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  1. mods please show this thread. stop editing posts without giving ur name. someone has edited my writing and it looks like i wrotes it. this is dishonest .... dont give wrong impression. i dont want people thinking i write it when u write it.
  2. i am having problems with someone. who the hell changed this title? i dream about him but maaan he is someones i know.
  3. he is looking at me!! i am scared. heeeeelp. heeeelp. HEEEEELP!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! HEEEEEELP I DREAM ABOUT HIM. .. HE KIILS ME heeeeeeeeeeeeelpsss!
  4. i post this topic because i am ashamed this guy gets invited to shia productions to give talks. i say boycott him!!!! he insult his grandfather. his grandfather was good man. he is bad grandson. i saw new article today where haydar khoei in big newspaper supports iraq war. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jul/06/iraq-war-saddam-monster-chaos-britain-chilcot-report so today i remind people how he praised israel and tried to hide. internet archive has record of blog psoting. i copy and past with link here. https://web.archive.org/web/20130709232910/http://eyeraki.blogspot.co.uk/2008/09/hate-triangle.html There was no real outrage in July this year when the Iraqi President shook hands with the Israeli Defence Minister. In many parts of the world, a handshake between a President and Israeli Minister would be seen as nothing more than a formality, but bear in mind Iraq is located in a backward part of the world and so Talabani's office had to ‘justify’ the meeting with Barak so that backward people would not have a heart attack and drop dead. The excuse given by his office was that Talabani went to the Socialist International meeting in Athens as a leader of his PUK party, not as President. On paper Iraq is still at war with Israel but no one in Baghdad dared accuse the Iraqi President of treason. Some Islamist MP’s were angry but the reaction was nothing like we have seen with Alusi.When Mithal al-Alusi decided to attend a conference aimed at tackling terrorism in Israel the world came crashing down on his head. His immunity was stripped, he was banned from travelling and barred from attending sessions in parliament and to top it all off he was accused of being an Israeli agent.MP's are outraged because Israel is regarded as a "historic enemy". So let us talk history. Let us compare Israel with Iran .In 1948 Israel did not threaten Iraq , but Iraq was the one that declared war on Israel . In 1982 Iraq offered Iran an olive-branch, but Iran turned it down and was determined to drag the war for 6 more years. In 1991, despite Israel not being involved in the Gulf War, Iraq attacked Israel but Israel did not even retaliate. After the fall of Saddam in 2003 Iraq did not threaten Iran , but Iran has spent the last 5 years (and hundreds of millions of dollars) trying to destroy Iraq . Israel ’s last hostile attack against Iraq was the 1981 air strike that destroyed Osirak, and that in itself should be seen as a favour to humanity.So which country has done more harm to Iraq ? Israel or Iran ? Israel has an impressive track record when it comes to fighting terrorism and Iraq can learn a lot from their experience. Israel is surrounded by enemies, like Iraq is today, but has managed to survive and prosper.The Iraqi parliament has ignored all the above and chosen to cling on to a 39-year old Ba'athist law and punish anyone who breaks it.Alusi is one man trying to help Iraq and is a thorn in the eyes of those who are trying to destroy it . He took part in an international attempt to help rid this world of the cancer (terrorism) that has plagued Iraq and the region for over 1,000 years. Since after the birth of Islam till today this cancer has taken many shapes, forms and names, but it has been the Iraqi people that have always suffered.With Iranian agents and Arab mujahideen breeding like cockroaches in Iraq I am surprised Alusi has managed to make it this far in the first place. I salute Alusi for his courage. The sad reality is that Iraq is not ready for a man like him. In 20 years time someone like Alusi could be Prime Minister, but for now he is simply a maverick MP who refuses to follow everyone like sheep.
  5. Question: "If a muqallid (someone who does taqlid) becomes aware of a mistake of a mujtahid or its evidence, is his taqlid to him permissible or not?" Answer: "It is not permissible". Sayyid Sadiq Rohani http://www.rohani.ir/istefta-231.htm
  6. what you mean by so???? yes it is a problem whn the most searched thing in all 4 years is a porn girl. dont pretend its not. its disgrace ...... lanat on smutty culture
  7. India is a total mess. Question: Who was the most searched person on Google in India?Hint: It is the same person who was on top in 2014, and 2013 as well as 2012.Answer: A porn actress ya ya its not just india. the whole world is a mess. just wanted more reders.
  8. lol u think i dont know about saudia arabia? Lie! blame it all on iran why dont you. yes shias were butchered over the years because of iran and saudi. karbala was the fault of iran? mutwakkil was the fault of iran. banu abbas was the fault of saudi? nasibis ALWWAYS existed. what sort of fake matami are you? pretending nasabis never opressed shia. u ignore how nasabis have opressed shia for 14000 years? fake matami.
  9. he blames iran and saudi for shia sunni conflict. he says its got nothing to do with religions. he says its not 1400 conflict but modern. yes right mr hssan it was the saudis who opressed shia ..... yeah nothing to do with banu umayah. abu baker, muawiyah, yazid, marwan, ibn taymiyah, ibn wahab ..... yeah they didnt have a problem with shia ... they hated iran!!!! lanat on those who belittle oprerssion on ahlulbayt.
  10. admins dont move this topic. if u move it you are sexist cause u dont move games thread from bros forum. girls play games too. first i would like to say LANAT on all people who play GTA games. LANAT on their hands their feets theirs skins and noses. lanat on u until u repent u sinning losers. the lanatis who made gta games now making game about iran revolutions. http://edition.cnn.com/2011/TECH/gaming.gadgets/08/11/grand.theft.auto.iran/
  11. dont get me wrong sister. i dont say men are same as women. i say women have desires like men but less or fewer women have them. some women go to hookups cause they want sex. u didnt answer why some women do mutah???? some women want good loking husband. some women drool over mans looks. i say ammar will attract enough women so he shuld not dress like that. if 10% women are like this then ammar is doing bad thing.
  12. sister i feel like ur generalizing all women to be like you. see women in past did mutah for 3 days with prophets companions!!! today women go for hookups. women got sex desires and find men looks attractive.... but u know not all women are same. u are one type of woman but.... other women r not like you. i told u about tube crush website. u see how women like celebs??? some women go for looks ... some dont
  13. ur right about women not so sexually aroused by men bodies ..... but there is some arousal no? even a little arousal ... the tubecrush site is proof the celebs women like is proof. my fiancee sat in his lec and didnt like it. saying women are not aroused by looks is like saying men not emotional. why so many women have one night stands if they not into looks??? woman are more into their own looks and decoration etc girls in my family when they buy something they care about color and looks etc .....
  14. fiancee is also west bought up like you. we are in usa. she told me when listening to ammar lecs she find it it distracting. wht u mean women are not visual??? women i see care more about looks and how things look. girls in my family alwatys say oh he looks good oh she looks good. they obsessed with looks. i neva say man looks good but they obsessed with looks... u heards of tubecrush site http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/04/fashion/tubecrushnet-and-subwaycrushnet.html?_r=0
  15. my finacee said women who says his clothes are not distracting are ... lieing because they want people to think they are religious and modest.
  16. nothing wrong with that cut get ur priorites right!!! check out the low top thoughs
  17. http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/upfront/2015/12/muslim-americans-liberal-values-151215125017608.html From sectarianism to gay rights, Linda Sarsour and Yasir Qadhi discuss the many issues facing Muslim Americans.
  18. please pin this fatwa. Question: Can a girl procure a temporary marriage (mut'ah) without her fathers' consent? Answer: No! For instance, if a girl wants to have a temporary marriage and her reputation is at stake, according to the ruling , she must seek the permission of her father or her paternal grandfather. If this marriage is dangerous and harmful, it would not be permissible even if the father and the paternal grandfather grant her the permission. Islamic Rulings of Women - According to grand Ayatollah Sheikh Wahid Khorasani (ha)
  19. I am quite anti-muta ... i think marjas need to change rules. tell me sister whats the proper way to do muta??? if girl agree that man will leave .. after 3 days then whats the problems.... in shia religion? wht u say is proper way to muta? btw its sheikhs own words not mine.
  20. where are u getting this from? u making it up. they did muta not near the ... battle field. they did it in the towns... u reckon people didnt lie in the rijis? lol bro u think muta should be done after listing to rijis lol. bruv! wet nurses!! bruv wet nurses were temporary to help bring up babies. in this muta thing the children will not see their father. it not 2 year of wet nurse bruve. it growing up without father. be real dude.
  21. Erm no. communities were more closer knit .. but we are talking about rasools army going far far away to strange women. they did muta far from home bruv. read the books bruv. bruv they didnt have good contarecption. wht u talking about??!!
  22. Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah, Doing mut'ah, but at what cost? I know some of my dear brothers and sisters will be upset with me when they read this, and others might say there are much more important things to speak about. Some might say that these things shouldnt be spoken about in public. You might be right, but there is an epidemic arising which is ripping families apart. Some of our brothers, many of which are married, are breaking world records. There are "bad" places that have some facilitators who know the formula off by heart, that's how many "Mut'ah" customers they get. Once upon a time when this was done people we discreet about it, and it was shunned upon because it was only used in certain cases. Now there are some who openly brag about it, and share their trophy experiences. Married couples are hitting rock bottom because Mr. Mut'ah Man wants to do his mustahabs. It is ironic that the one and only mustahab thing they know of, endorse and practice is mut'ah. What about the vulnerable girls who are manipulated and groomed into it, ruining her life and future, not to mention that in many cases it would not even be classified as halal. Some get their distorted information from wrong sources, and others wouldnt care less. The establishment of a Marriage and a Household is sacred and must be preserved at all costs. Do not desecrate it by pursuing your animalistic lusts that have no boundaries. Stop looking over the fence. Stop encouraging others to freely jump from girl to girl under the guise of it being 'halal'. Sisters need to be more alert, more diligent and more aware. This does not mean you become paranoid or have Su' al-Dhan, as that is also very bad. If you are single, keep your integrity and don't take any steps of committing to any relationship (temporary or permanent) without the complete knowledge and consent of your parents and family members. If you are married, be content and don't ruin the stability of your relationship. Control your sexual urges and lust by controlling your eyes and your thoughts. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1244432045572986&set=a.116154988400703.19081.100000186070548&type=3&theater
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