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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam brother, if you wear for example more modest clothing that is suitable for a man,it is forbidden for men to dress like women and niqab and face coverings are for women not men, unless to protect your face in a sandy desert storm or something, by wearing a turban and wrapping the left over peice of material over the face, but in Lahore I am not sure you would need to do that. I think partly you are being paranoid and partly you are experiencing something that is true, have you tried visiting some nearby cities in Pakistan where you could see how things are and whether it is any better, an
  2. Do you mean whether you should pay kaffarah for intercourse during haydh?
  3. Salam, the djelaba looks like a monks cloak lol, but it does look nice and humble though, just wouldn't get that brown sack cloth looking one, other wise people will seriously think that you are a christian monk lol. As for dishdasha, if you want a specific one from a certain region in Iraq and not just a generic white saudi one like in a pic posted above, I am afraid you might need to go to Iraq Brother... if you don't care then the alhannah website or any other Islamic clothing store or website is fine, or check out ebay! This one is nice from shukr, but it is a hooded djelaba/jalabiya http:
  4. Salam, this is a huge issue that I am considering to look into further at some point. I will probably wait until I have at least one of my own biological children. I think you would be better off if you had a larger home, with some private areas for any ladies in the family who need to have a space to not have to wear hijab. It would be a similar set up to a joint family(living with in laws etc) so it isn't that weird for many women. If you foster, you could accept foster children that are not baligh yet and only foster them for a short while, there are many muslim children whoes parents are i
  5. Salam, I am married to an Iraqi, but I am an english revert who has been muslim for 10 years. Inshallah I will be going for ziyarah and to visit family in October/November time inshallah, and will get to see what Iraq is really like. I have discussed with my husband maybe one day going to live there and our family has already bought some land near to Kufa. I will have to see what it is really like and how my life would change before making a definite decision either way. I, like many muslims have both an idealistic of the shia majority places in the middle east, but I also understand that musl
  6. Salam, is there a hawza in your home country that has degrees accredited by a secular university? If not, can I suggest the Al-mahdi institute in Birmingham UK or the Islamic college london has BA in Islamic studies(shia madhab), there are places like this in the usa as well, but am not sure where exactly, and I am not sure about other countries. Hope I helped and wish you all the best inshallah
  7. Salam, I think that in this situation you would discuss with your child why it is wrong and talk about getting some kind of help from a knowlegable scholar in finding Islamic ways of dealing with this psycological condition, and continuously reassure them that you still love them, just not the sin of acting on homosexual feelings. If after a number of efforts and conversations they persist, then you agree to disagree and keep them in your life in order to influence them back to the Islamic viewpoint inshallah, if they are effecting the iman of you, your spouse or your other children, or extend
  8. Salam, if we worried what sunnis and non muslims thought about us all the time we wouldn't do anything. They find matam/latam offensive, often they even find azadari and crying offensice and weird, so what? we shouldn't do that? I think it is up to free choice, most marjas don't give a fatwa of something being categorically haram unless it is mentioned outright in Qur'an and hadeeth. Cultural expressions of grief such as zanjeer or tatbir are up to peoples free choice, and if their genuine emotion and love for Imam Hussain(AS) makes them feel like they want to express it this way, then that is
  9. oh and as a side note, the comparison of the shias to the jews because of the claim that Abdullah ibn saba' started shi'ism is a lie outright, this man who was supposed to have been a yemenite jew, didn't even exist and is a lie invented and perpetuated by the enemies of the ahlul bayt(as).Check out this series of videos this is the first part, Sayed Ammar Nakhshawani explains and answers a lot o the questions in the post you made. salams and duas Some of the hadith that are quoted may be true, but they are quoted of context in order to confuse the people and to make them not look into shi
  10. Salam, is this something that you read and were confused by or is it something you wrote and wanted answers on from shias? Either way, taqiyyah is only or those who fear for their life and are therefore obliged to hide their faith. Allah(swt) only wants the best for us, and there are times to speak out even in the fear that we may die as a result, and there are times when we must stay alive to maintain the message and therefore hide our beliefs from those who would oppress us. Salams and duas and if you want any more details then go ask inshallah
  11. Salam, I am so glad to see that some sunnis have a heart and that they have shown some compassion to the shia in Pakistan who are constantly being attacked. As for the arguments about some Pakistani and Indian alims, the lanat thing is true. It is not quantity but quality of the lanat, as with anything in Islam. The lectures at Muharram more then any other time, need to talk more about the lives and teachings of the ahlul bayt(as) and the the Qur'an and not just constantly say lanat, this then would defeat the object if you only mainly keep sending lanat at the expense of the message of the on
  12. Salam, check out this book http://www.duas.org/geniebook.htm, according to it, possesion by a jinn is possible. I have seen and experienced people who have been possesed, it was over a very short period of time and left as quick as it came, and I know mental illness and that does not happen like that. Before and after that I dealt with a jinn trying to mess with my life(the same jinn who possesed my mother and brother and affected my step-father's psychosis and made it worse) I think there was more then one, but there was one main one. I have seen them both in dreams and whilst awake, and I ha
  13. Salam, reminds me of my shahadah lol, except know cameras lol! Congratulations to the sister inshallah! May Allah(swt) reward her and continue to guide and support her inshallah! Salams and duas inshallah
  14. Salam, lol at the tribal warlord stuff lol... what the heck is going on with that randomness! made me laugh! ImAli's cute hiding children made me laugh a lot too loool! That is so adorable, just to imagine sister ImAli running around like a headless chicken, and then her calm husband picks up the blanket to find a laughing child lol, too funny! As for ladies only forum to discuss women's issues of pregnancy, well if at least forum members were at least to fill in a section that displayed whether they were male or female, that would only be visible to the mods and that either automatically bloc
  15. Salam, I know what it is like to be forced not to wear hijab, and trust me it is awful, you feel like you have gone out naked... it is so embarrassing and degrading and if I had of had any real choice, then I would have kep it on. I know this thread is a little old, but I would like to concur what many others said, and say keep strong and respresent hijab in the west in a strong and brilliant way inshallah! Salams and duas inshallah
  16. Salam, I have attended many weddings at mosques/hussainiyas, they usually have a screen in the ladies showing the sheikh delivering the lecture, duas, qur'an, speeches from family and the actual aqid nikkah being recited either between two sheikhs, a sheikh and the brother getting married, a sheikh and father of the bride or groom etc. The ladies side is completely seperate, so ladies are able to dress up, whilst maintaining a certain level of modesty appropriate to the location, this depends on the culture you are talking about and is understood differently, eg Iraqis are more laid back about
  17. Salam, to my knowlege, most scholars(like you said) agree that if you are not sure that something is najis, then it is tahir. I suggest that in this instance, you can consider the water on the floor to be tahir, by the sounds of it, it wasn't water right next to a toilet bowl? am I right? it was water on the floor in the main area of the bathroom not the toilet stalls? Presumably that wouldn't be likely to be najis water that is contaminated with any kind of feaces or urine or anything. You know how crazy some people can be with water when they do wudhu lol, it probably was that lol! Salams an
  18. Salam, you know what I have heard from some Sheikhs is that all religion has an element of truth in it, and that each one is like a train, they go at different speeds and some twist and turn in a number of directions, but Islam goes the fastest and straightest route and if followed correctly, it will get you to Allah(swt) alot quicker, and smoother and safer then any other way. How do I know this to be true? well I used to follow Christianity, and in comparison, Islam has given me a lot more peace of mind and god conciousness. I have also reasearched other religions in order to show respect to
  19. Salam, I have been to many weddings held in Imambarghas or hussainiyas, and they are very emotional and blessed occasions. Being able to have the Ahlul bayt(as) present as your witnesses, along with so many other guests, is a great honour and helps to bless the marriage. Personally, I stuck to Iraqi tradition(my husband is Iraqi) and I had my aqid nikkah done at my sister in laws house rather then in a masjid or hussainiya, and I then had my walima at a hotel wedding hall. Mostly I have seen that khojas tend to do their aqid and walima in the hussainiya/Imambargha and I have never witnessed be
  20. Salam, getting to know each other for such a long time as 2 years is not a good idea as it could lead to haram, especially without any parental involvment. Would the guys parents be willing to discuss things further and understand that the girls parent's reaction is not her fault, and that she is interested in their son even if her parents aren't? if you can get the guys parents on board at least, then you at least have their support inshallah. Believe me, From experience know this helps, but my experience was a little different, as I am a revert and my parents aren't muslim so going against t
  21. Salam, congratulations on becoming an uncle! I loved it when I became an aunty to 4 little beautiful kids through marrying my husband mashallah! May Allah(swt) bless your neice with piety, faith and health inshallah. Salams and duas inshallah
  22. Salam, lol never heard of being so hot and sick throughout! poor you! and poor everyone that had to be around you from the sounds of it lol! I can't believe the injection for nausia didn't work, must have been really bad... I hope that maybe if you do have another child inshallah, that's if your first two didn't put you off lol, then inshallah you wont have to suffer so bad with the hot flashes and nausia. Oh and as fo uniform in case of needing surgery, the hospital where I would be most likely to give birth has female surgeons, quite a few, including a muslim muhajjabah as well. Also, there
  23. Salam, I am unsure about home births for this reason as well, so a birthing centre that is usually located next to the main hospital sounds like the best option for me inshallah. I was a birthing partner at a birth that had a lot of complications, though the lady was not muslim and wasn't an observer of any kind of hijab, but her baby got stuck on the way out and turned blue and was stuck there for about 10 mins. There was no way in this instance that a female medical professional would have the strength to have pulled the child out in time for it to be able to be resusitated. This sort of eme
  24. Salam, mashallah it is great to hear the perspective of a Registered Nurse who has worked in the labour environment for such a long time. I agree that many women will experience nausia whilst giving birth, it is completely understandable, but is that the case throughout the whole experience? or just at that last part of the actual pushing when the baby is crowning? Does a doctor always necessarily need to be in the room at this point, or can it just be midwives? or can they not come in and do the checks afterwards? I hope inshallah that I wont have to have a c-section and I will have to deal w
  25. Salam, thank you for your reply, you have given me the answer that I would hope for and the one that seems the most Islamically correct from my research. I wouldn't have got so stressed if the ladies responding to my post had have understood better where I was coming from, and their replies have stressed me out and made me feel like it is impossible to follow the proper Islamic rules on this matter. In consequence my replies to them have come out as judgemental, when all I was saying was that I felt that there are certain standards to be kept to, standards that you have encapsulated perfectly
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