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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam ,

    Can you unban me from chat again sis.. I've been banned again for no reason :-/


  2. I think you should read that article properly, especially the paragraph you shaded in red, since nowhere does it claim tahreef of the Quran, you have just failed to comprehend it. That paragraph is saying, concepts of wilayat and tatheer etc .. They have been hidden within verses that are unrelated to the context of the verse, in order to protect the Quran from being changed due to personal interests and political intrigue. You think the Imams (as) are not mentioned in the Quran, so tell me where are the names of Abu Bakr and Umar in the Quran? The concepts of imamate are in the Quran .. The Quran does not allude to Abu Bakr being a khalif.. People elected Abu Bakr as caliph, but in the Quran you will see that it is only god who divinely selects his representatives. 1. Tell me where you got that reference from? Just to let you know, we don't call all our sources "sahih" like you do. 2. We regard the narrations that praise abu Bakr as fabricated as it outrightly contradicts other true narrations and historical sources about Abu Bakr and Umar (shame on them).. The view of imam Ali (as) has already been confirmed in the sermon in Nahjul balagha regarding these 2, that sermon is very eloquent like the imams (as) other sermons. 3. Why dont you bring forth an example of a fabricated Hadith from al Kafi?
  3. Good questions .. I don't have a conclusive response , so just wait for someone ..
  4. Thank you so much :D

    W Salam x

  5. Salam Alaikom.

    You can now access the chatroom.

  6. Salam Alaykum,

    Can you update me on what's happening on the chat ban? I still haven't been unbanned and it's been nearly 3 days,i hate to sound pushy but I just want to remind you.


  7. Salam, 4 – And from him from his father from Ibn Abi `Umayr from `Umar b. Udhayna from Zurara. He said: `Abdullah b. `Umayr al-Laythi came to Abu Ja`far Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã, and he said: What do you say regarding the mut`a of women? So he said: Allah allowed it in His book and upon the sunna [the tongue – in al-Kafi] of His prophet, so it is halal until the day of the resurrection. So he said: O Abu Ja`far, the likes of you saying this and `Umar forbade it and prohibited it? So he said: Even if he did so. So he said: Verily I pray that Allah guard you from that, that you consider lawful something that `Umar forbade. He said: So he said to him: So, you are upon the doctrine of your companion and I am upon the doctrine of the Messenger of Allah Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå. So now then, I imprecate (?) you that the truth [the doctrine – in al-Kafi] is what the Messenger of Allah Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå said, and the false is what your companion said. He said: So `Abdullah b. `Umayr drew near and said: Would it make you happy if your women and your daughters and your sisters and your cousins do it? He said: So Abu Ja`far Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã turned away from him when his women and cousins were mentioned. Why did Imam (as) turn away from this question? Isn't it a valid question? How would you feel if your sister or relatives did Muta? I want to know why Imam (as) turned away from this question as its an important one that should have been addressed. Thanks.
  8. LOOOL that pic is hilarious ! :!!!:
  9. Erm... Can you define and elaborate on "cyber sex" ? :wacko: :unsure: What does that mean??
  10. I find this narration very odd and my heart doesn't seem to agree with it, neither my intellect. First of all: 1. This was a DREAM! 2. There's no way knowing its true or not. 3. It's a bit silly, considering the fact that taking one straw as a toothpick from a whole bundle of straws won't harm the owners business and even if the owner knew about it, it wouldn't affect him anyway and he wouldn't really care. If anything, I call such a huge punishment for such a pathetic, insignificant act rather extreme and mind bogglingly stupid. Tell me your opinion.. Just to add, this was a "pious" man so a pious man wouldn't do such a thing on purpose anyway, he did it subconsciously without realising it and it was all innocent.. I'm telling you, if this is true, then just to let you know ... WE'RE ALL GOING TO HELL lol
  11. Ok first of all... 1. This sermon is known as the sermon of ash-Shiqshiqiyyah, and is counted among the most famous sermons of Amír al-mu’minín. It was delivered at ar-Rahbah. Although some people have denied it to be Amír al-mu’minín’s utterance and by attributing it to as-Sayyid ar-Razí (or ash-Sharíf ar-Razí) have laid blame on his acknowledged integrity, yet truth-loving scholars have denied its veracity. Nor can there be any ground for this denial because `Alí’s (p.b.u.h.) difference of view in the matter of Caliphate is not a secret matter, so that such hints should be regarded as something alien. And the events which have been alluded to in this sermon are preserved in the annals of history which testifies them word by word and sentence by sentence. If the same events which are related by history are recounted by Amír al-mu’minín then what is the ground for denying them? 2. You claim that Nahjul Balagha has no narrators and therefore ALL of Nahjul balagha is inauthentic and questionable.. Is that rational, or logical? So all those GENIUS sermons are all fabricated? The very first sermon of Nahjul balagha brings out the fallacy of your argument. 3. You posted this "letter" that allegedly came from Nahjul Balagha: Allah has chosen many people from among the muslims to approve extend the divine mission. Allah and his messenger have conferred the highest status on the first two caliphs, Abu bakr and umar. I swear by my own life that they occupy the greatest position in the fold of islam. May Allah have mercy upon them , for they suffered intensely for the sake of islaam. May Allah compensate them for their sacrifices. (sharah nahjul balagha, ibn meesum , page 488 , iran) Why don't you open up Nahjul balagha and you will see for yourself that no such letters exist in it!! This is a false letter, made up. 4. Those narrations that have been attributed to the A'immah (as) about Abu Bakr and Umar are all fabrications. I don't even know the narrators and there's no way you can prove its authenticity at all. Have you read the book called "When I Was Guided" ? You should read it. It's written by a former Sunni, turned Shia after he found hadiths within Sunni books about Abu Bakr and Umar which put them in a very bad light. If you say some stuff in your saheeh bukhari is fabricated , then why do you call it saheeh for? There's goes your "saheeh" book in the garbage.
  12. Isn't that a bit extreme? I mean, what's the worse that could happen? Shaking hands doesn't promote corruption within a society.
  13. Thx , bro...lol that line made me LOL.. Everyone watch it !!
  14. Salam, This goes out to all Quranists (Imposter) to prove the fallacy of their argument "why can't i see it in the Quran", this also goes out to all Sunnis. I strongly recommend all Shia brothers and sisters to watch this video and to WRITE DOWN NOTES as he picks up on these amazing points and does a full rebuttal of this erroneous argument. We can use these amazingly strong arguments against misguided sects. Must Watch http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=GB#/watch?v=76bbMIN7zMk
  15. Stupid Question asked by a friend: Is it true guys can't shake girls' hands in your religion? My reaction : :squeez: of course that not true !
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