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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. its official now, Bahrains king is a zionist stoooge http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Columnists/Article.aspx?ID=264546&R=R1
  2. http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Columnists/Article.aspx?ID=264546&R=R1 look dude, if the Jerusalem Post thinkns bahrains king is the best thing since sliced bread.............
  3. of course during saddam there was no need to send insurgents to kill shias, saddam was doing that , probably on the orders of the saudis and usa, it was the shias who revolted against saddam on numerous occasions
  4. while driving away running scared at soldiers shooting and killing them, this guy runs over some one, and now this driver is a criminal? what does that make the soldiers shooting at them?
  5. Noura: the article which is by Assosiated Press says CLINTON SAID THE USA WILL WORK WITH SUNNI GOVERMENTS. so you are claiming AP fabricated this statement? Propaganda_of_the_deed: please explain, if the insurgency of sunnis was against the USA as you claim, who are they fighting now, and why wont they stop now? anwser: because they were always fighting shias. its quite simple and yes of course im bias and so are you
  6. Noura: Clinton said SUNNI its quoted by the news click the link. Propaganda_of_the_deed: wheres your proof for sunnis resisting the US. thats just a load of BS, the sunnis were just killing iraqi shias!!!! and to proove my point http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/iraq/9155741/Scores-dead-after-multiple-al-Qaeda-Iraq-bombings.html al qaida keeps bombing iraq even though us troops have left!!!! maaan, you bakris cant handle the reality on the ground cus its all out there in the open now. sunnis and zionists and us are allied to defeat the mighty shia who are the only hope for freedom to muslims
  7. US supported saddam, then got rid of him. people resisted saddam, then resisted US occupation, now saddam and the US are both gone. whats your point?
  8. as a person who lives in Europe i am telling YOU, things are just fine over there. There's inflation in europe too specially on food, and were talking 10-20% a year on food., 20% of spain is unemployed, greek salaries are cut in half!!!!!!!!! how many iranians have had their salaries slashed? Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, their all in a major crisis, dont you watch the news? a Greek steel worker used to make 1000euros a month, now they make 500 euros, job security is lowered, mandatory severence packages have been removed, and to top it off, everyone has to work more years before retirement. Iran's economy, even though under sanctions, under threat of war, is managing to GROW!!! and you say the government is messing things up? what do you expect? paradise?
  9. True sunni got it wrong again, ever since the US operation AJAX which put the western back despot to power, there was resistance, which finally bore fruit through the revolution edning in 1979. What have sunnis done to bring down the al Saud dynasty which was brought to power by the west and now is the epitome of a corrupt muslim nation? Where's the resistance to this outrageous alliance that has been made with the zionists?
  10. naah, you used to be shia, so now you are what? its your life, and you only get one shot.
  11. hahahahahahahaahahahhahahahahahahahahahah iranians now have an average salary thats better than the greeks in europe! iran is now the 17th largest economy in the world according to IMF and youre telling me people there suffer? talk about getting your salary cut in half! like in spain.. talk about getting your retirement age lifted by five years like in finland. you sir, are just an anti-welayat faqih anti islamic republic dude thats blind to anything positive and open to anything negative about the islamic republic. i on the other hand am a well travelled, open minded person who knows the truth when he sees it and by God, Khamenei is on the path of truth if anyone.
  12. that's what i thought ;) if i were a gambling man, i'd bet you are iranian, and probably MeK or something. maybe returning to shiism are you, good luck. too bad you lost it at some point and need i say what i believe happens to people like that...
  13. abu hadi, arash_australia is on shia chat to argue with shias, read his posts youll notice the trend :) i did in 1 hour.
  14. looooooooool the Islamic Republic is stronger than ever, and has more allies than it ever did the biggest mistake was for those idiot sunni states to distance themselves from iraq because of their wahhabi tendencies, and forgot about arabism etc.. now iran has a very reliable ally in iraq because the shias saw that their only true friend was shia iran. Alhamdulillah. Iran is so powerful that that the US is pooping its pants and like a drowning person splashing their arms and legs in the water trying to find ways to stop iran from totally dominating the middle east. too late. Russia and China will never let anything happen to iran because after Libya, they stood their ground in Syria and noticed what the americans are planning... oil is in demand and iran is selling, its a sellers market not a buyers market when it comes to energy, iran is doing better than ever.
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