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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. mods please show this thread. stop editing posts without giving ur name. someone has edited my writing and it looks like i wrotes it. this is dishonest .... dont give wrong impression. i dont want people thinking i write it when u write it.
  2. i am having problems with someone. who the hell changed this title? i dream about him but maaan he is someones i know.
  3. he is looking at me!! i am scared. heeeeelp. heeeelp. HEEEEELP!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! HEEEEEELP I DREAM ABOUT HIM. .. HE KIILS ME heeeeeeeeeeeeelpsss!
  4. i post this topic because i am ashamed this guy gets invited to shia productions to give talks. i say boycott him!!!! he insult his grandfather. his grandfather was good man. he is bad grandson. i saw new article today where haydar khoei in big newspaper supports iraq war. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jul/06/iraq-war-saddam-monster-chaos-britain-chilcot-report so today i remind people how he praised israel and tried to hide. internet archive has record of blog psoting. i copy and past with link here. https://web.archive.org/web/20130709232910/http://eyeraki.blo
  5. Question: "If a muqallid (someone who does taqlid) becomes aware of a mistake of a mujtahid or its evidence, is his taqlid to him permissible or not?" Answer: "It is not permissible". Sayyid Sadiq Rohani http://www.rohani.ir/istefta-231.htm
  6. what you mean by so???? yes it is a problem whn the most searched thing in all 4 years is a porn girl. dont pretend its not. its disgrace ...... lanat on smutty culture
  7. India is a total mess. Question: Who was the most searched person on Google in India?Hint: It is the same person who was on top in 2014, and 2013 as well as 2012.Answer: A porn actress ya ya its not just india. the whole world is a mess. just wanted more reders.
  8. lol u think i dont know about saudia arabia? Lie! blame it all on iran why dont you. yes shias were butchered over the years because of iran and saudi. karbala was the fault of iran? mutwakkil was the fault of iran. banu abbas was the fault of saudi? nasibis ALWWAYS existed. what sort of fake matami are you? pretending nasabis never opressed shia. u ignore how nasabis have opressed shia for 14000 years? fake matami.
  9. he blames iran and saudi for shia sunni conflict. he says its got nothing to do with religions. he says its not 1400 conflict but modern. yes right mr hssan it was the saudis who opressed shia ..... yeah nothing to do with banu umayah. abu baker, muawiyah, yazid, marwan, ibn taymiyah, ibn wahab ..... yeah they didnt have a problem with shia ... they hated iran!!!! lanat on those who belittle oprerssion on ahlulbayt.
  10. admins dont move this topic. if u move it you are sexist cause u dont move games thread from bros forum. girls play games too. first i would like to say LANAT on all people who play GTA games. LANAT on their hands their feets theirs skins and noses. lanat on u until u repent u sinning losers. the lanatis who made gta games now making game about iran revolutions. http://edition.cnn.com/2011/TECH/gaming.gadgets/08/11/grand.theft.auto.iran/
  11. dont get me wrong sister. i dont say men are same as women. i say women have desires like men but less or fewer women have them. some women go to hookups cause they want sex. u didnt answer why some women do mutah???? some women want good loking husband. some women drool over mans looks. i say ammar will attract enough women so he shuld not dress like that. if 10% women are like this then ammar is doing bad thing.
  12. sister i feel like ur generalizing all women to be like you. see women in past did mutah for 3 days with prophets companions!!! today women go for hookups. women got sex desires and find men looks attractive.... but u know not all women are same. u are one type of woman but.... other women r not like you. i told u about tube crush website. u see how women like celebs??? some women go for looks ... some dont
  13. ur right about women not so sexually aroused by men bodies ..... but there is some arousal no? even a little arousal ... the tubecrush site is proof the celebs women like is proof. my fiancee sat in his lec and didnt like it. saying women are not aroused by looks is like saying men not emotional. why so many women have one night stands if they not into looks??? woman are more into their own looks and decoration etc girls in my family when they buy something they care about color and looks etc .....
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