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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Happy belated birthday sister :)

  2. ah i see . Get well soon sister !

    I find this pretty coooool . You get to have more knowledge on this issue , an can probably be a specialist or a doctor =D

  3. You're welcome. (:

    I fell on the ice. And i have fallen on it many times before, and it always took 2 years to heal.. never thought of doing an xray till this year, and i have anterior displacement of the last four coccygeal vertebrae. Lol, but i'm okay. d:

  4. Thank you !: )

    An accident ?? How :( ?

  5. Salam. (:

    I don't attend french schools. d: I used to go to school in Ottawa, But now I'm taking homeschooling cause of my accident in march. d:

    But good luck to you inishallah. :(

  6. Saalam ..

    I don't know about your school , but all french schools across Québec are having an exam tomorrow .

    If it's your case , then good luck :)

  7. Getting a tattoo on your ribs is in the most sensitive spot cause the rib cage portion is bony and a sensitive area with less tissues and fats. When I made one on my wrist I couldn't feel a thing.
  8. Thank you. During the third and fourth rek'ha in salat. o: You don't say that? O: Then what do you say? :s
  9. salaaammm

    its very nice meeting u tima jaan :)

    im doing greatttt haha just watching this fantablous video of mine and laughing lol..haha and u?

  10. Good morning, (: I'm good, how are you doing?(:

    Nice to meet you, im Tima. (Fatema)

  11. really ? Lool :)

    inshAllah you'll go

  12. salaaammm :)

    how are you on this beautiful morning?

    jummah mubarakk!!!

    im nasiba btw lol

    khuda hafizz ♥

  13. never left canada in my life. xD

  14. of course = ) And how about you ?

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