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  1. Yes exactly. This principle could be stretched to justify a lot of heinous acts. It also presupposes materialism and does not consider the spiritual harm of one’s acts.
  2. Ah the liberal ‘Harm Principle’ by John Stuart Mill. Often used by gay activists to justify homosexuality—i.e. “it’s two consenting adults…”
  3. @Eddie Avast WOW. Very interesting, thanks for sharing. aleister Crowley is an interesting but scary man. Here’s a post that @Qa'im made on him:
  4. A crucial question in the age of “instant gratification”
  5. 2030 seems to have significance to the satanic occultists. The UN also has an agenda for 2030.
  6. Some people would just dismiss it by saying it’s not “peer reviewed”
  7. Salaam, could someone answer this western propaganda against Islam. I saw posted on r/islam reddit that women protesters were married so that they could be executed. The source was these two links: https://www.ihrr.org/ihrr_article/violence-en_sexual-torture-of-women-political-prisoners-in-the-islamic-republic-of-iran/ https://women.ncr-iran.org/2015/11/13/female-prisoners-who-are-virgins-must-be-raped-before-execution-to-prevent-them-from-entering-heaven/
  8. And don’t even get me started on the sexual symbolism in Disney movies. They use subliminal messaging to inculcate immorality within the youth.
  9. Thanks for building on this thread @Eddie Mecca. There’s a weird obsession with homosexuality, transgenderism and feminism in the media. It is symbolic of their opposition to the Allah’s Law.
  10. What are peoples thoughts on the below podcast? He talks about (or hints towards) the Illuminati. Is the real reason he got cancelled because he spoke against the elitists (even hinting his support for Palestine in a recent video)? Why was he cancelled when you have people like Lil Nas X, who promotes homosexuality with the devil to CHILDREN?
  11. @Eddie Mecca Masha Allah. Your entire paragraph speaks volumes. the question is - why do they promote these things? Why promote transhumanism and DNA tampering? My guess would be for greater control (through things like Neuralink) and greater (eventual) profits. The promotion of Satan is obvious - they worship him
  12. This channel is dedicated to this type of work from a Christian perspective
  13. Is dajjal a system or is he a man? Or is there a dajjalic system as well as a man? will the dajjal and sufyani be friends?
  14. Salaam just wondering, western media is saying irans protestors are being sentenced to death. Is this true? And all they need to do is repent and not repeat their actions to get out of this??
  15. Salam brother could u tell me difference between irfan and Sufism and in terms of philosophy are they the same
  16. Salaam sister, What this means is that the government is deciding what is misinformation. A medical professional with a contrarian POV is not allowed. This sounds rather hypocritical of a society that seems itself “free” and allowing “freedom of expression”.
  17. Wsalam, Wow. That’s rather unfortunate but expected. since when was science supposed to be monopolised.
  18. Is it because of the vacc1ne? Why no mainstream media reporting on this?
  19. Salam, I see a lot of marriages breaking up because of matters that could have been discussed before marrying, such as level of religiousness, expectations when dealing with non-mahrams and life objectives. So what are some of the things to ask your potential spouse before marriage?
  20. how about yourself? Do you rejoice when someone enters Shi’a Islam @Muslim by Choice?
  21. I rejoice. Islam is Islam. As for the final destination of our souls, Wallahu A’lam.
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