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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Dawud. got a reaction from Haimid in Sunni - Shi'a Converts   
    I am a convert from Sunni Islam, in which I was practiced Maliki fiqh and was of the Ashari Aqeedah. Before that I was a Salafi.
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    Dawud. got a reaction from Ashvazdanghe in Sunnis And Shias- Can We Just Unite...?   
    All I actually hear when people talk about Sunni and Shia unity is, "hey a few of us Sunnis were thinking, we're sorry for killing you, persecuting you, forcing you to change your religion, practice it in hiding, turning you against each other, killing your leaders, and destroying your shrines for the last 1400 years. So you better just get over all of it now and come be our friends, but you also better just stop teaching certain things in your religion because it makes us uncomfortable."
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    Dawud. got a reaction from Waseem162 in Tawheed Of The Shias   
    From Shaykh As Saduq's (rh) Kitab Al Hidayah in the section on Tawhid and what is necessary for one to believe in it.
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    Dawud. got a reaction from Ibn Al-Ja'abi in Pictures Of Various 'Ulamaa [OFFICIAL THREAD]   
    Considering today marks the first anniversary of his death, I wanted to post some photographs of Shaykh Muhammad Ali Al Amri ÑÍãå Çááøå. He was the spiritual leader of the Shia of Madinah as well as throughout Saudi Arabia and remained steadfast along with the rest of the community while facing the Saudi government's constant harassment.

    Here is a nice one of him and Al Hajj Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of Al Hajj Malik Ash Shabazz (Malcolm X).

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    Dawud. got a reaction from Al-Hassan in Female Mods/admins, Acceptable?   
    Why is it so hard for Muslims to discuss without insulting, attacking, and bashing each other? Seriously, realize that in this very big world consisting of many many people there will be those who differ with you on matters, yes even matters of religion, so you better get use to it instead of just being angry about it. It will destroy yourself quicker than it will them.
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    Dawud. got a reaction from Gotham in Who Wants To Get Married?   
    There is actually some very interesting research I have put into this connection, I figure why not share it here.
    Most modern cultures that tend to preserve seemingly ancient practices do so in commemoration of the traditions of "royalty" or some sort of hierarchal aspect of that ancient society. For example the ears and nose piercings, tattoos, and other forms of body alterations are examples of this.
    If we look back into ancient society we see that among the world's most well known and ancient royalty there was a particular practice that stands out and baffles researchers till this day.

    You can see the elongated head of both the male and the female in this photograph of an ancient Egyptian wall carving. This particular carving features the Pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti. This was a common practice until the end of Akhenaten's rule, an end to an era that many historians believe was the end to the 'actual' true royal bloodline of ancient Egypt.
    This same elongated scull practice was seen all over the world among other similar phenomena that hinted towards the possibility of a 'extraterrestrial' presence. Thats when I began to notice something about Muslim women....

    Do you see? The dots are all there, we only need to connect them. Even after seeing this I remained skeptical and began analyzing historical photographs in order to validate my theory. For example here is a plane photograph of hijabis.

    But when put through a careful process of photo enhancement this is what you really see.

    See!? Everything is so clear when we only open our eyes and stop letting Zionists feed us lies.
    Here is another just to demonstrate the consistency.

    Here it is after photo enhancement.

    I am just saying, we can close our eyes or open them. The choice is yours.

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    Dawud. got a reaction from haideriam in Why Can't We Sit At A Table With Alcohol?   
    Asalamu Alaikum Ali. As a convert myself insha'Allah I can perhaps lend you some advise. Those first few years, have patience. Have patience with yourself, your family, and life in general. When I converted it (among other issues) led to me having to leave my home. The ridicule I faced from my family and the constant battles with my mother became to much to bear and frustrated me beyond all belief. However what made the situation as bad as it had become was not just my families attitude, but my impatience with them.
    You will have to learn to let a lot of things go and forgive them for it. Let them vent, let them get angry, let them say what they need to say and keep good manners with them and things will change. Maybe not right away from in time. From what you said you seem like you have taken a pretty non-confrontational route with these issues, so thats a very good start. Unlike myself I confronted my family every step of the way lol.
    But Al-hamdulillah today my mother has not only accepted me but shares a 'subtle' but present admiration for Islam. In fact she did so much research about Islam for the purpose of debating me on issues she knows more than some Muslims I have met lol. So remain patient, stay respectful and loving, and do the best you can to follow Al-Quran and Sunnah and don't compromise on that.
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    Dawud. got a reaction from Gotham in Did Napoleon Write Letter To Imam Hussain(as)   
    It's pretty convenient that every popular personality throughout history just so happened to write great things about Imam Hussain.
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    Dawud. got a reaction from Gotham in White Girls Like Beards And Muslim Girls Don't   
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    Dawud. got a reaction from Al-Hassan in Sheikh Yasser's Defence   
    What I don't get is how quick some Shia are to throw their own people under the bus, just to make Sunnis more comfortable.
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    Dawud. got a reaction from Al-Hassan in A Priest Saved Islam!? - Sheikh Yassir Habib   
    A lot of people say many things about many folks, if we believed it every time it happened where would we be? Yassir Habib is many things, including a man educated in the sciences of our religion. He put in his years of studies with scholars who's authority is recognized on all fronts, so to imply he is not an 'actual scholar' is a cheap shot. In addition to those years of study he also put in time as a prisoner for merely teaching about our religion in Kuwait, during those years he had faced torture and solitude confinement, a fact about him often overlooked.
    Does Yassir say things that are sometimes inappropriate, sure. It would be nice if he worded things better, or treated other scholars with more brotherly love. However I have yet to hear him say a single thing that cannot be found within our literature, the issue of it being absolutely authentic is irrelevant, the point is it is there. Perhaps Shia should spend more time studying their religion as opposed to sweeping it under the rug.
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    Dawud. got a reaction from Al-Hassan in Sheikh Yasser's Defence   
    Yassir has become an asset to those who hate Shia, he has become a scapegoat, and most Shia have fallen for it. Who was the Yassir Habib before Yassir Habib? All of these terrible things we see happening and being said about Shia have been taking place for well over 1400 years. Whether you admit to the Sunnis or not that you curse and believe in certain theories about history, they will still accuse you of it and claim you're liars. I really don't know how many more years of this it will take before Shia finally get over their inferiority complex syndrome and realize it is not their religion that is the problem, but those who basically exist only as an opposition to them.
    All Yassir has done is give Sunnis someone to point and cry about saying, "oh look, see see, I told you so". He is someone to finally blame everything on so that way when they do all of these things that they have been doing for over 1400 years, they wont look like total genocidal maniacs. If you've fallen for this nonsense, then you're a lost cause in my book, and you're a reason why this deen is failing. There are plenty of issues I have with Yassir's teachings, but I don't throw my people under the bus so a bunch of people who will hate me anyways can sleep better at night.
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    Dawud. got a reaction from :Ruffles in What Happens To The 6.75b Non Shias?   
    They go to a special place for punishment where they have to listen to Zain Bhikha for eternity. On the bright side they all get a cookie.
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    Dawud. got a reaction from Ali H Syed in Pictures Of Various 'Ulamaa [OFFICIAL THREAD]   
    uh oh, watch one everyone, we got a tough guy right here!
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    Dawud. got a reaction from Gotham in Why Did You Join Shiachat? And How Did U Find It?   
    Because I like being consistently annoyed by other Muslims, it's what I live for.

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    Dawud. got a reaction from HamzaTR in Pictures Of Various 'Ulamaa [OFFICIAL THREAD]   
    Another young photograph of Sayyid Muhammad Hussain Fadlallah ÑÍãå Çááøå, this one is my personal favorite.
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    Dawud. got a reaction from Ali Musaaa :) in Sheikh Yasser's Defence   
    Well, someone posted a video of Ammar Nakshawani. I guess that solves it, discussion over.
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    Dawud. got a reaction from Haydar Husayn in Sheikh Yasser's Defence   
    Well, someone posted a video of Ammar Nakshawani. I guess that solves it, discussion over.
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    Dawud. got a reaction from Ali H Syed in Beard Club   
    There is nothing gay about a man (you don't need to say bearded man, because a "man" without a beard is simply not a man) wanting to see another man's beard. I have a very large collection of beard photography and poetry.

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    Dawud. got a reaction from DoubleAgent4 in Khamenei Rahbarema   
    This is why we can't have nice things.
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    Dawud. got a reaction from Marbles in Umar's Conversion To Islam   
    Ok, so? I don't dig how Shia make it a point to show how Umar was frightened when he first converted or how he ran from the battle field.
    Converting to Islam can be a dangerous experience even here in a country where religious freedom is protected by law, so I can't imagine the pressure of converting in a society where most of the local population is calling for Muslim blood as was happening at that time. Also, how many people here would be able to stand in battle, especially considering the odds they faced. Most of us would run from a verbal confrontation, let alone a wall of well trained calvary or a sea of arrows.
    My point is we make attacks upon personalities as if we were children making fun of each other on the playground, pointing and laughing at how scared the other was while we pretend we are any braver. Umar committed some of the most vile and despicable acts to the Ahlul Bayt, and his actions during the Nabi's life time are no better. So if you really find a need to even make him relevant at all, address those acts, the things that actually mattered.
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    Dawud. reacted to Gypsy in Saudi Arabia Plans To Bulldoze The Prophet's Tomb   
    Stand up and do what? Print more banners? More demonstrations?
    Like that has ever worked. :dry:
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    Dawud. got a reaction from aliasghark in Favorite Qur'an Recitations   
    This guy is my favorite reciter, really the only one I enjoy listening to.

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    Dawud. reacted to Chaotic Muslem in Ghadeer Khum Pictures   
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