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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I live in Southern Ontario too and it was difficult to see the moon, especially where I live. I live near the escarpment and it was very cloudy. Since there is uncertainty. My family, we travel far in the morning so our fast would break.
  2. So, my baby sister was in my room and if I told her I was recording something (OR made it seem as if I was), she'd start screaming. So I had to make do: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0JIh9zWGUQL
  3. I'm not a fan of what comics are trying to do. I know they want inclusion and such, but maybe leave the original superheroes alone. For example, making female Thor; Pakistani-Muslims, Miss Marvel; African-American, Spiderman. If they want more diverse characters, they should create new ones. These original characters have values and morals and they always try to connect these into the newer versions of their identities. It never translates well, in my opinion. A lot of their new characters for inclusion are just shadows of older ones, Ironheart, Spider-Gwen, Silk, Miss America (Pretty much Captain America, but with the ability to transport through dimensions). I'd also put White Tiger here since she's pretty much just a female, Hispanic, black panther. But that doesn't mean they're creating new and "Original" characters. Alpha from Marvel comics is generally a new character (created in 2012), compelling story, and internal character conflictions. Yet they didn't try to make him any other race or gender but followed their old suit. They evolved Frank Castles (The Punisher) into some bloody "COSMIC GHOST RIDER" (I have not read that comic yet. Please don't spoil, if you have.) They apparently can't make new and "original" characters. I generally love the art of storytelling and but Marvel's attempt for inclusion seems a bit too forced through their writing at times. They have to connect the personality to original personas because that's where the values and morals of their identity come from. If they want to make a Muslim superhero. By all means, go ahead. But perhaps make one that has some faith in their religion and is proud of their background. I know religion isn't a problem, Captain America is a Christain and it's stated throughout the comics that he believes in god and that he goes to church every Sunday. And at the same time, they have characters like Iron Man who believes in no god and often makes that clear. My point in general is, Kamala Khan is just a failed attempt for inclusion. Sure girls see her background and religion and think, 'Finally a Muslim hero!' but if you read her comics. She's a bland character who tries to be Miss Marvel and in doing so goes against her own culture and beliefs. They try to make her think about them but it's a little forced. Nothing about her character comes naturally. Storytelling is also quite choppy and difficult to read through. I hope they make a better Muslim hero, male or female. One that has faith and perhaps practices their culture. Their costume maybe reflecting their culture a little bit. Welp, that's my rant. (I tend to go off so I'm not sure if everyone would understand what I tried to put across XD)
  4. Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal. They take the cake.
  5. @notme True, but I'd rather bring the discussion or idea to Muslim communities of giving music therapy a chance rather than dismissing it so quickly. @Natsu Agreed.
  6. @Ashvazdanghe I mean, he did too. But late. Late enough for him to be a whole year or two behind his entire grade for all his life. He started speaking late, he started learning late. He's mentally a bit slower than most kids his age. What may seem like an easy formula or concept to some kids, it's another language to him and it could take him days or weeks to grasp the concept. He's in high school now and I had to take a gap year from University to help my brother out because tutoring was too expensive and he failed almost every subject. He'd given up, he was under heavy stress from my father who doesn't understand his struggle because of his traditional views and the way he was raised, which was through punishments if he'd gotten something wrong. I love my father but I don't always agree with his traditional perspective. "You can do it if you get punished enough." It's the idea that a simple therapy would have helped him and saved him from all the struggle and depression he's currently in. It's not too late for the therapy but since it's against our parent's wishes. We haven't looked into it at all. This condition is a different case for every individual. What alternative methods, such as waiting it out, may have worked for you, might not work for someone else. Musical therapy is scientifically proven to help, but at what rate depends on the individual. Just maybe if we'd not been so closed minded, it'd help him carve a better future out.
  7. @megaman Timbre is something you'll find often in classical music. Timbre is, of course, the quality of music. Determined by its complexity, pitch, intensity. It's an instrumental (pun intended) quality that helps the brain when listening to classical music. Studies have shown that in the last century, it has gone down so much that there is almost no timbre in current music. Not only because of how they always use the same chords for every song and the 'millennial whoop' input in every song. But because they compress the musical sound, this eradicates any sort of timbre it could possibly have. This dumbs the brain down. And paired with ignorant, stupid, harmful, and repetitive lyrics just makes it worse. Pop music is the worst kind of poison to the mind.
  8. There are two sides to every coin. Music can be used for good and bad. Now, I've personally never played an instrument as to respect my parent's wishes. But I don't condemn it, personally. A study by neuroscientists at Baycrest's Rotman Research Institute have found that it really benefits several brain functions. Benefits to learning an instrument are proven to strengthen memory and literacy, especially at a young age; It improves white matter connectivity; increases blood flow to the brain; Thickens gray matter to the cortex; Orchestrates Coordinated neuroplasticity in the aging brain; Develop superior multisensory skills; Reduces stress and depression.; Musical rehabilitation is a possible suggestion for brain trauma. It is beneficial in a large array of ways. That being said, current music can also be really damaging. Listening to current pop music can actually dumb down a brain. That was done by another research about current pop music. It's good to teach young kids what to stay away with and what to pursue when it comes to music. Especially in the western society where music is a large factor. It is something you'll need to tackle with eventually. If you completely try to block music out, they'll most likely end up sneaking around you. Traditional Muslims are often repulsive to the idea of music. With the state of current music, I can understand why. But classical music is much more beneficial to the brain and learning an instrument is beneficial for the long term of your brain. My parents are extremely traditional in their ways and are not open to new ideas or scientific developments at all. My little brother couldn't speak at a young age when most children his age could. When taken to support groups, we were suggested to try music therapy. Other kids his age were doing it and they were able to speak in months making really great progress. My parents were so adamant about it, they refused any sort of help. Resulted in him being unable to speak until later. And his whole life he's been a bit of a late bird in everything. Reading, Writing, even in Maths. Though I respect and understand my parent's wishes, it really makes a younger mind see a different perspective on things. I think it's something worth considering. Sources: https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/blog/the-athletes-way/201503/10-ways-musical-training-boosts-brain-power; https://www.cambridgebrainsciences.com/more/articles/playing-a-musical-instrument-can-have-immediate-brain-benefits; https://www.musical-u.com/learn/9-ways-learning-an-instrument-strengthens-your-brain/; https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/blog/the-athletes-way/201503/10-ways-musical-training-boosts-brain-power;
  9. I love writing stories, I've always wanted to be an author. I learned to speak and read English later than most kids because when I was a child, no one at home spoke or read English other than my brother. At school, the Librarian took it upon herself to teach me because their ESL program had no teacher yet. What she did was read my stories every day. And I loved the stories so much, I wanted to read them myself. I learned to read in a few months and write a few months later. And I read a lot. I'd go to the library and bring him dozens of books and finish them all in a few days. My reading level was beyond the kids in my age group when I was in the third grade. And I think around that time, I knew that I wanted to become an author. My parent's /sort of/ support me. My dad's still disappointed I didn't want to become a doctor. XD
  10. Put in a very lovely fashion.
  11. 110_Fatima

    Neymar jr

    Neymar shall never stop rolling.
  12. 110_Fatima

    Only Me ?

    I like giving names to all the emojis based on their facial expression... sometimes even a back story.
  13. Normally I nap during the matches, but I've noticed a rise in Doritos population in my house since FIFA started. So I assume that is what everyone eats.
  14. Part of me wants to go all early 2000's myspace personality and be all edgy and say 'Nothing. Everything is too dark. O woe is me!"
  15. I'm short. So I only wear heels. 2 inch the very LEAST. My ankles are usually sore most of the time.
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