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  1. Salaam brother, do you think this can be applied to other practices within religion? I mean mourning the tragedy of Karbala has a basis in our religion but does Tatbir or Zanjeer Zani? Does matam have a basis? Do Alams of the ahlulbayt have a basis? Does a mock horse (Zuljenah) have a basis? I am not giving my opinion, just asking these questions. I see how this could lead to controversy…
  2. Salaam I agree that we should not be unjust or transgressive against anyone, let alone our wives (with whom we should live with love and compassion). Though even if we say the ayah means “protectors” or “guardians”, this necessitates a level of hierarchy. Wallahu A’lam
  3. We Muslims should not care if our religion is not politically correct. We should focus on being the best representatives of the religion of Muhammad wa ‘Aal Muhammad ((عليه السلام)). When it really comes to it, NO major world religion is politically correct:
  4. The truth of the matter is that hierarchies exist all around us. Do we not all submit to Allah (azwj) and to His representatives on Earth? Without a hierarchy, there would be chaos. Similarly a level of hierarchy exists within the household. It’s not just about men being in charge of women, if you say this you disregard that beneath that beneath the feet of our mothers lies our paradise. Nonetheless, when it comes to our wives, we men are the qawwāmun (maintainers, upholders) of (our) women: الرِّجالُ قَوّامونَ عَلَى النِّساءِ بِما فَضَّلَ اللَّهُ بَعضَهُم عَلىٰ بَعضٍ وَبِما أَنفَقوا مِن أَموالِهِم ۚ فَالصّالِحاتُ قانِتاتٌ حافِظاتٌ لِلغَيبِ بِما حَفِظَ اللَّهُ ۚ وَاللّاتي تَخافونَ نُشوزَهُنَّ فَعِظوهُنَّ وَاهجُروهُنَّ فِي المَضاجِعِ وَاضرِبوهُنَّ ۖ فَإِن أَطَعنَكُم فَلا تَبغوا عَلَيهِنَّ سَبيلًا ۗ إِنَّ اللَّهَ كانَ عَلِيًّا كَبيرًا “Men are the managers of women, because of the advantage Allah has granted some of them over others, and by virtue of their spending out of their wealth. So righteous women are obedient, care-taking in the absence [of their husbands] of what Allah has enjoined [them] to guard…” (4:34)
  5. He stated that it was this was his last post (see attached post). Perhaps it was the way that his message was received.
  6. A nice read in the transcript https://billmoyers.com/content/genesis-the-test/ SEYYED HOSSEIN NASR: And the question which you first posed, whether any of us is horrified by the story. And my answer is a very strong no, but I want to come back what — to why. There’s a verse in the Koran that says we put you in this world in order to test you. The whole of life is a test. Now from a certain point of view, the test that Abraham is put through — precisely because of the father of monotheism is a supreme test. The supreme test which acts as the highest level, through which we could not go very easily, because we’re not on that level of reality. We’re not on that level of consciousness. Now it’s very important to understand this from a spiritual point of view. That if we cut off the hands of God from the events of this world. What happens in if our — if — in our ordinary life, our small child who is innocent from a moral point of view dies of cancer, what happens to that? Usually we do not associate that with the trial of Abraham. But if we have a kind of premodern cosmology, according to which it is God’s will that acts in human life, in history, in nature, in the world outside of us, then this supreme story is — in — there in order to enable us, actually, to face the most difficult tasks of life, which is like the loss of a son. That certainly is a condition which all of us face in this life if we have children
  7. Are there any maraji’ that allow cat hairs while praying?
  8. Salam of course this action should be taken if the Imams (عليه السلام) have told us. I don’t know why there is so much disagreement. Why do the shirazi groups disregard the emphasis of taqiyya?
  9. Yes this was the other one that I was thinking of watching, other than the one that br. mahdavist mentioned
  10. A glorious trap question for liberals, feminists and leftists. The moment they give the biological definition of a woman, they will accept that a woman is a woman and a man is a man, and that you can not change this.
  11. There’s so many Biography series, I do not know which one to choose from.
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