mentioned to you. So, if you recognise it, will you believe in it?’ قال اليهودي: نعم، قال: ألستم تجدون في بعض كتبكم أن موسى بن عمران كان ذات يوم جالسا. إذ جاءه ملك من المشرق فقال له: من أين جئت ؟ قال: من عند الله عزوجل، ثم جاءه ملك من المغرب فقال له: من أين جئت ؟ قال: من عند الله عزوجل، The Jew said, ‘Yes’. He said: ‘Aren’t you finding in one of your books that Musa Bin (son of) Imran was seated one day when an Angel came from the east, so heas said to him: ‘Where are you coming from?’ He said, ‘From the Presence of Allah Mighty and Majestic’. Then an Angel came from the west, and heas said to him: ‘Where are you coming from?’ He said, ‘From the Presence of Allah Mighty and Majestic’. ثم جاءه ملك آخر، فقال له: من أين جئت ؟ قال: قد جئتك من السماء السابعة من عند الله عزوجل، وجاءه ملك آخر فقال: من أين جئت ؟ قال: قد جئتك من الارض السابعة السفلى من عند الله عزوجل، Then another Angel came, and heas said to him: ‘Where are you coming from?’ He said, ‘I am coming from the seventh sky from the Presence of Allah Mighty and Majestic’. And another Angel came and heas said: ‘Where are you coming from?’ He said, ‘I have come from the seventh lowest firmament from the Presence of Allah Mighty and Majestic’. فقال موسى عليه السلام: سبحان من لا يخلو منه مكان ولا يكون إلى مكان أقرب من مكان، فقال اليهودي: أشهد أن هذا هو الحق المبين، وأنك أحق بمقام نبيك ممن استولى عليه. So, Musaas said: ‘Glorious is the One Who, there is no place empty from Him, nor does He happen to be closer to a place than a (another) place’. The Jew said, ‘I testify that this, it is the manifest Truth, and you are more deserving of a place of your Prophetas than the one who is ruling over it’’.232 3 - شا، ج: روى الشعبي أنه سمع أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام رجلا يقول: والذي احتجب بسبع طباق، فعلاه بالدرة، ثم قال له: يا ويلك إن الله أجل من أن يحتجب عن شئ، أو يحتجب عنه شئ سبحان الذي لا يحويه مكان، ولا يخفى عليه شئ في الارض ولا في السماء، Source: Bihar al anwar, Volume 3, The Book of Tawheed Ch 14 H2 https://hubeali.com/books/English-Books/BiharAlAnwaar/BiharAlAnwaar_V3.pdf#page351
  13. Yes correct. He says the animals inherit the consequences of the original sin. The original sin lead to genetic decay or entropy and caused death within the world. In heaven, there shan’t be any death and destruction. Suffering on humans is not justified according to him because humans were created in God’s image, and the Bible says to even love one’s (human) enemies. Also the commandment of “though shall not kill” which applies to humans. Suffering on certain animals for food is justified because the Bible allows it. The vegan in a sense corners the Christian by saying that consumption or torture of dogs is not mentioned in the Bible, and so dogs could technically be tortured. Yes this (and part 2 of this) is one of my favourite slaughter videos. If u go to page 1 and scroll down this vegan guy responds to him as well.
  14. From my (small) understanding it does seem to be a major doctrine within Shiism. I believe it flows directly from Quran 33:33 and the Hadith of the Cloak (as well as other verses).
  15. Off the top of my head I can remember Hadith Thaqalayn, Ghadeer Khumm, Aaron and Moses hadith, Da’wat Dhu’l Ashira. Hadith of the Cloak and it’s relation to 33:33 of Quran, Imam Ali (عليه السلام) paying Zakat in ruku and it’s relation to the Wali verse, the Fadak hadith and the pen and paper hadith. Please let me know if you don’t know which I’m talking about and inshaAllah me or someone here will find the hadiths for you. There may be more in this video (please forgive me if the video sounds disrespectful).
  16. That’s a fair point. But to play the devil’s advocate, there’s a great jump from being a “fool” and being “perfect”. Couldn’t the Guide be someone who does not commit sins, but is at the same time imperfect (committing actions that are perhaps not categorised as sins, but mistakes nonetheless)? I don’t know I may be overthinking here.
  17. I have been quite shocked and horrified by some ahadith as well. For me, it was more a matter of questioning whether I am looking at things from a modern lens. But then also realising the context of the ahadith (and the possibility of them being dhaeef or maudhu). Though I guess that’s a topic for another thread.
  18. For me it’s about hadiths found within Sunni literature that match up with Shia theology. In addition, I believe it is more rational that Rasulullah (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) (explicitly) chose a successor and didn’t intend for chaos subsequent to his departure from this world. Also, I find Beauty and Truth in the sayings of the ahlulbayt ((عليه السلام)) in shiite narrations. Wallahu A’lam
  19. Should I only read the tafsir’s of certain verses? Also I am non-arabic speaker so should I do recitation separate and read tafsir separate? JazakAllah
  20. Thanks, this is interesting. Why has Allah (azz) made it so they seem sweet/ enjoyable in this world? Is it so that we can realise the sweetness is momentary and not real?
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