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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. contrary to what the sayid was saying..all around us, it seems the "looser" people in our communities who are willing to engage in relationships with the opposite gender, who are donned in make-up and tight fitting clothes are the ones that get noticed and get married. the girls who are more conservative who don't wear make-up, don't interact with guys outside of what is essential stay single. am i the only one with this perception?
  2. ok so to summarise your story. u were interested in this guy. ur cousin dropped a hint that u were interested to his sisters. he saw you, brought his parents round and then he decided against proceeding stating he wanted to finish his studies. ur still interested though and since then have had some encounters with him at his shop. accurate summary? if so, then where is the dilemma? for whatever reason, he is not interested in progressing things to marriage. whether it is genuinely because of wanting to finish studies or for an unknown reason to u. whether he has a crush on u isn't the issue.
  3. it depends on ur culture and what is the norm. in my culture, the norm is that the guy and his family come to the girls house for an introduction +/- the guy and girl get talk independently for a while on this visit. if both parties are then interested then the guy may wish to ask to speak to the girl again e.g. via email or meet up at the girls house in a separate room with the door open if he still has some issues he wants to discuss. and once each family has exhausted background checks..ie asking about the guy/girl in the community and they are satisfied then things proceed to formal engage
  4. kohl in public? yes, i think so. ive read it on s. sistanis website. but only if the intention is pure
  5. eyeliner/kohl is ok if intention is to follow sunnah and not for beautification. pls find me somewhere which says light make up is ok because thats the first ive heard
  6. ^oh i see. sorry perhaps i misunderstood what u were saying. in that case were on the same page :)
  7. i have no idea about henna..u will need to ask about that. in the same way u can wear makeup in front of ur mahram but not in front of non-mahram.
  8. salam sis, how are things going?
  9. perfect. thanks girls. for some reason, i wasn't able to find it on sayer sistanis website. jazakum Allah
  10. ^ i wouldn't advocate someone marrying a girl who in their eyes is repulsive to them. that would not be a happy marriage and would not be fair on either party. wat i was saying is that the majority would compromise to a degree on emaan in favour of beauty. iim not saying the majority are marrying overtly non-religious beautiful girls but that beauty is far higher on their list of priorities than most would like to admit (both to themselves and others). girls think differently. their priorities if they are coming from an unislamic view point is social status, wealth, education and appeara
  11. observation and experience has taught me that "religious" men can talk the talk but when it comes to walking the walk, very few will go through with marrying someone who in their eyes they see as less than ideal in terms of beauty. now I'm not suggesting men marry someone who they see in their eyes as ugly but making the emaan of a girl the top priority in spouse selection is almost a myth. this is just my observation.
  12. can we wear nail varnish in front of non-mahram? please answer with sources. i know the issues with regards to wudhu and thats not what I'm asking thanks
  13. salam sis, for whatever reason, this union between the two of u is realistically not going to happen. u will never know the reason for sure unless u were to ask him (and i would advise u against this). ultimately, have faith that Allah wants what is good for u and as one of the other sisters posted the ayah - you may dislike something that is good for u. also remember from dua al-iftitah: "whenever I turn to Thee A temporary setback, and I, out of ignorance, begin to despair, although perhaps slowing down may be a blessing in disguise. because Thou alone knows [all] the consequences". ​so d
  14. wa alaykum al salam dear sister. u have to reach out to Allah to help u. dont take ur prayers lightly. pray them as if they are a prescription and pray them on time. at first, u may feel spiritually disconnected as u pray them but i guarantee u if u make these steps to reach out to Allah swt by committing to ur obligations then Allah swt will repay u manifold times. as time progresses, u will start to strengthen ur spiritual connection with ur Lord. remember: 40:60 And your Lord says, "Call upon Me; I will respond to you." Indeed, those who disdain My worship will enter Hell [rendered] conte
  15. its an interesting question. i think mesbah's answer sounds most plausible but doesn't necessarily mean this is the right answer. i think ppl tend to err towards pre-destination when things don't work out (be it in marriage or other major life events) as a form of solace...knowing that whatever u have been deprived of (a partner/wealth/success etc) is part of the bigger plan...that Allah swt either has something better in mind for you or is testing ur resolve and emaan or providing an opportunity for u to wipe some of ur sins can be an immense source of comfort in times of difficulty.
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