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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asak everyone, I invest my money into stock market. As per my knowledge interest is haraam and companies which are involved in un-islamic businesses like pork/movies/banks etc. are not shariah compliant. Therefore i invest in companies like Infrastructure/real estate/ metals / fmcg etc. thinking that it is halal. But as you know even these companies have debt or invest in finance instruments like bonds or short term paper. so does this make my investment in them wrong ?? For example Tata steel is a steel manufacturer which is a halal business but it has loans from many banks and invest in short term instruments linked to interest then if i invest in Tata steel shares would it be ok ?? are not a part of my proceeds coming from their interest related debt ?? Similarly there are two ways of investing one is day trading where one buys the stock and after little price movements sells them on same day. the other is long term investing where one invests in shares for long term and gets dividend or capital appreciation. I feel that day trading is like a bit of gambling where things depend on chance. is it halal ?? Similar is the case with derivatives ?? actually i am a bit confused as to when does things become gambling ?? If we start a business or invest in it then there is a chance business may do well or not. Then when does it become gambling and when is it allowed ?? can anyone throw some light on this ..?? Regards Syed
  2. Asak, I request all to stop posting on this thread any more. Thank you all for advice. May Allah bless all those who had any intention to help. As per advices to follow i have tried them all but sooner or later the intensity and effect reduces and this obsession comes back more strongly. I kept my laptop in public place but then i would return watching it in night. i kept it filtered but then i would uninstall the filter and watch this bad stuff. frustated i poured water over my laptop and there is no computer in my house. this reduced the frequency but then i would use mobile for this and run to net cafe. The advice that "Just quit" is not applicable here so smoothly. i wish it would have been !! People debate about marriage but i dont feel this is the correct reason to marry. In case of physical illnes generally people cure themselves then marry this is also an illness. Its not just a bad habit but mental illness.i will first cure myself to a normal level and then marry insha Allah. As per mutah, I am of marriagebale age and also alhamdolillah earning handsomely. there is no need for mutah i can marry permanently when i marry. The basis of marriage is love/seeking companionship and not sex gratification. Sexual gratification follows automatically out of it besides what if she becomes ill, she is menstruating or is pregnant. if the drive of sex is out of your hand it has to be reduced and controlled.i know some of you may disagree but this is what i feel. As per the treatment, i have found out based on research that Lust/porn addiction of this nature is actually one of the types of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). i did not knew that i was mentally ill till now.There is huge amount of data avaliable about this disorder on net if someone wants to have a look. Easy availability of net reinforces it. I am going ahead with the treatment which involve CBT and in advanced cases some medication. The good news is that it has a high percent of success rate. Insha Allah I will also be cured. Regards Khuda hafiz
  3. Asak everyone, I feel very shameful in writing the following but am feeling helpless and need help. I am a practising shiite muslim but during teenage i caught a bad habit of watching pornographic things on internet. This has become an addiction now...I have tried a lot to stop this bad act. I have tried following things like: 1.) Regular praying to Allah 2.) Keeping Fast 3.) Keeping away from internet as much as possible. ( i cant completely stop as there are few things for which internet is must also my job involves use of internet) 4.) stopped looking at normal movies /drama/music anything 5.) Namaz-e-shab 6.) Astaghfar 7.) being in the state of wadoo 8.) lowering my gaze however i am able to keep away from this shameful act for few days and then fall back into it again. No matter how much i vow not to repeat it when excited i dont seem to take heed to those vows. After doing this act i masturbate which is again haraam. I feel very ashamed after this and for next few timings i dont pray thinking with what face will i stand in salaat in front of god...last time i made a vow and did astaghfar and i have repeated the mistake again !! I cry for some time eventually i regroup my senses and make a vow not to do it again. this has become an endless cycle..... Its like this either i am very spiritual doing Dhikr/fasting/ praying/ and reading religious literature and when i fall, i fall to very lows watching such bad stuff which is destroying my spiritual self........i am on either extreme....i am leding a double life... This turmoil within is effecting everything ...professional and personal life....besides i start hating myself so much that i feel suicidal.... My profile is i am unmarried working professional of 26 yrs age. i have done thorough research on net about this type of addiction.Its a chemical imbalance and this addiction has been compared to cocaine addiction. the same chemicals get released and the craving is of same intensity. Marriage is often not the solution. besides this would be like cheating my to be spouse. If i am unable to control my addiction even after marriage i have spoiled her life as well. i feel like any other disease first i should cure myself and then marry. Does anyone reading this on the forum has any suggestions as to how can i overcome this problem. anyone who has successfully won over his "self" ....any special dua or act.........Thanking you in advance..
  4. thanx for your perspective...
  5. Asak all, I have recently joined this forum. I know and believe that Allah is Just and Merciful. He is our creator and sustainer. but i do have one question. Please do not think of me as non believer but am just trying to understand few things in a better way. I will create a scenario based on question: Scenario: - Two childs are born lets say X and Y. X was born in a believing Muslim Family where he was provided right training and teaching from the start.He was lucky to have a father who was willing to earn only through Halal means and a pious mother. His mother would made him remember name of Allah, Imams, masoom. She wud take him along in majlise husain and taught him how to pray right from early age. X grows old and though he missed his Namaaz few times, did some gunaah but over all repented and came back on right path because the basic education provided to him all through his upbringing imparted him faith towards Allah in his heart. on top of that his mother would pray to Allah to keep X away from Sin and we all know that mothers dua is certainly helpful. X dies as a Believing muslim. Y was born to a very rich family but they were very much away from Islam. The relations between his father and mother were strained and they had illicit affairs with others. The environment in which he was brought up was a highly materialistic one and he was never introduced to spiritual side of life and world through his education. He saw his close ones drinking wine in his childhood and as a result started drinking wine himself. Alcohol lead him from one sin to another and greater sins.Y may have felt some spiritual stirrings in his heart but then he would be so indulged in his own lifestyle that he never searched for god and his right path. Y dies as a non believer and sinner. Now as i understand it was responsibility of Y to search for the right path because he was given logic and intellect by Allah which he did not use wisely. Similarly X should thank god for being born to a pious family. however i feel that X and Y were not given equal chance. It was relatively easier for X to find right path than Y.Imagine a scenario where X and Y would have been born in reverse situations then it might be that Y could have been a believer and X could have ended as a non believer. I understand that everyone in this world has a different challenge to face but does'nt that applies once we have faith in correct religion itself . Some are born orphans, Some are born with defects and each one of us has to fight his way through the life and still follow the right path shown by Islam. For a poor the challenge is to never get frustated with lack of money and go out cheating ( Haram) to earn money. For Rich the challenge is not to become greedy and spend their money in the right way. Yet here due to different in the situations where X and Y were born their being inside the Faith and outside the faith depended on it. how has justice being done by Allah towards Y. Hope all readers understand the question ? Regards
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