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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What a scum, a real low life this Qardawi. I remember many years ago, I was fooled into liking this animal. After reading this statement, I almost cried at the blatant cover up of truth. How is this person going to face Allah?
  2. ^ Are there not ulema, who wore the garb of Messenger (S), yet spew kufr and innovation? Of course, but does that invalidate Islam and Messenger (S)?. Mr Majidi and his followers are a fringe element, and don't comprise the vast plethora of urefa and hukam, who are indistinguishable from the layman. Where do you think the urefa and sufis get their teachings from? from themselves? Certainly not! Their ma'refa and knowledge is nurtured by he teachings of Aimmah (a), otherwise the Hikmah found therein is unexplainable. You are right, tasawuff is essential Irfan, except the former's followers and practitioner , some, have introduced innovation and deviation. But in teachings, sources, Hikma, its mostly the same. You getting caught in terminologies and names, forget them, concentrate on the meaning. Like Moulana says, leave the name, come to the meaning!
  3. Excellent Point. To believe in God just in case, shows lack of faith and certainty. Since they don't have certainty, they think by questioning the existence of god, they may perhaps even lose the uncertainty they have of God. But God IS certainty! which every reality subsists upon. TBH, I don't know how much worth there is in believing God for convenience.
  4. Recently I was watching a TV Show, hosted by some Iranian lady. She seemed pretty angry at Muslims and Islam in general, reminiscing how great Iran was until barbaric Islam came and robbed it of its dignity/honor and prominence. I thought to myself, is she Joking? What Islam did was anything but that. If it wasn't for Islam, Iran would be confined to history books, few chapters dedicated to its great 3000+ history and Cyrus the Great! and like Egypt, UAE and Tunisia etc. it would be tourist destination, where people come see the land marks, say a few good words in charity, sleep with the woman, and take a dump! I am not joking. Look at the pitiful state of Arabs today, and had it not been for natural resources, all Arab countries would be like Yemen or worse. Islam came to them first, in their language, and took them to epitome of civility and law, and look what they did with it! BIG buildings and soothing recitation of Qur'an Than, there is Iran- a foreign culture and language to Islam, brought by Umar al Khattab! and look where they have taken it, and where Islam has taken them! I can't think of a better modern Qu'anic Tafseer of this ayah than Iran's relation to Islam ayat يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِنْ تَنْصُرُوا اللَّهَ يَنْصُرْكُمْ وَيُثَبِّتْ أَقْدَامَكُمْ {7} O you who believe ! if you help (the cause of) Allah, He will help you and make firm your feet When Islam and the Muslims were at downfall, Iran gave it a refugee and bared the heavy burden. In return, look where Islam has taken Iran! Slowly but surely its becoming self-sufficient, a super power, and a inspiration! What more honor can a nation have, than the knowledge that there are millions of people around the world who have gained hope and faith in God because of them, which has renewed a passion to fight injustice, and the knowledge that because of Iran, the many scums of earth are sleepless at night! What more honor can anyone nation want? Before Islam and Islamic revolution, I doubt anyone other than Iranians gave a damn about Iran? 3000 plus Persian Culture? O big deal, Suck it PEROOOZZZ..But today, people are envious of Iran and its accomplishment! So much so, people actually wish they were Iranians. I know few Indian/Pakistani people, when they recite Qur'an and Adhan or recite Salawat, they imitate Iranian accent! LOL Imagine that, trying to read Qur'an with Iranian accent instead of proper Arabic way. Can Pre-Islamic Iran stand up against the world and demand its god given rights? Like self-determination, nuclear right, sovereignty etc? Can it? hmm, unless it wants to get slapped across the face. Imagine, their country's President delivering a talk at the UN, with name like perooozzz, behrooozz, or nimaa..finding nimaa!! Iran would be a laughing stock like the Arab countries. But today, they have a country with a President, who's name they can't even pronounce because it sends shiver down their najis spines. I don't know why the political analyst are not dumbfound and baffled, like I am, that after 30 years of Islamic revolution, its has survived and still going strong. Its nothing short of a miracle really. The Hadith in Sahih Muslim about the Persians- Wallahi, how accurate is the wisdom of the Prophet (S)
  5. Actually, what Pascal said was nothing original; even Imam Ali said something in similar regard. You assumed material nature of the unicorn, when 12Infallibles never mentioned anything relating to matter. And since, this 'Unicorn' is of no material matter, the argument of 'priori' and multiplicity (composition) is invalid. ... If an atheist genuinely believes in the Law of Probability - that this universe and order being of chance, though slim or nonexistent the probability may be; the atheist should accept any notion of God, since that is more probable in the end! and acceptance of God, by probability, should be based on the most logical and reasonable concept of God. DING DING DING Islam wins...
  6. Salaam Bilal. Perhaps you are not familiar with politics or war strategy. And i don't think you have contemplated the immediate and long term reactions and consequence if Iran did intervene with military or force. You see, a King never or rarely fights in a Battle; only his troops who fight. It does not mean the King is weak, unable or a coward- rather, the Kingdom requires a King for leadership (guidance) and moral(e) support. If the King is killed or its importance disregarded, the kingdom will collapse.
  7. Probably because Turkish people are more secular than the Arabs. Secular people usually lean towards those who promote 'humanism' 'good values' live and let live - usually Ahlulbayt(a) are superficially associated with this. No doubt, the Ahlulbayt(a) are to most merciful and just people, but if those Secular people knew what they would do to people who drink, fornicate, commit kufr..I don't know if they will 'like' them. Perhaps, another reason would be the strong Sufi influence on them, which is some what close to Tashayya.
  8. If Pakistan wants to be stable, safe and progressive for it's people and the world, I think they need a new Muhammad (S) or someone with similar characteristics. The Pre-Islamic Jahiliya periods are strikingly similar to the many vices of Pakistan - tribalism, regional divide, feudalistic system, constant blood bath, and of course illiteracy. The way Prophet (S) lifted the Arabs from humiliation and Jahiliya to its zenith and dignity, someone must bring Pakistan to its rightful place. Who and When? lets wait and see... Because the Pakistani people don't seem to have it in them for a radical change - too many differences amongst the people. Most people are not willing to accept Shari'a rule, nor are they inclined towards secularism. They want both! good luck with that.
  9. Any suggestions in meantime?
  10. Even if the criteria were made evident without ambiguity, it would still be difficult to place judgment upon any individual, since intention is unknown. I really do believe that there are many types of rejection (kufr), some of which are truly deserving of punishment. Some passively commit Kufr, while some actively (aggressive) and some, perhaps people like Chomsky, unknowingly or unintentionally reject. What i mean is, sometimes we reject a thing based on its outer appearance, while simultaneously accept it in its inner form (appearance) or when it appears to us differently. We may reject a 'word/terminologies' but accept the meaning. And of course vice versa. For example , many people reject the Prophet(S), based on the inaccurate picture which is presented to them. Would you accept a Prophet (S), if he was an aggressive, brutal man? Of course you would not. So in principle, what some of them reject based on incorrect information, is actually correct! Since to accept a Prophet (S) who was a brutal man would be a wrong thing. Thus, their rejection of Prophet (S) is based on ignorance and/or prevalence of disinformation and not on reality. If they knew the Prophet (s) the way he ought to be known, many of them would instantly submit Islam. Allah is just and not one bit unjust to his creation. If man only knew how expansive and encompassing his mercy is, he would never fall in hopelessness and pessimistic thoughts. And if he man only knew how severe his wrath is, he would never commit kufr. With prayers.
  11. Every act of Shari'a is divinely issued to insure maximum benefit with durability and easiness on its followers. When you innovate new practices and laws, whether haraam or halal, they cannot guarantee guidance (benefit) and easiness, as it is never sanctioned by Divine Law It is better to refrain.
  12. ^ Israel is more reminiscent of Nazi Germany than anyone else.
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